Complete Guide To Buying The Best Tents Australia 2021

My kids have been asking to go on camping trips lately, so I’ve had to buy a tent. We spent a few weekends going out looking at the best camping tents for sale, and wow – there are so many different options! When it came to trying to work out, which were the best tents for our family, I had to go back and do a heap more research.

I probably should have started with reading the various online camping tent reviews, because that really showed me just how much there is to consider when it comes to buying good tents for camping. There are different types of tents; then they come in all shapes and sizes too. Will you just be camping at holiday parks or are you wanting to go off grid and so need something lightweight to hike with?

So after spending hours and hours of research, I’ve now put together this guide so you can find the perfect outdoor tent. In this best tent 2021 guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know when it comes to buying Australian tents, including the different types of tents, the various features to consider when purchasing quality tents as well as compare some of the best outdoor tents for sale.

Whether you’re looking for a good quality pop up tent (also often referred to as an instant tent), a lightweight hiking tent, large camping tents for the family or just one of the overall good cheap tents for sale, I have no doubt you will find the perfect camping shelter for your needs in this guide.

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Compare The Top 10 Best Tents Australia 2021

Below is a comparison table where you can easily compare the features of our picks for the best camping tents Australia has on offer.

Coleman Silver Series Instant-Up TentColeman Silver Series Instant-Up Tent small6 PersonAll Season4.5Check
Weisshorn Instant Up Camping Tent 4 Person4 personAll Season4.5Check
Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent2-4 personAll Season4.5Check
Kathmandu Retreat 280 3 Room Camping Dome Tent5 PersonAll Season4.0Check
Oztrail Bungalow Dome Family 9 Person Man Tent9 personAll Season4.0Check
Coleman Ridgeline Adventure Dome Tent3 Person3 Season4.5Check
Cedar Ridge Granite Falls Tent2 Person3 Season4.5Check
Naturehike Cloud-Up 3 person 4-Season Waterproof TentNaturehike Cloud-Up 3 person 4-Season Waterproof Tent small3 Person4 Season4.5Check
Coleman Sundome 6 Person TentColeman Sundome 6 Person Tent small6 PersonAll Season4.5Check
ZOMAKE Waterproof Automatic Camping Tent 2-3 PersonZOMAKE Waterproof Automatic Camping Tent small4 Person4 Season4.0Check

Top 10 Best Tents 2021

Here’s a handy reference list – see all the best tent reviews Australia has below!

  • Coleman Silver Series Instant-Up Tent
  • Weisshorn Instant Up Camping Tent
  • Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent
  • Kathmandu Retreat 280 Camping Tent
  • Oztrail Bungalow Dome Family 9 Person Man Tent
  • Coleman Ridgeline Adventure Dome Tent
  • Cedar Ridge Granite Falls 2-Person Tent
  • Naturehike Cloud-Up 3 person 4-Season Waterproof Tent
  • Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent
  • Zomake Waterproof Automatic Camping Tent

Different Types Of Tents

The first thing to understand when it comes to purchasing an outdoor camping tent is that there is a range of different types of tents. Each type of tent has its pros and cons, depending on the type of camping you’re likely to do.

  • Pop up Tents/Instant Tents – A pop up camping tent or instant camping tents (also sometimes referred to as easy set up tents) is just as it sounds – it basically pops up. The best pop up tent Australia has are basically all in one with the poles attached which makes setting them up super easy and quick. An easy up camping tent tends to be bulkier and heavier than other tent types so are best when you have plenty of available space in your car.
  • Hiking Tents – Hiking tents, or a backpacking tent which they can be called, are small ultralight tents, usually just designed as a one man tent or two man tent at most. The purpose of a hiking tent is for people to be able to carry their tent in their backpack and camp anywhere they like. They are not designed to have all the bells and whistles, rather just to provide durable basic shelter.
  • Dome Tents – A dome tent tends to be the most common type of tent (although pop up tents are quickly becoming the norm). Dome camping tents have two poles that cross each other in the centre, bending down towards the ground, which gives it its dome shape. A rainfly then goes over the poles. The best dome tents Australia has are great lightweight, all purpose tents. However, some of the big dome tents for sale tend to be more complicated to erect.
  • Inflatable Tents –  An inflatable tent (or air tents as they are also known) are fairly new Australian tent option – these tents use inflatable beams (which you are required to pump up) to support the tent as opposed to poles. These types of tents are very lightweight and relatively easy to erect as you don’t need to be concerned with working out which pole goes where.
  • Cabin Tents – Unlike a dome tent, a cabin tent is simply designed to look more like a room because it has vertical walls rather than a dome shape. Like dome tents though, they are erected using tent poles and can take some time to erect as well as being complicated.
  • Geodesic Tents – A geodesic tent is somewhat like a dome tent. However, the geodesic tent tends to offer increased support and stability as the tent poles cross over each other multiple times. This provides excellent shelter in harsh climates, such as wind, heavy rain or snow.
  • Ridge Tents – A ridge tent has more of a simple triangular shape to it, with a pole at each end and sometimes a pole between the two called a ridge that holds the tent up. Despite ridge tents being relatively easy to erect, they are not very common these days.
  • Swag Tents – A swag tent is a small tent usually designed for one or two people. It has a high-density foam mattress, a pillow and a canvas flap that goes over your head – really a swag is not much more than a sleeping bag with a roof. Swags roll up nice and compactly and are perfect for people looking for a basic sleep tent.

