Ultimate Guide To The Best Kids Bike Australia 2021

With three kids under 10, I know a thing or two about buying kids bikes! Like anything I buy my kids, over the years I’ve done plenty of research to find the best kids bike Australia has. We’ve tried a few different bikes out over the years – starting with some cheap kids bikes, then moving on to the best balance bike Australia had and even some of the best kids mountain bikes.

When it comes to kids push bikes for sale, there is quite a lot of choice! This can make it tricky, trying to decide which is the best girls or boys bikes for sale that is right for your child. Whether you’re after the best toddler bike for your child to start learning to ride or the best bike for girls and boys that are little legends on their bikes, there is a huge range of different bikes available.

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So if you’re looking for a new bike for your little munchkin – you are definitely in the right place my friend! In this best kids bikes Australia 2021 guide, I’m going to take you through all the different types of kids bikes for sale, the different features to consider and then take a closer look at some of the best boys and girls bikes for sale today.

No matter what sort of kids bicycle for sale you’re after, you’ll no doubt find what you’re looking for after reading this kids bike reviews Australia guide. Whether you’re after the best bike for 2 year old, best bike for 5 year old or even the best bike for 10 year old, you’ll be well on your way to buying the perfect bike for your child.

Compare Best Kids Bikes Australia 2021

Below is a table to help you quickly compare the best bikes for kids which are reviewed in this guide.

NameImageTypeAge RangeRatingPrice
Royalbaby Cube Tube Kids BikeBMX2-4 years4.5Check
Huffy Pro Thunder 12" Kids BikeBMX3-5 years4.0Check
Aon-MX Single Speed 18" Kids' Mountain BikeMountain7-10 years4.0Check
Cycling Deal Kids Push Balance Glider BikeBalance18 mos to 5 years4.5Check
Eurotrike Glide Balance Bike Balance3+ years4.0Check
Rigo 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike Balance3-6 years5.0Check
Chicco Ride On Ducati Scrambler Balance BikeBalance2-5 years5.0Check
Reid 16” Vintage Kids BikeBMX7-10 years4.0Check
Rennrad Convertible 2 in 1 Kids Bike 16”BMX5+ years4.0Check
BYK E-350 Kids Bike Mountain4-6 years4.0Check
Cyclops Biomechanix 3.0 Kids BikeBMX2-5 years4.5Check
Hasa Bicycle Kids Mountain Bike Shimano 18 Speed 20”Mountain7-9 years4.5Check

Top 12 Kids Bikes Australia 2021

Here is a handy reference list of the best kids bike Australia offers – see all full kids bike reviews below!

  • RoyalBaby Cub Tube Kids Bike
  • Huffy Pro Thunder Kids Bike
  • Aon-MX Single Speed Kids Mountain Bike
  • CyclingDeal Kids Push Balance Glider Bike
  • Eurotrike Glide Balance Bike
  • Rigo 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike
  • Chicco Ride On Ducati Scrambler Balance Bike
  • Reid Vintage Kids Bike
  • Rennard Convertible 2 in 1 Kids Bike
  • BYK E-350 Kids Bike, Mountain bike
  • Cyclops Biomechanix 3.0 Kids Bike
  • Hasa Bicycle Kids Mountain Bike Shimano

Finding The Best Kids Bike Australia 2021

There is certainly no one size fits all when it comes to the best childrens bike. Just like kids, childrens bikes for sale come in all different shapes and sizes and so it’s important that you spend some time thinking about what sort of bike will suit your child.

One thing I will say here is that I hear a lot of people say they’ll buy a bike that their child will grow into. I don’t recommend that as this can be dangerous for your child. It’s best to buy a bike that is the perfect size for your child right now. And so unfortunately, that does mean that you’re likely to have to buy a few different bikes over time for your child.


There is a range of different bike types available, and which is right for your child really depends on their age and their level of bike riding experience.

Mountain bikes are designed to handle all kinds of terrain, particularly unpaved surfaces so are great for riding around the backyard. A boy or girls mountain bike has thicker and more durable tyres in order to be able to go over small rocks, branches and logs and also have more gears. Below are some top options for a mountain bike for kids.

