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Lattitude Melbourne: just some of the trampolines.
Latitude Melbourne: it’s so big it just doesn’t fit into a single shot.

There are several indoor trampoline centres around Melbourne. We’ve been to a few and our favourite is Latitude in Heidelberg.

This centre is probably the biggest we’ve been to and it is really well set up and is great for all ages. There are lots of things to do and play with. There’s trampolines of course, a zip line, climbing walls, a dodge ball court (with trampolines on the ground) and pits of foam blocks next to trampolines to launch into.

It’s even more fun than it sounds – my kids had to be dragged out once our time was up. They’d been going pretty much the entire time without stopping.

I use the phrase “well set up” a few times in this article – for good reason. The place looks well designed for both fun and safety with lots of kids running round. I was impressed that there were several staff at different points keeping an eye on things and helping kids out if needed.

This foam pit was so popular that it often left like there was more kids than foam in there. And this was just the smallest of several...
This foam pit was so popular that it often looked like there was more kids than foam in there. And this was just the smallest of several…

For the littler kids, under 5, there’s a separate play area with play equipment. Like everything else, it is really well set up with lots of options and things to climb on and in or slide down or crawl around. Our youngest – Mr 2 – usually wants to follow around his older siblings but there was so much going on and so much to do he didn’t care.

Thanks to the good set up, it’d be pretty hard for a kid to get seriously hurt with all the stairs and edges padded and the floor nice and soft. It made for a relaxing time as I could hang back and let my 2 y.o. explore without needing to be right near him in case something went wrong.

The pricing is interesting. On school holidays and weekend you pay by the hour. This can add up quickly. Two hours for three kids (one a toddler) on a Sunday ran to $84. On school days you pay a flat fee per kid. As good as Latitude is, it isn’t cheap.

Younger kids play area: our little 2yo goes off once again.
Younger kids play area: our little 2yo goes off once again.

Facilities wise, this place is as set up as the play equipment. There are kid friendly toilets and a parents room perfect for changing nappies. Nearby, there’s a row of drinking taps.

Upstairs, there is a cafeteria with coffees and a range of snacks, sandwiches and even some hot meals. Prices were pretty normal – snacks from $3, sandwiches around $10 and the meals $15 to $20.

On food, you were not meant to bring your own food in but when we were there, plenty of people did. Provided they didn’t eat it in the cafeteria, no one stopped them.

So do our kids love Latitude?

Hell, yeah! Because of its price, it isn’t something we can do all the time. It’s a special treat type of place. That said, it is somewhere we love to go and will no doubt will return.

Latitude Melbourne is located at 590 Waterdale Road, Heidelberg. It’s open every day of the week from 10am and closes at 6pm on Sunday, 8pm on Monday, 9pm on Tuesday to Thursday and 10pm Friday and Saturday. For more information, including pricing, see

Kid Friendly: Do fish swim in water? Yes! It is harder to think of somewhere more kid friendly. If your kid is old enough to walk then they’ll love this place (although they recommend being at least 18 months).

Pram/Stroller access: Fine. It’s easy enough to get a pram anywhere you might need to go to observe your kids at play. There’s a lift to get up to the cafeteria.

Change Tables: Yes, there’s one in the parent’s room which is close to the younger kids area.

Getting to Latitude Melbourne

For most people, you’ll have to drive. Latitude is on Waterdale Road which comes off Bell Street.

If you live closer, bus routes #250, #350, #550 and #551 (in both directions for all routes) stop 150 metres away.

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