Ultimate Guide To The Best Kids Headphones Australia 2021

Are you looking for the best kids headphones Australia has to offer? Not having headphones for your kids can become a problem, like when you’re out and about, travelling, or don’t want to disturb people around you. Setting up a movie, or game for your kids to keep them occupied can be a lifesaver, but not having headphones is certainly less than ideal. The best children’s headphones are a game changer.

A little bit of “Let It Go” never hurts, but it can get a bit too much when your kid just can’t stop playing it on the tablet – the best headphones for toddlers 2021 has to offer can give you back a little bit of peace in your and your family’s life. This article aims to take you through all the headphone jargon you might not be familiar with so that you can find the very best pair.

If you’re looking for the best kids noise cancelling headphones, or perhaps the best kids Bluetooth headphones this article will help you understand what you need to look for to find the perfect product for your little one. You’ll find that young children aren’t able to comfortably wear adult headphones, so if you’re trying to find the best headphones for 2 year old kids, for example, you’ll need to get them a specialist kid’s product. Included in this article is a top 10 comparison chart as well as some super detailed reviews so you can make the best choice without having to do any of the legwork.

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Compare Top 10 Of The Best Kids Headphones Australia 2021

NameImageTypeFoldableAge (years)RatingPrice
JBL Kids Headphones JR300BTJBL Kids Headphones JR300BTWirelessYes3-105.0Check
Puro Kids Headphones JuniorJamsPuro Kids Headphones JuniorJamsWirelessYes2-13 years old4.5Check
LilGadgets Untangled Pro Kids HeadphonesLilGadgets Untangled Pro Kids HeadphonesWirelessNo4+ years old4.5Check
Onanoff BuddyPhones Play Kids HeadphoneOnanoff BuddyPhones Play Kids HeadphoneWirelessYes3+ years old4.5Check
Philips Kids HeadphonesPhilips Kids HeadphonesWiredNo3+ years old4.5Check
Moki Kids HeadphonesMoki Kids HeadphonesWiredYes3+ years old4.0Check
Kids JVC Headphones HAKD5Y Tiny PhonesKids Headphones JVC HAKD5Y Tiny PhonesWiredNo3+ years old4.5Check
iClever BTH02 Kids HeadphonesiClever BTH02 Kids HeadphonesWirelessYes3-16 years old4.0Check
Rockpapa K8 Kids HeadphonesRockpapa K8 Kids HeadphonesWirelessYes3-15 years old4.5Check
Planet Buddies Kids HeadphonesPlanet Buddies Kids HeadphonesWiredYes3+ yrs old4.5Check

The Best Headphones For Kids Australia 2021

Handy reference list of the best headphone for kids offers – see all full best kid headphones reviews below!

  • JBL Kids Headphones JR300BT, Wireless
  • Puro Kids Headphones JuniorJams, Wireless
  • LilGadgets Untangled Pro Kids Headphones, Wireless
  • Onanoff BuddyPhones Play Kids Headphone, Wireless
  • Philips Kids Headphones, Wired
  • Moki Kids Headphones, Wired
  • Kids JVC Headphones HAKD5Y Tiny Phones, Wired
  • iClever BTH02 Kids Headphones, Wireless
  • Rockpapa K8 Kids Headphones, Wireless
  • Planet Buddies Kids Headphones, Wired

Why Get The Best Child Safe Headphones?

Going on long flights and drives may be tiring for you and boring for your children, but the best Bluetooth headphones for kids can save you a lot of trouble. In our top 10 list, we’ve included headphones that are the best travel headphones for kids and the best headphones for kids on airplanes, so your kids don’t get antsy on the journey and disturb passengers around you.

We’ve also picked some of the best children’s headphones for iPad or tablet use for when your kids want to chill out with a movie. No matter what you need headphones for, we’ve chosen only the best rated kids headphones so you can guarantee the quality, that they will last, and that it will be money well spent.

Kids’ headphones are great at keeping little ones occupied but always remember to follow health recommendations, like keeping the volume down and limiting the usage of them when they’ve been listening too long. Learn more about how to keep kids safe when using headphones.

kids headphones

Choosing The Best Headphones For Children 2021

It’s really important to think about the features of the best headphones for young children so that you can narrow down your choices and buy only the perfect pair. Here are some features that we thought may help you in deciding the best headphones for young kids.

Volume Limit

Kids’ ears are much more sensitive than adult ears and it’s possible for children to develop hearing problems later in life because of damage done from too loud music/audio. For that reason, the advisable volume range for kids is less than 80 dB. That’s why we’ve included some of the best volume limiting headphones for kids, to help you monitor the volume.

In addition to this, even if you’re using the best rated kids headphones, it’s important to set listening breaks for your children. The max listening time in one period is 90 minutes. Be sure that they are generally not using headphones excessively too.