Many parents would agree that the best learner bike Australia has is a balance bike. The best balance bikes Australia has is basically a two-wheeled pedal-less bike designed to teach young children (as young as 18 months) how to balance on two wheels. With a balance bike, the child puts all their efforts into balancing rather than pedalling, this provides them with the skill of balance so they can go straight to a regular child’s bike without the need for training wheels.

Kids BMX bikes are popular among older children who are confident riders. The best kids BMX bike are lightweight and small, with a range of different types available for things like off-road racing, street racing and stunts.

Road bikes make good all round bikes. The best kids road bike are designed for riding on the road, or other flat surfaces and are often recommended as the best bike brands for kids.


The best bicycle for kids is one that is lightweight, particularly for little kids. Let’s face it, at some stage, your child is going to fall off their bike and given the bike may well fall on top of them, you want the bike to be as light as possible. A lightweight kids bike also makes it easy for your child to maneuver it around.

When it comes to the best first bike for your child, look for one that is no more than 40% of their weight. If this is not possible because your child is super lightweight for their age, just go for a bike that is as close as possible to this weight guide.


Another thing to check is that there is enough room between the handlebars and the seat, so your child’s knees don’t hit the handlebars when turning (this space is referred to as the cockpit). To get this right, you may even need to consider the shape of the handlebars because large handlebars that sweep back will impact encroach on this space as opposed to ones that stick straight out.

It is also important to check the handlebars aren’t too high or too low, as this will put pressure on the child’s neck, shoulders and back. The best handlebar height is one that allows the child’s hands to be in line with their hip area.


You also want to consider the Q-factor which is basically the positioning of the pedals. The Q-factor is the distance between the inside edges of the two pedals. Too far apart and the child will need to hold their legs out wide to pedal, to close together and the child is likely to hit their ankles on the bike.


In Australia, a child’s bike must have at least two braking systems with one of those systems to be a back pedal brake (sometimes referred to as coaster brakes). The other braking method most bikes have are handlebar brakes. Handlebar brakes do tend to be the easiest method for young kids, so try and get a bike with these.

Other Key Features To Consider

Provided your child has mastered the bike’s brakes, the seat height should be around 2.5 to 3.75cm (1” to 1.5”) taller than the child’s inseam (the measurement of the inside of the child’s leg to their crotch).

For a kids first bike or for children that have not mastered the brakes or are not confident riders, then it is best that the seat height matches their inseam (the child is able to place their feet fully flat on the ground).

This is the height required to stand over the top tube of the bike (the tube which connects the front of the bike to the back). Your child should be able to comfortably stand over this with 3 to 5 cm (1.2″ to 2″) clearance.

Whilst the overall size of the bike is important, you should also consider other dimensions such as the size of the tyres, seat height as well as handlebar and pedal positioning to get the perfect fit for your child. If these factors are not taken into consideration the bike could potentially be a danger to the child.

The tyre dimensions are the most common way of determining the overall size of the bike and what age group the bike is most appropriate for. Generally speaking, a 12 inch kids bike is suitable for 18 months to 4 years old; a 14 inch bike Australia has is suitable for 3 to 5 years old; a 16 inch bike Australia has is suitable for 4 to 6 years old; a 20 inch bike Australia has is suitable for 5-8 years old and 24” is suitable for 7 to 10 years old.

Best Kids Bike Reviews Australia 2021

Royalbaby Cube Tube Kids Bike Review

If you’re looking for a little girl’s mountain bike, then this kids 12 inch bike from Royalbaby is a great model to check out. With its thicker wheels for extra stability, this model is great for little ones who are loving learning to ride. 

This bike comes with plenty of features which make it fun to ride, such as a bell, fun girly colours and training wheels. It is a single speed bike, and features a front handbrake as well as Quando coaster braking system for double safety. The brake lever has been especially designed for children with a shorter reach. 

The saddle is made from soft foam and the pedals are non-slip and fitted with reflectors. Recommended for 2-4 year old girls, it’s no surprise that this model gets such good reviews.

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Huffy Pro Thunder 12″ Kids Bike Review

If you’re after the best first bike for 3 year old boy, then this Huffy Pro model is a great one to consider. With this 3 year old bike, you won’t have to worry about assembling this bike with its simple build that just takes a few minutes (and no tools) to put together. 

