Ultimate Guide To The Best Balance Bikes Australia 2021

So you’re trying to find the best balance bikes Australia has to offer? You have definitely found the right place. This article is designed to be the ultimate guide to the best balance bikes available online in Australia.

More than that though, we will take you through all the features and factors to consider before making your purchase. It’s worth remembering that the best balance bike for 2 year old kids may not be the best for your older or younger kid. Some balance bike models can grow with your child which can suit mums and dads looking for a bike that can last your child a long time.

This article goes into detail about age ranges, sizes, weights, tyre types, handlebars, brakes, seats, material, durability, and more, for you to find your ideal bike.

Toddler Boy Learning To Ride a Bike

Whether you’re looking for a small balance bike for very young kids, the best balance bikes for toddlers, or perhaps the best cheap balance bike, this article has you covered. Take a look at our handy comparison chart of the top 10 balance bikes, as well as our super detailed reviews on balance bikes so that you can choose the very best balance bike for your child.

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Compare Top 10 Best Balance Bikes Australia 2021

NameImageSuitable From?Bike WeightRatingPrice
Kinderfeets Bamboo Balance BikesKinderfeets Bamboo Balance Bike2 to 6 years old4.3 kg4.5Check
Strider 12 Sport Balance BikeStrider 12 Sport Balance Bike18 months to 5 years old3 kg5.0Check
Boldcube My First Bike Baby Walker Balance BikeBoldcube My First Bike Baby Walker Balance Bike10 months to 2 years old2 kg4.5Check
Chicco Red Bullet Balance BikeChicco Red Bullet Balance Bike3 to 5 years old2.7 kg4.5Check
GOMO Balance BikeGOMO Balance Bike18 months to 5 years old4.7 kg4.5Check
Retrospec Blippi Balance BikeRetrospec Blippi Balance Bike20 months to 5 years old5.4 kg4.5Check
Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance BikeRadio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike30 months - 5 years old3 kg4.0Check
Kiddimoto Kurve Balance BikeKiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike3 to 5 years old4.5 kg4.0Check
Chillafish Fixie Balance BikeChillafish Fixie Balance Bike2 to 5 years old1 kg4.0Check
Eurotrike 2-in-1 Zipp Balance & Pedal BikeEurotrike 2-in-1 Zipp Balance & Pedal Bike3 to 6 years old9 kg4.0Check

Top 10 Of The Best Balance Bike Australia 2021

Handy reference list of the best balance bike for kids – see all full balance bikes reviews below!

  • Kinderfeets Bamboo Balance Bikes, for kids 2 to 6 years old
  • Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike, for kids 18 months to 5 years old
  • Boldcube My First Bike Baby Walker Balance Bike, for kids 10 months to 2 years old
  • Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike, for kids 3 to 5 years old
  • GOMO Balance Bike, for kids 18 months to 5 years old
  • Retrospec Blippi Balance Bike, for kids 20 months to 5 years old
  • Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike, for kids 30 months – 5 years old
  • Kiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike, for kids 3 to 5 years old
  • Chillafish Fixie Balance Bike, for kids 2 to 5 years old
  • Eurotrike 2-in-1 Zipp Balance & Pedal Bike, for kids 3 to 6 years old

What Are Balance Bikes?

Kids Ride Balance Bike

A balance bike is pretty much like a normal bicycle but with some key differences.

Balance bikes don’t have pedals — your child powers the bike using their feet to scoot around. They are designed to teach children how to ride normal bikes and it’s widely agreed that they are more effective at this than a bicycle with training wheels — that’s why you’ll find so many balance bike recommendations from child development experts.

Now that you know you need to get one, read on to find out how you can figure out which balance bike is best for your kid.

Benefits Of A Balance Bike

Balance bikes are believed to be better at teaching kids to learn to ride than regular bikes with or without training wheels. Here are some of the top benefits of balance bikes.

  • Balance – the hardest part about learning to ride a bicycle is the balancing. That’s why balance bikes are so great – they teach kids to do exactly that without them having to get it right straight away. If they feel themselves tipping, they’ll naturally put their feet down to avoid falling. When deciding which balance bike to buy make sure you get one that will fit your child well as this is key for learning to balance.
  • Better than training wheels – when you were a child, you may have used training wheels to learn to ride a bike. The problem with training wheels is that they can encourage kids to ride lopsided (on one of the training wheels). A balance bike can be a quicker way for kids to learn to use a normal bike.
  • Convenience – teaching your kid to ride a bike can be a wonderful experience but if they’re not getting it and keep having accidents it can be really rough for both of you. A balance bike requires no lessons. Your kid learns how to ride on their own and in the process is learning to ride a real bike (making it way faster and smoother when they are ready for a pedal bike).
  • Safety – Accidents are way less frequent on balance bikes (if they happen at all) which is a relief for parents but also means that kids are less likely to get discouraged and lose confidence for riding. Be sure to compare balance bikes before you buy to pick a sturdy and safe one. More on this below.

