Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage Australia 2021

When travelling with kids, having the best lightweight carry on luggage, Australia offers really does make a world of difference. It really is easier travelling with just carry on baggage size luggage as there is less to lug around with you, as well as to pack and unpack. And let’s face it when you travel with three kids as I do, less IS always best!

If you’re also convinced travelling with just a cabin suitcase is the way to go and now on the hunt for the best lightest carry on luggage, Australia has whether you have kids or not, then you’ll love this guide! Don’t think for a minute that every small suitcase is the same – because some are certainly better than others. For example, you want a travel suitcase that is not only lightweight but a breeze to wheel around the airport – this is essential when trying to herd three kids!

In this cabin suitcases Australia guide, I take you through all the features you need to consider so you can buy the perfect travel bag luggage. I also take a close look at some of the popular carry on travel bags Australia currently sells and compare their features.

After reading this guide, you’ll be well on your way to purchasing a great carry on suitcase size, which will make life so much easier when you travel.  

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Compare The Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage Australia 2021

QANTAS Melbourne WheelaboardQANTAS Melbourne 56cm Wheelaboard Carry-on Small2.8 kg8-Wheel4.5Check
Flylite I-Deluxe Hard Suitcase Luggage2.9 kg8-Wheel4.0Check
Antler Zeolite 4W Cabin Roller Case
Antler Zeolite 4W Cabin Roller Case Carry-On Small2.2 kg4-Wheel5.0Check
IT Luggage The Lite Carry On LuggageIT Luggage The Lite Carry On Luggage Small1.9 kg4-Wheel4.5Check
American Tourister 91971 Applite 3.0S
Upright Travel Spinner
American Tourister 91971 Applite 3.0S Upright Travel Spinner Small1.8 kg8-Wheel4.5Check
Delsey Paris Montmartre Air Expandable Carry-OnDelsey Paris Montmartre Air Expandable Carry-On2.2 kg8-Wheel4.5Check
Samsonite Lite-Cube Spinner Hard Side
Cabin Trolley
Samsonite Lite-Cube Spinner Hard Side Cabin Trolley Small2.2 kg8-Wheel4.5Check
Wanderlite Travel Lightweight Carry On LuggageWanderlite Travel Lightweight Carry On Luggage Small2.6 kg8-Wheel3.5Check
Paklite Twilite Hardside Lightweight Carry-OnPaklite Twilite Hardside Carry-On Small2.7 kg8-Wheel3.5Check
Hedgren Hardside Carry-OnHedgren Hardside Carry-On Small2.7 kg8-Wheel3.5Check
Rockland Lightweight Expandable Carry On3.8 kg8-Wheel4.5Check

Top 11 Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage 2021

Here’s a handy reference list – see all the best lightweight carry on luggage reviews below!

  • Qantas Melbourne Wheelaboard Carry-on, 2.8kg
  • Flylite I-Deluxe Hard Suitcase, 2.9kg
  • Antler Zeolite 4W Cabin Roller Case Carry-On, 2.2kg
  • IT Luggage The Lite Carry On Luggage, 1.9kg
  • American Tourister 91971 Applite 3.0S Upright Travel Spinner, 1.8kg
  • Delsey Paris Montmartre Air Expandable Trolley Carry-On, 2.2kg
  • Samsonite Lite-Cube Spinner Hard Side Cabin Trolley, 2.2kg
  • Wanderlite Travel Lightweight Carry On Luggage, 2.6kg
  • Paklite Twilite Hardside Lightweight Carry-On, 2.7kg
  • Hedgren Hardside Carry-On, 2.7kg
  • Rockland Lightweight Expandable Carry On, 3.8kg

Lightweight Carry On Baggage Size & Weight

Suitcases At Airport

Like I touched on above, travelling with the lightest carry on luggage Australia has, really does make travel with kids so much easier. Travelling with kids can be tricky enough, without having to lug around multiple heavy suitcases not to mention keeping track of all their contents.

By every member of the family having just a lightweight cabin bag each, you’re forced to only take the essentials with you, so there is less stuff to cart around (or lose in hotel rooms!). Plus depending on the age of your kids, they can each be responsible for their own onboard luggage.

But before you rush out and buy a carry on suitcase Australia has, make sure you know what size to get. These days airlines all over the world have strict carry on luggage restrictions and are particularly strict with their carry on luggage weight limit. So it’s important to consider not just the size of the bag but also how much it weighs.