All you have to do to get this best boys bike ready to go is insert the training wheels, handlebars and fork, lower the pedals and your little one is good to go! Made from a strong and durable steel frame, this 12 inch bike Australia has features coaster braking and a fun design with bold colours. This best kids bike with training wheels also an easy quick release lever to adjust the seat height. 

The Huffy Pro Thunder toddler bike with training wheels is suitable for 3-5 year olds. Your little boy is bound to love this bike with its bright colours and bold design. Huffy have been making bikes for a long time so you’re sure to be in good hands with a brand like this. This is a good option to consider for parents after the best bike for 3 year old kids or even slightly older.

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Aon-MX Single Speed 18″ Kids’ Mountain Bike Review

For a great mountain bike for an older kid, then you may well be interested in this AON-MX single speed kids mountain bike. This is a great recommendation if you’re after the best mountain bike under $500, Australia has.

Featuring a magnesium alloy thickened and reinforced frame, this 18 inch bike Australia has is perfect for kids who are more confident riders and want to put their bike through its paces! It features front and rear double-disk brakes, a shock absorber on the front fork and 2.5 inch wide tire for extra stability. 

Suitable for 7-10 year olds with a height between 120cm – 145cm, this is a great bike for any youngster that is ready to take their cycling to the next level!

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Best Balance Bike Australia 2021

Cycling Deal Kids Push Balance Glider Bike Review

For parents after the best first kids bike, then this Balance Glider bike is a good option to consider. This toddler balance bike is perfect to get your little starting to ride and given its highly adjustable too, so it will last a little longer! 

This best toddler bike is delivered partially assembled and it’s easy to do the rest with the wrench provided. The bike seat adjusts to as low as 11 inches off the ground and up to 17 inches high, plus the handlebars also adjust between 20 to 24 inches, meaning this best balance bike is highly versatile and will grow with your toddler. 

Other features include tire shock absorption and anti-slip, and careful positioning of the footrest to help your little one find their centre of gravity naturally. Recommended for toddlers from 18 months up to 5 year olds, this is a highly versatile balance bike that gets great reviews all round.

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Eurotrike Glide Balance Bike Review

Another good option for a balance bike is the Eurotrike Glide. The Eurotrike Glide weighs in around 2.7kg and is suitable for kids from age 3, right up to older kids weighing in at around 25kgs.

The Eurotrike Glide comes with chunky 12” EVA puncture proof tyres with a mag wheel look. It also has a height adjustable seat and low rise adjustable handlebars for a comfortable riding position.

With its motorcycle style design, this is such a cute little bike and comes in great colours including red, blue and pink making it a great choice for both boys and girls. The Eurotrike Glide is one of the great toddler bikes for sale, particularly for parents after a balance bike.

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Rigo 12 Inch Kids Balance Bike Review

This 12 inch Rigo bike is one of the cheaper options in terms of balance bikes in these reviews and is suitable for kids from age 3, right up to kids weighing in around 60kgs – which is double the previous Eurotrike balance bike.

Weighing in at 2.6kg, these toddler bikes Australia has are ultra light, yet have a sturdy construction. It features a durable powder coated steel frame to stand up to all the expected tumbles and quality 12 inch EVA polymer tyres which don’t require pumping.

Both the seat and handlebars are fully adjustable to get the perfect height. Other features of this best 12 kids bike include a padded seat, built in footrest and soft handlebar grips.

The Rigo balance bike is a great option for kids just starting to learn how to ride, no matter how old they are, even for older children provided they are under 60 kgs.

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Find our full buying guide and reviews of the best balance bikes here.

Best Toddler Bike Australia 2021

Chicco Ride On Ducati Scrambler Balance Bike Review

Another top rate balance bike for toddlers is the Chicco Ride on Ducati Scrambler model, which is also a buyer favourite. 

This kids balance bike has a super lightweight metal frame, so it’s perfect if you want to be able to move it around the house, outdoors, or you just want to avoid lifting heavy kids bikes around! As with all balance bikes, this is the best model for teaching your kid how to balance and getting ready for a “big kids bike” without the need for training wheels. 

