Ultimate Kitchen Utensils List 2022

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Setting up your kitchen can be tricky, particularly if you’re moving into your own place for the first time. With so many kitchen accessories and kitchen tools on the market, it can be confusing working out which kitchen wares are necessary and what’s not. Which is why you’ll find this kitchen utensils list so helpful.

This list of kitchen utensils Australia guide will not only make it easy for you to know what kitchen essentials you need, but it will give you suggestions on which particular brand to buy.

In this ultimate cooking utensils list, you’ll find details on all the kitchen stuff you need to set up a well functioning kitchen. With this list of all kitchen utensils, no matter what sort of cooking or baking you like to do, you will have all the kitchen wares you need.

26 Of The Best Kitchen Cooking Essentials, Accessories & Tools

This kitchen equipment list takes all the guesswork out of what you need. Simply print the article out and tick off kitchen tools and equipment as you buy them. Or if you want to make it even easier on yourself, simply click the link and purchase each item from this cooking tools list.

1. Knife Set

Global Block Set Katana Knife Block SetEvery essential kitchen items list features a good quality knife set. Having a good quality knife will make light work of meal preparation and save you from replacing your set over and over again every few years.  This is one item on this list of kitchen items not to skip!

Ensure you purchase a stainless steel set of knives like this set from Global. This knife kitchen utensil set Australia has, comprises of an 8cm paring knife, 11cm vegetable knife, 14cm serrated utility knife, 15cm cook’s knife and a bamboo storage block.  

These knives are made from the highest quality stainless steel which has been ice tempered and hardened to Rockwell C56-C58. This ensures the knives are both razor sharp and resistant to rust, stains and corrosion.

For peace of mind, this knife set also comes with a lifetime warranty, which says what a top quality product the Global set is.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Global Knife Block Set.

2. Knife Sharpener

Davis Waddell Knife Sharpener

A good item on this list of utensils that will help keep your knives in tip top condition is a knife sharpener.  As a knife loses its sharpness, you’ll notice how much of a chore meal prep becomes, which is why you’ll need to invest in a quality knife sharpener to keep your cooking equipment nice and sharp.  Sure, you can buy cheaper tools that require you to sharpen your knives manually, but an electric knife sharpener is so much better not to mention safer.  

This electric knife sharpener by Davis & Waddell is multi functional in that it also sharpeners your scissors and screwdrivers too. It has 2 grind settings, coarse and fine, and will have your knives nice and sharp in seconds.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Davis & Waddell Electric Knife Sharpener

3. Chopping Board

Belmint Chopping Board

No kitchen tools buying guide is complete without a good quality chopping board.  You can’t just chop up food on your kitchen bench. Not only does it scratch your benchtops, but it’s not hygienic either. This is why you need to add a good set of chopping boards to your kitchen tools list.

A bamboo kitchen utensils set Australia has, like this, are great for being eco friendly, which is why this set of 4 chopping boards by Belmint are ideal. Made from 100% bamboo, these boards are scratch resistance (unlike plastic chopping boards) which is much more hygienic as there is no chance of bacteria getting stuck in the grooves.  Another benefit is that bamboo material is antimicrobial, which means its resistance to bacteria growth and odours.

A chopping board like this will no doubt be one of the most used cooking utensils set in your kitchen.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Belmint Bamboo Chopping Board.

4. Mixing Bowls

Checkered Chef Stainless Steel Metal Mixing Bowl

Every kitchen needs a set of mixing bowls to blend different ingredients. Mixing bowls are made from a variety of different materials, but the best all rounder is metal.  

Stainless steel kitchen utensils are usually recommended for long lasting kitchen materials, and it’s no different for mixing bowls. This stainless steel set of mixing bowls by Checkered Chef is perfect, as this cooking utensil set includes 4 different sized bowls, so you have the ideal size bowl for all types of recipes and cooking. Given that these cooking accessories are stainless steel, you can also use them over a hot simmering saucepan.

If you love to bake – then make sure your utensils list for kitchen has a set of mixing bowls on there!

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Checkered Chef Metal Mixing Bowl Set.