If your bag is over the limit in terms of its physical size or the carry on weight limits (which at the lower end of the scale is 7kgs), then you’ll be forced to check it in, which also could mean huge excess baggage fees if you’re flying with a budget airline.

In the below reviews, I have included the best lightweight Australian luggage brands and included the weight of each cabin size suitcase in the table above for your convenience.

Choosing The Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage Australia 2021

If you want to purchase the very best suitcase – domestic carry on luggage or international carry on luggage size, then there are a few things you’re going to want to consider and look out for. Think about the below features, and you’ll be well on your way to purchasing the best lightweight luggage Australia has that will last you for years to come.


When it comes to the best carry on bags, Australia has – size really does matter! If you buy a suitcase too big it won’t meet the carry on restrictions and you’ll have to check it.  Buy a too small luggage bag and you won’t be able to fit in everything you need.

Most airlines in Australia have a maximum size for carry on luggage anywhere from 48cm to 56cm (so if you fly with one airline more than another do check this before buying something). But remember it’s not just size measurements for carry on luggage you need to think about; you can usually only board with no more than 7kg carry on luggage. Some airlines have more generous baggage allowances, but 7kg is the general standard.

Given you only have around 7 kg you can bring on board, it really does pay to do your research and find one of the best light suitcases Australia has. There can be a massive difference in the weight of some suitcases, even if they are the exact same size. You’ll often find cheap carry on luggage is usually the heaviest.

In this guide, I’ve done the research for you and identified the best luggage brands Australia offers in terms of lightweight suitcases.


When it comes to buying carry on luggage, you don’t have to just get a suitcase. Sometimes a carry on luggage backpack is the best option in terms of the carry on size limit (although in this guide I’m just talking about the lightweight suitcases Australia sells). The bonus of a hand luggage backpack is it frees up your hands to hold your kid’s hands, or so you can wheel your child’s suitcase.  It really is a personal choice.

If you do decide to go with a suitcase, you’re going to want to buy something easy to manoeuvre. Believe me, if you are going to buy carry on luggage, it is worth investing a little extra for this, particularly if you are travelling with children. Luggage that doesn’t easily go where you want it to will leave you frustrated and stressed before you even board your plane.


First up, let me say I don’t recommend luggage with just two wheels. Usually, cheap, lightweight luggage comes with just two wheels, which are much harder to wheel. To wheel a two-wheel suitcase, you must tilt it and it doesn’t easily go around corners or through narrow spaces. They also tend to fall over when left unattended and it’s impossible to pull more than one.

When it comes to good quality travel luggage Australia has, skip the two-wheeled suitcases. You’ll thank me for it!

Four-wheel (Spinner) / Eight-wheel (Double-Spinner)

If you want to invest in the very best lightest luggage Australia has, then go for a four-wheel (spinner) or eight-wheel (double spinner). Suitcases with four or eight wheels are super smooth to maneuver around the airport and you can easily wheel more than one at a time – perfect when you travel with kids!

A four or eight-wheel suitcase is also heaps easier to wheel up the aisle on the airplane. And when you travel with kids, anything that makes boarding the aircraft easier is well worthwhile – right?

Material & Durability

Luggage gets a real beating when you travel from being moved from the back of the car, placed on the ground at the airport then thrown around in the overhead compartments – over and over again. As such for a suitcase to last for years, you’re going to need to invest in one which is made with top quality material which is super durable.

This is another reason to skip the cheap luggage Australia has; it just won’t last the distance. Plus it will be prone to rips and tears which leaves your belongings unprotected.

There is some great hard case luggage Australia options, even lightweight ones. A hard case suitcase is certainly the best option. But there are some pretty durable soft case suitcases too.

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If you don’t plan on checking your luggage, then having TSA approved locks is not really necessary, but still something you might want to consider. If you do ever decide to check your bag though, having TSA approved locks are essential. All of the best suitcase brands Australia has provides these.

However, thieves are everywhere these days, and lately, I’ve read a few articles of people having stuff stolen out of their bags from the overhead compartments, during the flight.  So having a suitcase which you can lock, regardless of whether you check it or not, is another feature well worth considering. Cheap travel luggage is unlikely to have such security.


Below are a few other things you might like to consider and really does make the difference between an ok airline carry on size bag and the best international or domestic carry on size luggage, that will last you years and years to come.