This bike is suitable for kids aged between 2-5 years old and the minimum height for this bike is 85cm. It’s a great choice if you just want something simple, without unnecessary bells and whistles but also want a good quality bike. 

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Reid 16” Vintage Kids Bike Review

Looking for the best 16 inch bike Australia has, which is gorgeous and stylish for your little girl? Then check out the Reid vintage kids bike – a great option for the best 16 kids bike for girls.

This is one of the best bike brands Australia has which is well-loved for its high quality, stylish bikes. This particular best kids 16 bike comes with a full 2 year warranty on parts as well as a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork. It features dual hand brakes, a bell, leatherette saddle, and non-slip pedals. It’s a slick single-speed bike that comes with training wheels too, if needed. 

Suitable for 7-10 year olds between heights of 100cm – 120cm tall, this is the best kids bike 16 inch, particularly if your little girl is confident enough to ride it without the training wheels, or wants to get the hang of the bike with them on to start with. 

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Rennrad Convertible 2 in 1 Kids Bike 16” Review

If you would rather get a 2 in 1 kids bike that can double as either a balance or full toddler pedal bike, then this Rennrad Convertible bike is well worth a look. The advantage of this type of bike is your kid will hopefully be able to stay with the same bike for longer, before they outgrow it! 

Made from a high quality aluminium frame, this 2 in 1 kids bike comes with an array of features, including alloy wheel rims, and smooth tread, puncture resistant tires, front and coaster braking systems, bell, kickstand and removable pedals for when your kid is ready to start pedalling vs balancing. 

Recommended as the best bike for 5 year old Australia kids or slightly older, this bike is costlier than some models, but I think boys especially will love the super cool design, and all being well this bike should last your kid much longer than a regular balance bike. 

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Best Kids Mountain Bikes Australia 2021

BYK E-350 Kids Bike Review

If your child is an experienced rider and it’s time to upgrade their bike, consider this 18 inch BYK bike. This is a great looking bike for the young rider who wants the very best to ride around the backyard and neighbourhood.

At just 8kgs, this is a lightweight aluminium kids bike, which has a low standover height making mounting and dismounting easy. The bike features 3 internal gears for riding over various terrains, all purpose tyres, a protective chain guard as well as both handlebar and back pedal brakes.

The Byke is recommended as the best bike for 4 year old kids right up to kids around the age of 6, whose height is 97 to 117 cm. The bike is not for the inexperienced rider, but is the perfect bike for the child that has mastered riding.

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Cyclops Biomechanix 3.0 Kids Bike Review

If you’re after the best beginner mountain bike Australia has for your toddler then this Cyclops Biomechanix is well worth a closer look. It features a low centre of gravity to make learning to ride as easy as possible for little ones. 

Features include a high quality and lightweight alloy frame, smooth roll tires for easy cruising along without too much pedalling, quick release seat adjustment, removable training wheels, dual hand and coaster brakes, and a fun metallic design which is suitable for little boys or girls (although the pink wheel rims may make it a safer bet for girls). 

The recommended age for this bike is 2-5 years old, and this is a good option for your little one’s first bike if you prefer something with training wheels to a balance bike. 

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Hasa Bicycle Kids Mountain Bike Shimano 18 Speed 20” Review

If you’re looking for a good girls or boys mountain bike for a child who’s already fairly confident on their wheels, this Hasa kids 20 inch mountain bike Australia has is a good option to consider.

Featuring 18 speed derailleur gears, an alloy frame and fork and lifetime warranty on the frame (there’s also a 1 year warranty on parts except for tires and tubes), this best 20 inch kids bike offers a great quality ride for kids who want to learn how to use a ‘grown up’ mountain bike. This kids mountain bikes for sale arrives 85% assembled, making it a good option for those who don’t want to have to put a lot of effort into assembling the bike. 

Recommended for between 7-9 year olds, this best 20 inch bike Australia has is a great option for active boys or girls who want to get out and bike on trails or hilly areas and have plenty to learn with. 

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We hope you found our best bike for kids guide helpful. Read more about the best balance bikes.

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