5. Measuring Cups

Cedara Living Measuring CupsEvery good cooking equipment list includes a set of measuring cups. Measuring cups help get the right measurements of ingredients. Without a measuring cup, you are just guessing how much of the ingredient you are putting into the recipe and can completely ruin the meal.

This set of 7 rust resistant, food grade, 18/8 stainless steel measuring cups from Cedara Living is made from one complete piece of steel so that they won’t bend or break. The engravings are easy to read, and the cups are highly accurate. The set includes 1 cup, ¾ cup, ⅔ cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, ¼ cup, ⅛ cup and also lists the equivalent metric measurements in mls. Easy to clean, they are dishwasher safe.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Cedara Living Measuring Cups.

6. Measuring Spoons

Cedara Living Measuring SpoonsA good set of measuring spoons is one of the essential things you need in a kitchen. Without a measuring spoon, you are making a guesstimate of how much flavour you are putting into your dish, which could result in the meal being bland or overpowered.

Just like the measuring cups, the set of 6 measuring spoons from Cedara Living are one complete piece of rust resistant, food grade, 18/8 stainless steel so that they won’t bend or break. With easy to read engravings, this highly accurate set includes 1 tablespoon, ½ tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon, ⅛ teaspoon and also lists the equivalent metric measurements in mls.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Cedara Living Measuring Spoons.

7. Tongs

Splaks Kitchen TongsKitchen implements like a set of tongs (or two) can be a godsend in the kitchen. By having a few different sized tongs, you can easily use them to serve a salad or to turn the steak on the grill.

The Splaks Silicone Tongs set comes with a 9 inch and 12 inch tong that are heat resistant to 480ºF, and are odour and stain resistant. The silicone grip and tips offer a non-slip, non-stick surface, and they won’t scratch your pans. The simple pull-ring lock will keep your tongs closed when not in use. They are very versatile and dishwasher safe.

Silicone kitchen utensils like these are also ideal as they won’t scratch your non stick surfaces.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Splaks Silicone Tongs.

8. Vegetable Peeler

Joseph Joseph Peeler

Perhaps one of the most used cooking gadgets in a kitchen is a vegetable peeler. Used to remove the skin from various vegetables such as potatoes and carrots, it can also be used to peel fruits such as apples and pears.

The multi-peel Y-shaped peeler from Joseph Joseph has a durable, sharp stainless steel blade and a food grade ABS handle. The handle is designed for a comfortable, non-slip grip and can be used left or right handed. The handy potato eye remover makes removing potato eyes easy. This peeler is dishwasher safe.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Joseph Joseph Multi-Peel Y-Shaped Peeler.

9. Spatula

Unicook Spatula

All kitchen essentials list include the spatula. A spatula makes flipping eggs flippin’ easy. You can’t cook pancakes or burgers without a good, nonstick spatula.

The 2 pack kitchen tool set by Unicook includes a large and small spatula made from a stainless steel core and silicone nonslip handle and head. The silicone head is thin and flexible and has an angled edge that will slide easily under food without damaging the food or the pan. Along with being dishwasher safe, the silicone head is heat resistant to 600°F, BPA free, FDA approved and LFGB certified food grade silicone.

High quality kitchen accessories these days tend to be either stainless steel or silicone cooking utensils, so having a combination like this makes for a long lasting tool.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Unicook Silicone Spatula.

10. Ladle

Cuisipro LadleFor any aspiring home cook, the ladle is an essential kitchen spoon and the Cuisipro Piccolo Tools Silicone Ladle is a great option for any home.

With an easy to pick up ergonomic handle that is made from stainless steel, this ladle is not only functional but looks good with its eye-catching red silicone accents. A large hanging hole for storage convenience along with a 300℃ heat resistance make this one of the best kitchen utensils Australia has for cooking soups and stews.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Cuisipro Silicone Ladle.

11. Stirring Spoon

BESTOMZ Stirring Spoon

One of the kitchen utilities that every home chef should have in their arsenal is a solid stirring spoon. Whether you’re stirring a pan of roasting vegetables or melting chocolate, a good stirring spoon can last a long time and have so many uses in every kitchen.