Internal/External Pockets – Suitcases come with both external and internal pockets. I don’t think it’s necessary to get a suitcase with too many pockets (all the zippers will just add unnecessary weight), but a few help to keep your things well organised.

Expandable Compartments – Expandable compartments can be super handy. This basically lets you have two different sized suitcases in one. The main advantage with a suitcase with an expandable compartment is it allows you to have room for all those things you buy while away. But be careful not to overfill it, or you’ll go over the carry on luggage limit and have to check your bag.

Water Resistance – The best luggage bags Australia has are ones which are either water-resistant or waterproof. If you’ve just landed and it’s pouring outside, a water-resistant bag will keep your belongings protected while you transport your bag from the airport to a taxi or public transport.

Design, Colour & Style –Design, colour and style really is a personal choice. What I do recommend though, is for those few occasions where you might check your bag, go for something a little unique rather than a plain black suitcase so you can easily pick it as it comes out on the baggage carousel. There are some great options these days for cute carry on luggage!

Tips For Packing With The Lightest Carry On Luggage Australia

Travel Luggage Suitcase

Packing light is really easier than you think! Honestly, once you get the hang of it, I can almost guarantee you’ll never go back to checked luggage. Here are some tips on how to pack light.

  • Before packing, make a list and stick to it! You can easily overpack when you don’t have a well thought out plan.
  • Only pack for a few days – even if you’re going for a week or two – you can easily wear clothes over and over again. Most hotels these days have laundry facilities or there will be some nearby.
  • Leave any toiletries at home that can easily be purchased at your destination – ie soap, shampoo, insect repellent.
  • Look for clothes that are suited for a day of sightseeing and can be dressed up for going out to dinner.
  • Pack clothing items that can easily be mixed and matched.
  • Don’t let the kids bring a heap of toys – they don’t end up using them anyway – too many wonderful new things to discover!
  • Wear your heaviest clothes on the flight. For example, wear (or carry) winter jackets and wear joggers etc – put the sandals in your bag.

Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage Reviews Australia 2021

Qantas Melbourne Wheelaboard Carry-on Review

QANTAS Melbourne 56cm Wheelaboard Carry-on

If you’re after the biggest carry on luggage possible, then the Qantas Melbourne suitcase is one to consider. This Qantas cabin baggage size is 56cm x 36cm x 23cm, which is pretty much the largest bag you can get in terms of being within the carry on luggage weight limit.

Weighing in at just 2.7kg, this is the perfect lightweight Qantas carry on luggage size. It has a capacity of 40 Litres so plenty of room for all the travel essentials. Inside, it also has a zippered mesh compartment, zippered pocket and internal compression straps to keep everything well organised.

With the hard shell made from high quality durable pure polycarbonate, this Qantas carry on baggage will last for years. It also features tamper-proof double zippers, TSA approved locks to protect your belongings and a 360 degree, 8 wheel gliding system for getting around the airport with ease.

This Qantas cabin luggage is not an overly expensive suitcase, so perfect for anyone who wants cheap large suitcases, which are still great quality and perfect for the max carry on size.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


Flylite I-Deluxe 55cm Hard Suitcase Luggage Review

As you’ll see in this Flylite luggage review, Flylite’s carry on case allows you to travel in style. It has a unique dusty pink colour which is instantly recognisable at the airport. Plus it measures in at 53 cm x 37 cm x 24 cm, which fits most requirements for carry on luggage.

It’s a hard case that uses a durable polycarbonate to prevent damage to both the case itself and your belongings. The small cabin suitcase has a total of eight spinner wheels so it can be wheeled either flat on the ground or tilted behind you.

Inside is an organised wealth of storage options — three internal pockets, a divider pouch, and elastic Y straps. Need even more? Use the expander zip to give you a further 3L of space. This case also features a TSA combination lock and a 15 year warranty.

Read any Flylite suitcase review and you’ll find quite a few happy customers with this suitcase.

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Antler Zeolite 4W Cabin Roller Case Carry-On Review 

Antler Zeolite 4W Cabin Roller Case Carry-On

The cheap Antler luggage Australia range is another great option to consider if you’re after the good luggage brands Australia has, which also don’t cost the earth. Plus, it’s approved by Qantas and Virgin as meeting their international and domestic carry on luggage size.