How To Choose The Best Kids Balance Bike 2021

Dad Teaches Little Son To Ride Bike In Park, Keep Balance, Have

The best rated balance bike models will usually share some features but you should always ensure the bike is a good fit for your child. Learn about some of the features, qualities, and functions that make the best balance bikes for kids.

Age, Weight And Height Of The Child

The best age for balance bike use can be as young as 10 months (on a baby balance bike) but be sure that your kid is ready. You know your child best but typically the youngest age a baby can use a 10 months for a baby bike or 18 months for normal balance bikes.

The best balance bike for 1 year old kids won’t be the best balance bike for older children. The age, weight, and height of your child is important in finding a bike that fits them well. Balance bikes will have a recommended age range but usually a maximum weight, and sometimes height allowance too so make sure your kid doesn’t exceed these as this could be unsafe.

If you’ve got a very young child (below 18-24 months), a traditional balance bike might not be the ideal choice. Instead, look for the best baby balance bikes — these bikes still get babies learning the ropes of riding a bike but are supported with four wheels instead of two so that your baby won’t fall off.

Size And Weight Of The Bike

The size of the bike is important so that your kid can sit comfortably and use their legs and feet the right way to power it. The weight of the bike is also super important. The best balance bike for a 2 year old will be lightweight because if it’s heavy they could struggle to maneuver it and keep it upright. On the other hand, the best balance bike for 4 year old kids could be heavier, since they’ll be strong enough to ride it and it may be more sturdy for their greater body weight.

It’s worth bearing in mind that kids do sometimes get tired of riding and if you’re out and about it may fall on you to carry the bike home so consider if you’ll be comfortable carrying the weight of the bike you choose. Bikes are made using a range of materials that have different weights – find out more in the next section.

Material And Durability

Big man on Kids Bike

The material of the bike you go for will have a big impact on its weight and durability. All of our Top 10 Balance Bikes are proven to be durable and long lasting.

  • Steel – Steel is a common material for adult bikes as it’s cheap and durable but it’s also one of the heaviest bike materials out there. This can cause problems for young kids because it’s hard for them to support the bike and maneuver it. For these reasons it’s best to stay away from steel balance bikes.
  • Aluminum – This material usually makes the best lightweight balance bike — it’s light, resistant to rust, and durable. Young kids usually find aluminium bikes easy to ride, pick up, and rotate because of their weight — a great choice.
  • Plastic – Plastic is a really lightweight material and typically cheap too. Plastic bikes can make the best baby bikes because of their weight and price point considering they’ll typically outgrow them quite quickly. This material could make the best balance bike for 1 year old kids.
  • Wood – The best wooden balance bike is strong and durable and they can look really cute too. Some can be heavy though so be sure to find a light one if you’re trying to get the best balance bike 2 year old kids can use comfortably.


You’ll find that lots of balance bikes use inflatable tyres, just like adult bikes. However, some use non inflatable tyres (typically solid polyurethane). These can be handy for busy parents that don’t want to have to deal with punctures or inflating the tyres. It also means you don’t need a pump.

Something else to look out for is anti skid tyres — these are tyres with tread. They work to stop the bike from sliding, especially when it’s wet out or on slippery surfaces. Some tyres are advertised as “puncture proof” — usually this means the rubber is thicker than normal. The best balance bike for toddlers will usually have wheels that are 12 inches. For kids aged 3-6 a common wheel size is 16 inches, and for older kids it’s usually 20 inches.


Be sure the bike has a comfortable seat or else your child will probably get tired of riding easily. It should be a good size for them — usually a bit on the large side, especially for babies and young toddlers. Some have removable covers with cushioning that can make the seat even comfier so that kids are happy to use it for long periods.

It’s a good idea to look for a bike with an adjustable seat so that it will be exactly right for your kid and also so you can adjust it as they grow. Measure your kid’s inseam and compare this to the height of the seat to get the right height — a good fitting seat should be 0.5-1 inch (1.3-2.5 cm) less than this. Look for a bike where the seat can be raised higher than this if you want to get a good few months/years out of it.

Handlebar And Turning Limiters

Black Bicycle Bell Ring For Safety On Handle

Adjustable handlebars mean you can tailor the bike to your child’s exact measurements as well as make adjustments as they grow. Be sure that the handlebars are comfortable to hold both in shape and in material. The material should be grippy so that they can hold and maneuver the bike with ease.

Other things to look out for are bumper protectors to stop little hands getting crushed against walls etc. and turning limiters — this is a feature that prevents the handlebars from twisting all the way around (making them fall off).