The BESTOMZ Silicone Stirring Mixing Spoon has just the right amount of flexibility, is stain resistant and up to 210℃ heat resistant. A quality stirring spoon like this is a must on any basic kitchen needs list.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the BESTOMZ Stirring Spoon.

12. Whisk

Davis Waddell WhiskIf you love to bake; among other cooking items, you will need a good quality whisk. Good quality cooking utensils, like whisks, are used to whip up light and airy cakes, for beating, creating egg white peaks, custards, batters, sauces, mousse, dressings, and more.

There are always new kitchen gadgets Australia has coming out to make your life in the kitchen easier, like this Davis & Waddell Whisk.  Unlike your standard everyday whisk, this whisk includes a sphere and ball, which makes your whisking more efficient. These extra doodads create more aeration through your food, resulting in a faster, smoother and less lumpy finish. Using this whisk will save you time, effort and your wrists. Made from stainless steel, the Davis & Waddell Whisk is durable and easy to clean.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Davis & Waddell Whisk.

13. Rolling Pin

Joseph Joseph Rolling PinFor those that love to bake, there are a few essential kitchen utensils and equipment required, including a rolling pin.  No matter how you’re looking to shape or flatten your dough, a quality rolling pin excels at it all.

When looking at this Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin, these wooden kitchen utensils sure have come along way.   With removable disks that raise the pin to the required thickness of 1/16-inch, 1/6-inch, 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch, this adjustable rolling pin takes the guesswork out of preparing pizza crusts, cookies, lasagna sheets and more!

So if you’re a baker, make sure a rolling pin is on your kitchen accessories list.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin.

14. Trivet

Joseph Joseph TrivetA trivet is one of the essential kitchen utensils to have on hand when preparing food for large groups or families.  Simply place the trivet on the dining table and put your hot serving dishes on top to protect your table from heat damage.

New and fun kitchen gadgets are always surprising me, like this Expandable Silicone Trivet from Joseph Joseph. Made from high-quality silicon-nylon material, this trivet can have its size easily adjusted to provide space for more than one pan! After use, the trivet folds neatly away for convenient storage. Heat resistant up to 340℃, this trivet is one of the handy kitchen vessels to have on hand.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Joseph Joseph Trivet.

15. Colander

Gaorui ColanderIn an age where tools and equipment in cooking are becoming more and more technical, one thing has remained relatively simple; but still so effective – the colander. A colander, often known as a pasta strainer or sieve, is one of the must have kitchen gadgets in any kitchen, particularly for all the pasta lovers out there.

Cheap kitchen utensils like the Gaorui 2 Pack Collapsible Colanders are simple yet functional. The pack includes a 4 Quarter and a 2 Quarter size. These colanders are collapsible and easy to store, whilst also being effective and heat resistant up to 150℃.

Whether you love eating pasta or just cooking in general, a colander is a must for your home utensils list.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Gaorui Colanders.

16. Oven Mitts/Glove

HOMWE Oven MittSilicone kitchen utensils Australia offers are certainly becoming popular – just like this set of silicone mitts.  Now you can opt for a thin tea towel and pray that you can hold it long enough to make it to the kitchen counter, but you really need to get yourself a good pair of oven mitts just like these.

These extra long oven mitts from HOMWE are as good as it gets. The silicone on these cute kitchen utensils allows the mitt to remain flexible, breathable and gives great control due to the textured, non-slip grip. The extra long length protects your hands, wrists and arms from the heat of the oven or the grill, offering protection up to 450°F. The BPA-free silicone doesn’t stain, unlike fabric mitts, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee backs them.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the HOMWE Oven Mitt.

17. Potato Masher

OXO Potato Masher

With mashed potato, a staple in most households, kitchen cooking equipment Australia offers, doesn’t get much more essential than a good quality potato masher.

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Potato Masher features a cushioned handle with a sturdy, stainless steel wire head. This masher is perfect for not only potatoes but also yams, carrots and other root vegetables. A large in-handle hole also makes storage convenient, and cleaning is easy with no tight spaces due to the wire design.