At 56cm in height, the Antler Zeolite 4W Cabin Roller is also perfect for those after large luggage bags that meet the carry on restrictions. However, this softside suitcase weighs in at a tiny 2.2kg, making it one of the lightest bags in this cabin bags Australia guide! It still offers 34 litres in capacity though, so plenty of room for the essentials.

To help keep all your belongings well organised, this approved 7kg cabin baggage comes with two front pockets as well as a side pocket. Inside, it has another two compartments, a zippered pocket for small items and a set of elastic securing straps.

Crafted from a strong, robust material, this is a durable case. Plus it also features TSA approved locks and four 360 degree rotating wheels for smooth maneuvering.  

If you’re after top quality, yet cheap cabin luggage options, definitely consider one of these Antler suitcases Australia has. Coming with a 10 year warranty, you can purchase this large travel bag with wheels with the utmost confidence.

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IT Luggage The Lite Carry On Luggage Review

IT Luggage The Lite Carry On Luggage

Weighing in at only 1.9kg, this is one of the lightest carry on suitcases in these reviews. But don’t let the light weight fool you, this IT luggage Australia offers still comes with all the essentials and is one of the best cabin luggage Australia has on offer.

With a height of 54cm, this overhead luggage size suitcase is pretty close to the maximum carry on restrictions, but with the 31 litres in capacity, there is more than enough room for the travel essentials. It also has an expandable compartment which extends the storage room to a large 40 litres.

The IT Lite suitcase has various interior and exterior pockets to keep things well organised. On the inside, there is a large zip mesh pocket and tie-down straps, while on the outside there is a zipped pocket perfect for storing your travel documents.    

This standard carry on size suitcase also features four wheels, for easy 360 maneuverability, a telescopic top handle, grab top and side handles to make it easy for putting the case in and out of the overhead compartments and TSA approved locks.

If you’re after not only the best lightweight suitcase Australia has but also one of the best quality cheap suitcases Australia has, then the IT Lite is well worth consideration.  

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American Tourister 91971 Applite 3.0S Upright Travel Spinner Review

American Tourister Applite 3.0S Upright Travel Spinner

The American Tourister Luggage Australia range is a best seller and the Applite is no exception. At just 1.8kg, the American Tourister Applite is officially the lightest suitcase in these reviews. It has a height of 50cm so well within the carry on luggage restrictions and has a spacious 38 litre capacity, which is the perfect size for all your travel items.

This small lightweight suitcase has two exterior pockets for organising your items. On the inside, there is a full size mesh zippered pocket as well as compression straps to ensure your items stay in place. Other features include TSA approved locks, top and side grab handles and dual wheels with added rubber feet for durability, which makes getting around the airport a breeze.

American Tourister has an excellent reputation for making high quality suitcases and it’s clear to see that the Applite small luggage case is certainly no exception. Plus, it comes with a 10 year warranty so you can purchase this suitcase with peace of mind.

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Delsey Paris Montmartre Air Expandable Trolley Carry-On Review

Delsey Paris Montmartre Air Expandable Carry-On

The Desley luggage Australia range is yet another brand well known for making great quality suitcases which are popular not just in Australia but worldwide. The Delsey Paris Montmartre is one of those great cases, which is perfect for those searching for a great quality small suitcase Australia has available.

With a capacity of 37 litres and lots of pockets and compartments, there is room for everything in your carry on luggage. Compartments include a padded laptop pocket, internal mesh and wet lid pocket as well as dual packing straps to keep everything in place. A nice bonus is having an interior lining which is both removable and machine washable making it great for those dreaded toiletries spillages. 

The Delsey Montmartre is also expandable, which is great for those holiday purchases. Other features of this lightweight cabin luggage Australia offers include self-repairing interlocking zippers, a TSA approved lock, four double spinner wheels, top and side grab handles, an easy to grab bottom handle and a 5 year warranty.

Perfect for travellers looking for all the must have features in the best carry on bags while still wanting the best affordable carry on luggage.

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Samsonite Lite-Cube Spinner Hard Side Cabin Trolley Review

Samsonite Lite-Cube Spinner Hard Side Cabin Trolley

One of the best quality suitcase ranges available is the Samsonite carry on luggage Australia range. Cheap, Samsonite luggage Australia is not, but if you’re after something that is super durable, lightweight and will last you years to come, this Samsonite Lite-Cube hard side carry on case is well worth considering.

Despite being a hard case, this Samsonite case weighs in at just 2.2kg – so light! It’s made from a durable material which will keep your personal gear well protected. It has a capacity of 36.5 litres so plenty of room and it has a zippered divider down the centre to help keep everything well organised too.

