What is Amazon Prime Australia?

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No doubt you’ve heard about Amazon, you may even have made a purchase or two from their shopping website, but have you heard about the Amazon Prime membership Australia has? If not then you’re in for a real surprise as this Amazon subscription provides plenty of bang for your buck!

If you’re wondering what is Amazon Prime Australia, then in this article I’ll cover everything you need to know. Once you hear all the goodies that come with this fantastic super affordable service, I have no doubt you’ll be keen to sign up for it.

Seriously, for just $59 a year, this Amazon Prime AU offers its members so much! You might just think it’s so you can get free delivery on your Amazon purchases, but it is so much more than that. In fact, even if you don’t buy a single thing off Amazon, with access to free video, music, books and loads more, Amazon Prime AUS is well worth joining!

Plus you don’t even have to pay upfront because you can take out a 30 day free trial to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Then if you find it’s not as good as you thought it would be, you can simply cancel your subscription.

If you don’t want to read this Amazon Prime Australia review, and just want to get the free trial now – click here. However, if you want all the details about what Amazon Prime and absolutely everything it offers, then read on!

What is Amazon Prime Australia?

Amazon Prime

We’ve had an Amazon Australia Prime subscription for a while now and it has well and truly paid for itself. Many people think it’s just about getting free delivery on your Amazon purchases and for $59 per year, you really only need to purchase a few items before your subscription fee has paid for itself.

But you get so much more than just free delivery with your subscription.

This is what you get with your subscription:

  • Free expedited delivery for Amazon Prime Shopping for eligible domestic purchases
  • Free international Amazon Prime shipping to Australia for eligible orders over AUD $49
  • Early access to deals on Amazon
  • Access to Amazon Prime Video Australia – Amazon’s video streaming service
  • Access to Amazon Prime Music Australia – Amazon’s music streaming service
  • Access to Amazon Prime Gaming – Amazon’s gaming service
  • Access to Prime Reading – access to a library of e-books, magazines and comics
  • Amazon Drive and Photos – cloud storage space and photo backups

Almost sounds too good to be true right? I mean an average delivery fee for something you buy online is at least $10, then a Netflix subscription is $9.99 per month, then your Spotify is $11.95 per month – so far this is $31.94 per month which is $383.28 per year.

If you were to replace all this with a $59 a year Prime subscription – you’ve saved yourself a small fortune. Not to mention all the additional benefits you get with your subscription.

Ok, I think I should just stop and point out something here – No I am not a salesperson for Amazon, I just genuinely love a good bargain, and I just can’t believe how much value we get from this subscription!

Anyway below I’m going to go through the details about exactly just what you get with your Prime subscription.

Amazon Prime Video Australia

Amazon Prime Video

I’m going to start with where I think you get the most bang for your buck and that’s with Amazon Prime streaming for video. If you use your subscription for nothing else but the Amazon Prime content on video you have well and truly got value from your subscription.

At $59 a year or $6.99 a month, Amazon Prime Video AU is the by far the cheapest streaming service in the country! And you thought Netflix was cheap!

And the value for money doesn’t stop there. The Amazon Prime Australia content on video can be viewed up to three devices at once and it supports 4k streaming.  On most content, you can download to your device to watch offline. This is great for watching your favourite shows when commuting to work or travelling. Just download the Amazon Prime video app to your smartphone and you’re all set.

Of course you can also watch Amazon Prime in Australia on your compatible smart TV as well. You’re probably already streaming shows on your TV, if not just ask for your kids’ help – no doubt they’ll be able to set you up! 🙂

Here’s a full list on where you can stream your Prime content:

  • Compatible smart TVs
  • Game consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4
  • Amazon devices such as FireTV/Fire TV Stick, Echo devices with a screen, Fire Tablet
  • Some Blu-ray players (do people even have them these days??)
  • Smartphones and tablets whether they are android or iOS (Apple) – just download the Amazon Prime app Australia has
  • Set-top boxes and media players, such as Google Chromecast, Telstra TV and Apple TV
Amazon Prime Video Movies

So now you know how to stream Amazon Prime content, the question, of course, is what’s on Amazon Prime Australia? I personally think it’s pretty good and I think everyone will find something they want to watch.