For all potato lovers, make sure a potato masher is on your list of cooking utensils.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the OXO Potato Masher.

18. Grater

Masterpro grater

Food utensils like the grater are an indispensable kitchen utensil. Without them, there would be no grated cheese, no zested orange, no shredded potato. Cheeses would be whole, and pasta bakes just would not be the same.

The MASTERPRO 4-Sided Stainless Steel Grater is the perfect multi-grater. With 5 various ultra-sharp blades, it’s basically 5 tools in one. You can shave, shred, zest a variety of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, chocolate, ginger and more. It has smart measurements on each side that helps in monitoring the quantity of the ingredients being grated. Crafted from rust resistant stainless steel, it is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the MASTERPRO Grater.

19. Thermometer

Digital Meat Thermometer Instant Digital Food Thermometer with Bright Backlight LCD Screen, Smart Waterproof Cooking Kitchen Thermometer by BRITOR

A meat thermometer is an indispensable tool if you want to ensure your fish and meat dishes are properly cooked. You don’t want to chance serving up food that is overdone or undercooked.

The Britor Digital Meat Thermometer gives an accurate readout within 3-4 seconds.  Like all of the best cooking utensils Australia has and latest kitchen gadgets, this thermometer is multi functional in that you can also use it when brewing beer or wine, or even to test the bathwater temperature for your baby!

The backlit LCD makes for easy and clear reading, and the fact that it’s waterproof means that it is perfect for liquids or rinsing under the tap. The case is made from a strong, durable ABS plastic, so you don’t have to worry about dropping or banging it against the counter. Lastly, SAUNORCH offers a 100% money back and lifetime warranty.

While perhaps not a necessity – if you consider yourself a bit of a master chef, no doubt you’ll want to add a thermometer to your list of kitchen equipment – or at the very least your Christmas list!

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Britor Digital Meat Thermometer.

20. Kitchen Scissors

Cedara Living Kitchen Scissors

A good kitchen needs a good pair of kitchen scissors. You will be amazed at how often you need a pair of scissors in the kitchen! Cutting packaging, string, flower stems, meat, herbs and even vegetables…the list goes on.  Make sure it’s on your list of kitchen essentials for new home.

The Cedara Living Stainless Steel Ultra Sharp Kitchen Scissors are like a swiss army knife for the kitchen. The 18/8 stainless steel scissors will stay sharp and rust-free for years. Not only do these scissors cut, but you can also use them to shells nuts and seafood, remove fish scales, and open bottle tops.

These kitchen scissors are dishwasher safe and come with a blade cover for protection and safety. Cedara Living offer a 100% lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee on all of their products, and discounts when buying 2 or more products in one transaction.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Cedara Living Kitchen Scissors.

21. Can Opener

Savannah Can Opener

You don’t realise how stuck you are if you have a can without a ring pull and no can opener. Although a lot of cans DO have ring pulls these days, there is still a lot that come without. You may only use it once in a blue moon, but oh boy, you’ll be thankful you have one!

The ergonomic design of the SAVANNAH SAV-0030 Smart Safety Can Opener handle means that people of all ages can quickly and easily open a can or jar. There are no sharp edges or blades, making it 100% safe to use. The can opener cuts the lid off the can or jar without touching the food inside, so there is no food contamination. After use, just rinse with water.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the SAVANNAH Can Opener.

22. Salad Spinner

Westmark salad spinner

A salad spinner is primarily used to wash and remove excess water from salad greens; this allows salad dressing to stick to the leaves without any dilution and loss of flavour.

The Westmark Salad Spinner is one of the high quality kitchen utensils made from plastic and has an easy, reliable spin mechanism for washing all vegetables and leafy greens. With a 5 L capacity, a practical pouring spout and dishwasher safe materials, the Westmark Salad Spinner are one of the handiest plastic kitchen utensils you’ll have in your kitchen.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Westmark Salad Spinner.

23. Egg Separator

You may not have seen or even heard of an egg separator before, but it may just become your favourite kitchen utensil!