For easy maneuvering, the case has 360 multidirectional spinner wheels and it also features TSA approved locks.

When it comes to a super light hard suitcase Australia has, you really can’t go wrong with a Samsonite case. The Lite-Cube is the perfect size for those after a carry on case that will go travelling with them for years. Plus it comes with a 10 year warranty so you know this product is built to last.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


Wanderlite Travel Lightweight Carry On Luggage Review

Wanderlite Travel Lightweight Carry On Luggage

If you like the Samsonite but are after a cheap small suitcase which has a hard side, then the Wanderlite is a good alternative. Made with a durable hard shell, it’s lightweight and perfect for the occasional traveller.

Despite being crafted with a hard shell, the Wanderlite carry on only weighs 2.6kg, so this is a surprisingly lightweight case, particularly for cheap cabin bags. It also comes with 40 Litre packing space so more than enough room for all the travel essentials. Inside, there are multiple pockets to keep things well organised, as well as compression straps to keep your items securely in place.

Other features of this hard case rolling luggage Australia include smooth 360 dual spinner wheels, TSA approved locks for added security, top and side grab handles and a pull out aluminium handle.

For the price of this case, it’s actually quite surprising how many great features it comes with. If you’re after the best travel luggage Australia has, yet are on a tight budget, definitely be sure to consider the Wanderlite carry on.

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Paklite Twilite Hardside Lightweight Carry-On Review

Paklite Twilite Hardside Carry-On

This Paklite Twilite hardside case is super stylish, packed with great security features, and is crafted from quality materials to keep your items well protected.

Weighing in at 2.7kg, this is one of the heavier bags in these reviews; however that’s still pretty light for a hard side case. The case has 42 Litres of packing space and can be expanded to create up to 49 Litres of space – so there is plenty of room for your things with this case. It also comes with multiple internal pockets to keep things organised as well as compression straps to keep it all in place.  

If you’re after some of the best security travel bags Australia has, this is the one to consider. Unlike any other bag in these reviews, as well as featuring TSA approved locks, this case has an RFID blocking pocket which is great if you’re concerned with identity theft. Other features of this hardshell suitcase Australia include 4 dual castor wheels and side and top grab handles.

For the price, you get quite a lot with this bag, plus it comes with a 5 year warranty, so it’s certainly a good option to consider if you’re after one of the large suitcase Australia has for carry on. Just remember the standard 7kg suitcase carry on limit on most airlines – so don’t overpack it!

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Hedgren Hardside Carry-On Review

Hedgren Hardside Carry-On

These hardside cases are another super stylish and fashionable option. The shiny colours it comes in are just gorgeous! Plus it is crafted from high quality materials and features everything you could possibly want from a carry on case that will last for years to come.

Weighing in at just 2.7kg, this is another great lightweight option, particularly for a hardside case. Inside it comes with a massive 40.8 Litres of packing space as well as multiple pockets for keeping things organised. There is a separate zipper compartment with compression straps, as well as another zippered pocket, a mesh zippered pocket and a wet pocket too.

As mentioned above, the standout feature of this case is its stunning colour options. The colours are super shiny and come in either a beet red, blue opal or volcanic glass grey. Other great features of these carry bags Australia offers include the four dual spinner wheels, TSA locks, three stage trolley handle, top and side grab handles.

If you’re looking for a super cute carry on which is packed full of great features and will last years of travelling, don’t skip the Hedgren. They’re certainly not cheap travel suitcases, but they are one of the best suitcases in these reviews.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


Rockland Lightweight Expandable Carry On Review

Choose from a whopping choice of 26 gorgeous colours and designs with this case by Rockland. This means you’ll be able to recognise your case in an instant.

It measures in at 33cm x 22cm x 50cm, which fits the majority of carry on luggage requirements. This case is super lightweight, so it won’t eat into your weight allowance. The eight spinner wheels allow you to wheel the case in any direction while flat or tilt it behind you when you’re on the move.

The case comes equipped with a telescopic handle with push button operation. Inside you’ll find an interior mesh and zip pocket, as well as an elastic pocket, so there’s plenty of options to pack a variety of items.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best carry on luggage. For other travel essentials, check out my full guide to the best travel pillows and best travel backpack. Or find all my travel guides here and more best product reviews here.

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