Just like Netflix, they have some great original content and some of the most popular Amazon Prime Australia shows and movies currently being streamed include:

  • The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
  • Upload
  • Fleabag
  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
  • The Man in the High Castle
  • Homecoming
  • The Grand Tour
  • Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer
  • Goliath
  • Forever

In addition to these awesome originals, there are some great old TV shows on Prime including Seinfeld, Downton Abbey and The Shield.

Renting and Buying Movies

If you can’t find something to watch, then you can also rent or buy a range of movies as well. Now this isn’t included in the Amazon Prime video price. Renting starts at just $0.99 up to around $5.99 – it just depends on how popular the movie is really. You get 30 days to watch a movie once you rent it – but once you start watching it, you’ll only have it for 48 hours.  To buy a movie, expect to pay anywhere between $4.99 to $24.99.

Click here to get started.

Amazon Prime Shopping Australia

For us, the next area we probably get real value for our money is with free delivery on pretty much all our Amazon purchases. So if you’re someone who regularly purchases things online this alone is well worth the Amazon Prime Australia price.

Amazon Prime shopping

Domestic Purchases

First up you need to know that it is not free delivery for everything – only where the item is marked “Prime eligible” – but I have to say – I’ve never had to pay delivery for any item I’ve wanted. Often there are multiple stockists that sell an item, so just find one that says it’s “Prime eligible”.

But not only do you get free delivery – you get expedited delivery as well. Just this week I ordered another battery for my GoPro and it arrived the very next day! Free delivery and fast delivery – winning!

You might have heard in the USA they can get same day delivery – well you can’t get that in Australia – but next day delivery is still pretty good. Although Amazon only guarantees two day delivery for those living in metro areas. For those outside the metro areas, you can expect to receive your item in 3-5 business days.

If you want your item even faster than this, you can pay for an express one day delivery (even for Saturdays) and you’ll get this at the discounted price of $9.99 – again this is only for metro areas though. For outside the metro area, the price is $17.99.

International Purchases

Then if you happen to buy a product that is coming from overseas, as long as it’s an eligible item and is more than $49 AUD, you’ll also get free delivery on that too. Once again – I’ve never had to pay international delivery costs.

And you’ll also get expedited delivery too – which in most cases is around 7-10 businesses days – which is just amazing for international purchases. So don’t be concerned if the product you’re after is located in the USA or the UK because you’ll have it within a week or two anyway. If you’re outside of the metro areas though it will be more like 10 to 14 business days.

If you want your item even faster then this, you can pay for express delivery and you’ll get this at the discounted price of $10 off whatever the delivery fee happens to be.

Shopping Deals

Amazon Prime Day

Prime members all get exclusive access to a range of deals including “Deal of the Day”, “Lightning Deals” and “Savings & Sales”. You can also get daily deal emails straight to your inbox.

Deals of the Day run for 24 hours, while Lightning Deals run for however long they say or until all the stock is sold – this changes depending on what the deal is.

There is also Prime Day, which is basically Amazon’s answer to Black Friday or Boxing Day Sales. It’s only available to Prime members and across two days there is a range of deals to be had on thousands of items. Last year Prime Day was in July, but in 2020 it took place in October due to the global pandemic.

To be honest, I’ve never bought from any of these different deals – but I guess if you were going to buy these products anyway, then there are some great savings to be had.

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Amazon Prime Music Australia

Next up let’s check out Amazon Prime Music – now this is something I’ve not made use of as much as I really should. But if you’re already using a music streaming service and looking at saving some money – then this might be another great bonus of Prime for you.

With Amazon Music, there are three different levels – Amazon Music Free (no Prime subscription required), Amazon Music Prime (comes included with your Prime subscription) and Amazon Music Unlimited ($11.99 per month).

I’m not going to talk about the free level because this article is all about the Prime subscription. So the main difference between Music Unlimited and what’s included with your Prime subscription is that with Prime you just get access to 2 million songs – whereas with Music Unlimited you have access to over 60 million songs.

Regardless of which music subscription you have – the music is ad free and you can download the music so you can listen to it even when you’re not on the internet – this is great for travelling.