Noise Cancellation

What are the best headphones for kids, then? If you go for a pair of the best noise cancelling headphones for kids, your child can hear the sound better, and therefore don’t feel the need to turn up the volume too high.

Noise cancellation not only helps provide the best sound quality for your child’s ears, but it also keeps your child safe, so if that’s what you value, then the best headphones for young kids should have this feature.

Additionally, if your child is prone to overstimulation because of noise, noise cancelling headphones help to counteract this – some headphones allow you to use the noise cancelling feature without actually playing and audio through them too. These kinds are usually not cheap kids headphones but you can find some good deals on noise cancelling ones – check out our review section.

kids headphones

Wired Or Wireless?

Wired or wireless? Wireless headphones are the latest trend. They’re convenient as you don’t get the wire caught on things and mean you can move about without being tethered to the device. This is great for kids who are always on the move – your new iPad or phone never gets yanked off the table when a little one forgets they’ve got headphones on. That means wireless headphones may be the best headphones for 4 year old kids with a lot of energy.

Some of the best travel headphones are also wireless. However, remember that they will require charging, which might be a problem if you’re out and about. If you think you’ll often forget to charge the headphones before a long trip then you might want to opt for a wired pair that never needs charging. These could be a good option if you’re trying to find the best headphones for 8 year old kids. Some headphones are a mixture of both – they can be wireless, using battery life, or you can plug them in and not worry about the charge.

Fit, Comfort And Adjustability

Children can be fussy. That’s why it’s so important to get kids headphones that are a comfortable fit and are also adjustable. Remember children’s heads are much smaller than ours, so they need smaller headphones for an ideal fit. Headphones that can be adjusted well will also last you longer since you can adjust the fit as your kid gets older.

All of our carefully selected best rated kids headphones are designed to fit little ones comfortably and have had good feedback from mums, dads, and kids.

kids headphones

Other Nice-To-Have Features

  • Foldable – if the headphones are foldable, you can store them easier in your already-stuffed travel backpack and the risk of damaging them is reduced.
  • Travel pouch – good for storing them on the move and protecting from scratches and other damage. If the pouch has a strap, your child can carry the headphones with them.
  • Optional wire – some come with a wired option which is great for if the battery dies mid movie.
  • Extras – some include nice extras like stickers to put on them for your child to personalise the headphones to their taste.

Top Kids Headphones Review Australia 2021

Best Wireless Headphones For Kids Australia

JBL Kids Headphones JR300BT Review

JBL Kids Headphones JR300BT

These JBL kids headphones look so cool! They’re made for 3-10 year olds. You can get them in a gorgeous blue and orange colour scheme or opt for all pink. The headphones let you limit the volume so you don’t have to worry about them ever being too loud. Because they’re a JBL kids wireless headphones model, your iPad will never go catapulting across the living room again.

They have superb sound quality – definitely not tinny sounding at all. These are some of the  best children’s wireless headphones for a comfortable fit thanks to the really soft and thick ear cushions. The average battery life is around 15 hours of continual use and they can be used up to 15 metres from the sound source. A bonus feature is that they come with stickers for kids to personalise them. These are some of the top kids’ headphones on Amazon – they have hundreds of reviews from smitten parents and happy kids so we just couldn’t leave them off our list.

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Puro Kids Headphones JuniorJams Review

Puro Kids Headphones JuniorJams

These Puro kids headphones are also some of the top rated kids headphones on Amazon too. They’re intended for kids 2-13. Your kid can pick from blue, pink, teal, or green. They’re wireless but also come with an audio cable which you can use in case you’ve forgotten to charge them. They’re also volume limiting, so your child can enjoy them with safety guaranteed. These Puro headphones are foldable and adjustable, so if you’re looking for convenience, and a great fit, these are a good choice.

The sound quality is excellent with these. The battery can last up to a whopping 22 hours and your little one can listen up to 9 metres away from their device. Although they are adjustable, some mums and dads have mentioned that they can be a little bit big for very young children. With the headphones you’ll get a handy soft carry bag.

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LilGadgets Untangled Pro Kids Headphones Review

kids headphones

These wireless headphones are designed to be the best kids headphones for aeroplanes – this is because of the noise cancelling feature which helps to drown out the ambient sound on an aeroplane so that kids don’t need to turn the volume up. They’re also volume limiting too. They’re intended for kids four years and up. The headphones include an audio wire for use without pre charging. These are comfortable on little ears and can be adjusted to fit. Pick them up in a range of nine colours to best suit your kid’s personality.

These are some of the best kids wireless headphones for high quality sound. They can last for around 12 hours when being used continuously or up to 180 hours if they are on standby and can be used up to nine metres from the sound source. It comes with a drawstring bag that your child can use to carry them around too.