Brakes And Safety

A lot of balance bikes don’t have any brakes. This isn’t an oversight — brakes are physically difficult for young kids to use and they don’t always know when to brake either. Young kids on balance bikes probably won’t be tackling any extreme hills anyway so they’re usually just fine using their feet to brake. If you do decide to get a bike with brakes, the best balance bike with brakes for young kids are usually coaster/peddle brakes which are easier to grasp.

The bike’s overall safety is important. Be sure the frame is sturdy and look for other safety features such as anti skid tyres and tamper proof clamps which prevent your child from fiddling with the bike’s mechanisms.

Other Great Features

Here are some other nice features to look for before choosing the balance bike you want to buy.

  • Footrest – a footrest encourages kids to place their feet on the bike — good practice for riding a real bike making it a good feature for the best push bikes for toddlers who are almost ready to ride a normal bike.
  • Included accessories – things like helmets and elbow/knee pads. At the very least make sure your child is using a helmet. Since you’ll have to get these things anyway, it’s nice if they’re included with the bike.
  • Ease of assembly – pretty much all balance bikes you buy online will require some assembly, but some more so than others. This shouldn’t be too tricky but if you’re not a DIY warrior look for one that’s easy to assemble.
  • Convertible – Some balance bikes have a clever design where it can convert from a trike to a balance bike meaning very young kids can use it up until they’re toddler age. This capability can make the best budget balance bike overall since you get a longer life out of the product.
  • Design – Of course, paramount is functionality and safety but a design that looks good and suits your kid is nice too.

Best Balance Bike Reviews Australia 2021

Kinderfeets Bamboo Balance Bike Review

Kinderfeets Bamboo Balance Bike

Kinderfeets bike is built with bamboo giving it a really attractive look. This bike is designed for riders two years of age up to six years old, with a minimum height of 85cm. The bike weighs 4.28kg thanks to its lightweight bamboo material making it suitable for young toddlers. You can adjust the seat from 33 to 41cm to make allowances for growth. You can’t adjust the handlebars but this doesn’t seem to be a problem for most.

The seat is large and has padding meaning your little can ride to their heart’s content without getting uncomfy. The handlebar grip is soft for delicate hands and the handlebar grips are built bearing in mind the safety of your child’s hands — protected from being crushed. A great plus for parents is the easy set up — takes only around 20 minutes. We love the extra safe design of this bike – tamper proof and with protectors that stop little fingers from ending up in the wheel spokes. The tires are puncture proof too. An all around great balance bike with a great price making one of the best first balance bike models for your little one.

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Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike Review

Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike

This Strider Sport balance bike is made with steel and is available in three colours on Amazon to suit your child — blue, black, or red. It’s suitable for kids 18 months up to five years old or kids with an inseam of 30-51cm. The wheels are a standard 12 inches making the innertube replacement easy if needed although they are designed to be puncture proof. Even though it’s made with steel, the bike’s design means it only weighs 3kg! This is one of the best strider bike models that’s so lightweight – if you get stuck with carrying it you’ll forget it’s in your hand.

Both the handlebars and seat adjust to accommodate growth spurts. We like that this bike has such a wide age range meaning it’s the best Strider bike for toddlers and kids alike. The design is a big hit with little ones – the seat is a standard bicycle seat and the bike overall looks just like a grown up bike. Another good feature are the footrests so that young riders can practise balancing with their feet up. Set up takes around 15 minutes and only requires tools that are already provided. If you need another glowing Strider balance bike review, be sure to check out the thousands of them on Amazon from happy parents.

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Boldcube My First Bike Baby Walker Balance Bike Review

Boldcube My First Bike Baby Walker Balance Bike

Boldcube’s balance bike is a baby bike — it’s suitable for babies 10 months up to two years old and comes in orange, red, and green. The bike has four wheels meaning it can’t tip over which is why it can be used by baby daredevils. It weighs just 2 kg thanks to it’s frame made with lightweight carbon steel. This bike gets babies comfortable with the motions of riding and helps them build their motor skills and balance.

The seat is large and padded with a vegan leather cover. The wheels are solid meaning no baby fingers can get trapped and the steering is locked to a max of 135 degrees to stop accidents, and the wheels are anti skid — safety is a top priority with this product. This product is a great aid for developing babies. It can even help your child to learn to walk as they can use it as a walking aid. This is a great choice if you’re looking for the best baby balance bike for 1 year old kids.

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Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike Review

Chicco Red Bullet Balance Bike

This 12 inch wheel bike is designed for kids two years old up to five years or a minimum of 85 cm. It’s got a steel frame but isn’t heavy at all — just 2.7 kg. If you’re looking for the best balance bike 3 year old kids will love this could be it — it looks just like a grown up bike. The handlebars and seat can be adjusted to tailor it exactly to your kid and this means you can keep adjusting it as they grow.