With this Joseph Joseph Egg Separator, remove the lid and place it under the utensil and you can quickly and cleanly separate egg whites from egg yolks. There is even an egg cracker in the centre, so there is no need to risk getting egg whites on the kitchen bench.

The egg separator can hold up to 6 yolks at a time and the egg white catcher even has a spout for clean pouring.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Joseph Joseph Egg Separator.

24. Garlic Press

Joseph Joseph Garlic PressA garlic press is the easiest and most convenient way to add fresh garlic to your dishes.  It’s also perfect for crushing ginger and horseradish too.

The Joseph Joseph Helix Garlic Press makes crushing garlic easier than ever. The twisting action applies the force horizontally, using the power of the shoulders instead of the hands. Made from stainless steel and nylon, the Helix garlic press has enough room for you to crush several cloves at a time. The 2-piece design can be separated for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Joseph Joseph Garlic Press.

25. Meat Tenderiser/Mallet

Davis Waddell Meat Mallet

Last but not least, a meat tenderiser is a great way to turn a cheap, tough cut of meat into a tender, delicate steak.  It is also used to flatten and thin meat, which helps with faster and more even cooking.

The Double Headed Meat Mallet by Davis & Waddell does the job perfectly. The flat end is used to flatten meat, or to tenderise white meat, while the textured end is used to tenderise cuts of red meat. The stainless steel construction is durable and can tolerate regular usage. It includes a convenient hanging loop on the handle and a 12 month guarantee.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Davis & Waddell Meat Mallet.

26. Cork Screw

This corkscrew bottle opener from Brabantia is brilliantly designed and high quality enough that it even comes with a 5 year guarantee.

The extra wide body is suitable for all bottlenecks and the extra large turning handle takes the effort out of opening wine bottles. The smart “centering ring” even makes sure the spiral always hits the middle of the cork and the non-stick coating ensures smooth removal every time. The built in foil cutter is 100% safe and cuts through all standard foil capsules.

The corkscrew is made from an aesthetically pleasing but tough matte steel body and there is a small window so you can see the cork being removed.

Click here for more information and the latest prices for the Brabantia Classic Corkscrew.

Quick List Of The Best Kitchen Utensils 2022

Below is an easy cooking utensils list for your kitchen – print it off and tick it as you purchase each item.

  1. Global Knife Block Set
  2. Davis & Waddell Electric Knife Sharpener
  3. Belmint Bamboo Chopping Board
  4. Checkered Chef Metal Mixing Bowl Set
  5. Cedara Living Measuring Cups
  6. Cedara Living Measuring Spoons
  7. Splaks Silicone Tongs
  8. Joseph Joseph Multi-Peel Y-Shaped Peeler
  9. Unicook Silicone Spatula
  10. Cuisipro Silicone Ladle
  11. BESTOMZ Stirring Spoon
  12. Davis & Waddell Whisk
  13. Joseph Joseph Adjustable Rolling Pin
  14. Joseph Joseph Trivet
  15. Gaorui Colanders
  16. HOMWE Oven Mitt
  17. OXO Potato Masher
  18. MASTERPRO Grater
  19. Britor Digital Meat Thermometer
  20. Cedara Living Kitchen Scissors
  21. Savannah Can Opener
  22. Westmark Salad Spinner
  23. Joseph Joseph Egg Separator
  24. Joseph Joseph Garlic Press
  25. Davis & Waddell Meat Mallet
  26. Brabantia Classic Corkscrew


As you can see from the above list, there is plenty to consider when it comes to cooking utensils list that every kitchen needs.  So before purchasing anything from this kitchen utensil list, consider what it’s made from, giving priority to silicone and stainless steel kitchen accessories Australia has, as well as ensuring they are dishwasher safe.  If you give proper consideration to the quality of the products you won’t be going back to the shops every few months to replace them.

Having your kitchen decked out with the top quality utensils listed in this guide are guaranteed to make life so much easier and simpler in the kitchen that you’ll be wanting to get in there to whip up your friends and family delicious meals and desserts daily.

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