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Onanoff BuddyPhones Play Kids Headphones Review

Onanoff BuddyPhones Play Kids Headphone

These are some of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for kids that are very young. They are perfect for three year olds and up since they can be adjusted. The cushioning is very soft too so they are comfy for sensitive ears. They have four options for volume limiting – toddler, kids, travel, study. They’re wireless but you also get an audio cable if you want to use them uncharged. Choose between a dark green, blue, or pink.

The sound quality is perfect. The headphones can last for up to 14 hours. They’re foldable so you can store them easily on the move. They’re also built to last but include a one year warranty so you can rest easy with your purchase. Plus, your kid gets some fun stickers to decorate them with.

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More Of The Best Headphone For Kid Australia

Philips Kids Headphones Review

Philips Kids Headphones

These wired Philips kids headphones are volume-limiting, and built for comfort. Their super soft ear cushions provide a comfy and secure fit and the headband is designed to stretch as your child grows. Use them for three year olds and up. They’re not noise cancelling but they are noise isolating – they don’t electronically block out sound but they are physically constructed to minimise outside sounds making them great for plane travel. They’re sound limited too.

These are some of the best headphones kids on our list for sound quality – very rich and not tinny whatsoever. Since they’re wired headphones you don’t need to worry about the battery running out or any problems with Bluetooth either. They come in a really cool blue and green colour pattern. These aren’t a budget pair but they are some of the best kids wired headphones for comfort and really are built to last.

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Moki Kids Headphones Review

Moki Kids Headphones

These Moki kids headphones are wired but are connected with just one wire going to one side of the headphones – less tangles but they’re also safer for young kids. These headphones are so cute – with a fun yellow and blue design. They’re volume limited for safety and suitable for kids aged three and up with a good amount of soft cushioning.

The sound quality is good on these. You can fold them for easier storage and transport. The best thing about these Moki lil kids headphones has got to be the price! They already had a great pricetag but you get them on offer on Amazon for even cheaper.

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Kids Headphones JVC HAKD5Y Tiny Phones Review

Kids Headphones JVC HAKD5Y Tiny Phones

Kids headphones, JVC brand. These wired headphones from reliable brand JVC can be picked up in a range of gorgeous colour schemes to suit your little one’s personality. They’re suitable for kids aged three years and up. Kids say that these headphones fit great and are comfortable too. You can adjust them as your kid grows too. They are volume limited.

The sound is superb on these. The only downside is they can be a bit quiet since they aren’t noise cancelling/isolating – fine at home but they might not be best for plane travel. A nice touch is the included stickers that come with your purchase so that your kid gets to make them their own. These kids JVC headphones are sold at a fantastic price and have had superb feedback from parents and kids.

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iClever BTH02 Kids Headphones Review

iClever BTH02 Kids Headphones

These iClever headphones really are clever. Firstly, they look incredible – get them in clue/green, green/purple, or pink/purple. Each pastel colour scheme looks really cool! They’re some of the best Bluetooth headphones for children but they can also be used with the included wire without charging. They’re super comfy on little ears, can be easily adjusted and are volume limited. For kids 3-16.

Listen for up to 22 hours – great battery life! They also have a built in microphone. This means your little one can use them if they are Skyping with relatives or having an online lesson. They’re foldable which makes travelling with them so much easier. If you want good quality, you best buy headphones for kids that are well rated – these are an “Amazon Choice” and have hundreds of glowing reviews from parents and kids. The best thing about them has got to be the price, though – be sure to check it out on Amazon!

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Rockpapa K8 Kids Headphones Review

Rockpapa K8 Kids Headphones

What a cool looking pair of headphones! Pick them up in purple, pink, or blue. Each colour looks gorgeous. They’re wireless but can be used in wired mode too – the audio jack is gold plated and uses a fabric wire which won’t break easily. These headphones are designed for kids aged 3-15 – kids and parents say that they fit all ages well and are comfortable. You can adjust them as kids grow too.

The battery lasts for around eight hours with continuous use. They’re foldable for when you need to store or take them with you on trips. They have a built in microphone for video calls etc. and are sold at an amazing price on Amazon. Definitely some of the best children’s Bluetooth headphones on our list!

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Planet Buddies Kids Headphones Review

Planet Buddies Kids Headphones

Planet Buddies wired headphones might just be some of the funkiest headphones on our list design wise. Instead of varying by colour, they are each designed after a particular animal. Choose between turtle, owl, panda, penguin, tiger, or whale. You can also get them in “custom” blue or pink so that your kid can draw their own pictures to put on the outside. Because of their creative design these might make the best headphones for 3 year old kids. They are adjustable to fit your child and volume limited for safety.

The audio quality is great on these – really rich sounding. They can be folded for easier storage. They also have a built in microphone for phone calls to family or online school lessons etc. and there’s a multi use control buttons for things like answering calls, changing songs, and pausing music. These are sold at a bargain price – definitely worth taking a look.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best kids headphones. Looking for other kid-friendly products? Read our full guide to the best kids bike, best nerf guns and best kids scooters. Find all our guides to the best products here.

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