With Prime – you can use the music on any number of devices, but only one at a time. So you can’t be listening to music in the kitchen while each of your children are listening to music in their bedrooms.

Just like the video streaming service, Prime Music can be accessed on a range of devices including your smartphone, smart TV, computer and other internet devices like Alexa.

Amazon Prime Gaming Australia

If you’ve looked into this before, then you may recall that the gaming side of things used to be called Twitch – but now it’s simply called Prime Gaming. This gives Prime members access to a range of free games as well as free in-game loot for some of the world’s most popular games such as Fortnite, Roblox, Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty WWII, Heroes of the Storm and loads more.

Now this is another area that I’ve not really used to its potential because, well, I’m not a gamer. But if you are or your kids are, then no doubt this is a part of your Prime subscription that you’ll love.

Amazon Prime Reading Australia

If all of the above wasn’t enough, for the readers out there, you can also access thousands of books and comics straight to your device completely free of charge. The Amazon Prime library Australia offers covers all genres and age groups are covered, including fiction, non fiction and even books for the kids.

You don’t need a Kindle or any such device to access the books either. Simply download the Kindle app to your device and you can read the digital books from there.

Just like with Prime Music, Prime Reading is just a selection of books that is available from the full Kindle Unlimited subscription, which is $13.99 per month. Kindle Unlimited provides you with access to over 1 million different books as well as thousands of audiobooks too. However with thousands of different books available in Prime Reading, you’re sure to find something you like.

The selection of books in Prime Reading is rotated around, but all the best sellers are there. You can have up to 10  books at any one time – so everyone in the family can have a book to read.  Just like a bricks and mortar library – once you’ve finished reading the book, you return it and you can borrow something else.

Click here to try the Amazon Prime free trial.

Amazon Drive and Amazon Photos App Australia

Lastly, you have access to Amazon Drive and Prime Photos, both great ways to keep files and photos securely in the cloud.

Amazon Drive provides you with 5GB (shared with Amazon Photos) of secure cloud storage for your files, videos and more. This is a great way to keep backups of your important documents. Download the Amazon Drive app on your smartphone, tablet or desktop and you can sync files to your Amazon Drive so that you always have the most updated versions across your different devices.

The Amazon Photos App is a way in which you can back up your photos from your smartphone to the cloud. You can upload up to 5GB worth of images (shared with Amazon Drive), and the app also helps you edit and share your photos while you’re on the go.

Amazon Prime Australia Cost

Amazon Prime subscription

I have mentioned the Amazon Prime Australia cost quite a few times throughout this article – but in case you missed it and are wondering just how much is Amazon Prime Australia – well you get all of the above for only $59 per year if paid upfront or just $6.99 per month. Can you believe it?  That is absolutely crazy value for money!

Like I mentioned above in the intro, most of the video streaming subscriptions like Foxtel, Netflix or Stan are at least $10 per month – if not more. The Amazon Prime Australia price is not even close to that if you consider just the video streaming part of the subscription.

Plus there are no more delivery fees for items you purchase online; you can listen to music for free, read as many books as you like for free, play new games each month for free and have access to 5GB of cloud storage – all included!

This is incredibly good value for money. But if you’re not convinced that you’ll get your money’s worth – then just sign up for the free 30 day trial. In fact, I recommended everyone does, even if you’re like – where do I sign – I mean you might as well get a month free right?

Oh, another good thing – if you decide to go for the month to month subscription – which is $6.99 – there is no contract so you can cancel at any time. If you choose to get the cheaper annual subscription of $59 per year – you can’t leave early. But believe me – you’re not going to want to anyway.

Amazon Prime – The Verdict

And there you have it – no doubt I’ve now convinced you to get Prime and so you’re wondering where to sign up – well just click here and follow the prompts.

Honestly given everything you get with this subscription – it is well worth it. I’ve been a member for a few years now and the price has increased little by little over that time – but so has the number of benefits that come with the subscription. I originally joined just for free and fast delivery, but now I get so much more.

So if you’re an online shopper, gamer, like to watch movies, listen to music, read – do yourself a favour and click here and sign up to Prime today!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this full review on everything you need to know about Amazon – you can find all my different guides to what to buy here.

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