The bike has a good sized and comfy seat as well as comfortable, grippy handlebars. The tyres are anti puncture and anti skid which is a relief for mums and dads. Arguably, the best thing about this bike is the amazing price! You get a great looking, and great quality balance bike for an absolute bargain.

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GOMO Balance Bike Review

GOMO Balance Bike

This balance bike by GOMO is a premium product that’s had amazing feedback from heaps of parents (and kids!) Plus it comes with a two year warranty so you know you’re getting a bike you can trust. Choose between pink, blue, and yellow. Each colour looks fab — your kid will be the envy of the neighbourhood. It’s made with steel, weighing in at 4.6 kg — this might not be the best choice for really young kids because of this (even though the stated age range is 18 months to five years). The max weight of the rider is 27 kg.

The seat can be adjusted between 30 and 45 cm from the ground and the handlebars can be adjusted too. GOMO’s bike has footrests so that young riders can get experience putting their feet up just like on a pedal bike. It also has a turn limiter which is handy for novice riders. The tyres are 12 inches and built to prevent punctures. We think this could be the best balance bike for 5 year old kids on our list because of how cool it looks. Older kids that are still learning to ride won’t feel out of place among kids on pedal bikes.

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Retrospec Blippi Balance Bike Review

Retrospec Blippi Balance Bike

Now this is a cool looking bike. It’s got such an eye catching blue and orange colour block design that will definitely turn some heads. It’s made for kids from 20 months up to five years old. Because of the solid wheels and steel frame this bike isn’t super light — it weighs in at 5.4 kg meaning that if a very young child is the rider, they might need help picking it up.

You can adjust both the seat and handlebars to fit your child and so that they can keep riding comfortably as they grow. The tyres are non inflatable — never worry about punctures or needing to top up the air. Because of it’s footrests, this might be the best balance bike for 3 year old kids who are almost ready for a proper bike.

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Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike Review

Radio Flyer Glide & Go Balance Bike

Get this bike in a choice of red or grey — both look fantastic with a vintage inspired design. It’s made for kids aged two and half up to five years old. The bike weighs only 3.1 kg making it a good match for both kids and toddlers. Plus, you can adjust the seat and handlebars to tailor it to your kid’s measurements.

The tyres have tread to prevent skidding and are non inflatable — hurrah, no punctures! Kids will love the real working bell on this bike to tell people they’re coming. This has got to be the best toddler balance bike on a budget.

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Kiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike Review

Kiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike

You can get this 12 inch wheel bike in a range of really fun designs — Batman, polka dots, skull and bones, the Union Jack, and more. It’s built using birch plywood and feels well made. It’s designed for kids aged three to six years old. It weighs 4.5 — not too heavy but not exactly light although most three year olds should be ok with it.

It’s got comfy and grippy handlebars as well as a padded seat. You can adjust the seat to three levels but the handlebars are stationary. The wheels are extra safe with solid middles meaning no little fingers can get trapped in the spokes and it’s not possible for kids to tamper with the mechanisms. On top of these safety features, the steering is limited to a maximum of 30 degrees so that they can’t turn it too far.

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Chillafish Fixie Balance Bike Review

Chillafish Fixie Balance Bike

This is one cool looking bike that is suitable for kids two years up to five years old. Choose between a red, pink, or blue finish with a silver body. Each is designed to look like a racing bike with drop handlebars that toddlers will love showing off on — they can also ride holding the top of the handlebars for comfort though. It weighs 4.9kg so very young kids might think it’s a tad heavy.

Adjust the handlebars and the seat to fit your kid exactly. This might be the best balance bike toddler age kids will love due to it’s racing style. It also has footrests which is great for toddlers who are practising to ride pedal bikes. The foot rests double up as a footbrake so that kids can ride it on hilly terrain. The price of this bike is really reasonable too.

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Eurotrike 2-in-1 Zipp Balance & Pedal Bike Review

Eurotrike 2-in-1 Zipp Balance & Pedal Bike

This bike is a bit different to the others on our list because it’s a convertible bike — kids learn to ride using a balance bike and once they’re ready mum or dad easily attaches the pedals and it’s ready to go as a real pedal bike! It’s designed for kids three years and up with a maximum rider weight of 25kg. Adjust the handlebars and seat (37.8 – 43cm) to fit your kid as they grow.

It has a handbrake (necessary for when you put on the pedals) and a handy basket on the front. The footrest is great for teaching kids to balance like on a pedal bike. It’s a really smart idea to get the best convertible balance bike – that way you don’t have to purchase a balance bike and a pedal bike, saving you a lot of bother and expense.

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