Choosing The Best Tent Australia 2021

Size / Sleeping Capacity

When it comes to buying the best tents for camping, the first thing you will need to consider is what size tent to purchase. When I say size, I’m referring to how many people the tent sleeps, as well as how big the actual tent is.

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to the size of the tent is just because a tent says it is the best 4 person tent Australia has, does not actually mean it’s the best tent for 4 people.

Basically, this means there is enough room for 4 people lying side by side in sleeping bags, with absolutely no room for air mattresses or personal belongings. This might be perfect if you’re just after a basic tent for sleeping, but if you’re after luxury camping tents with plenty of space, you’re going to want to go up a size.

Weather / Seasonality

You’ll also need to consider the weather and the season you’re most likely to go camping. In most places in Australia, an all weather tent (also referred to as a 3 season tent) is all you need, but in other parts of Australia where there might be extreme weather such as heavy snow, or strong winds, you’ll want to get a tent that is specifically designed for the conditions.

Two-season Tents. This is a basic tent best used in Summer only. These tents are not ideal for any extreme weather types though including heavy downpours but are generally capable of dealing with light showers.

Three-season Tents. A three-season tent is a good all-round tent, generally suitable for most weather conditions. This type of tent is capable of withstanding reasonably heavy rain, wind, and even light snow.

Four-season Tents. A four season tent is not suitable for four seasons; rather it is rated as being a good winter tent for camping in cold weather.

Five-season Tents. A five-season tent, also known as an expedition tent, is perfect for use in extremely cold conditions such as heavy snow, strong winds, and heavy rain.

Material, Build and Durability

One of the biggest reasons for the price difference between tents is their material, build and durability. In terms of a good quality durable tent, consider the tent fabric and construction of the tent poles.

Good quality tents tend to be made with canvas, cotton, polyester or a combination of all. More affordable cheap camping tents for sale are usually made with nylon, which also makes for a lightweight tent, so perfect if you’re after something easy to carry with you for shelter.

For sturdy and durable tent poles, look for ones made from lightweight aluminium or galvanised steel. Fibreglass poles tend to be less reliable and what you’ll find on super cheap tents.

Other Features To Consider

Of course, there is a stack of other things to consider when it comes to buying the perfect tent. The best tent brands Australia has make tents of all shapes and sizes. A small tent might have a single door, while big camping tents have a front door and back door as well as multiple windows. Take some time to think about what’s important to you.

I recommend you also consider how easy the tent is to set up overall. A large tent might sound like the way to go, but if it takes 2 or more people over 2 hours to set up and then another 2 hours to pack away, you’ll soon become frustrated.

It’s usually worth investing a little more upfront in an easy to put up tent, which will save you hours and hours of frustration later.

Best Tents Reviews Australia 2021

Keep reading below for our camping tents reviews.

Best Pop Up/Instant Tents Australia

Coleman Silver Series Instant-Up Tent, 6 Person Review

Coleman Silver Series Instant-Up Tent

Coleman camping tents are some of the most popular tents currently available on the Australian market. These guys do a great job at making easy to set up, top quality tents and one of the best Coleman tents for sale is the Silver Series Instant Up 6 Person Tent.

This 6 person camping tent is a great size for a small family with one to two kids or even a couple who like a bit of space. There is enough room for a queen size air mattress plus a few kids’ size sleeping bags on the side, as well as your personal belongings. The instant pop up tent even has a small awning so you can sit outside and watch the kids play or have a few drinks with friends.

This Coleman 6 person tent has a large front door as well as windows on each side with roll up rear flaps for ventilation. You’ll be well protected from the elements with features including inverted seams for added water resistance, strong and flexible frame, a weather resistant zipper cuff, waterproof polyethylene floor and full coverage rainfly.

The best thing about the Silver Series Instant Up 6 man tent? You’ll literally have your tent up in around two minutes so you can get on with enjoying your time in the great outdoors.  For the best pop up tents Australia has you can’t go past this Coleman tent.

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Weisshorn Instant Up Camping Tent 4 Person Review

If you’re looking for a good medium sized family tent, the Weisshorn Instant-Up is a good option to consider. 

This 4 man pop up tent has a generous porch space/shade awning for you to enjoy sitting outside while being sheltered from the sun (or rain). It’s a great tent for weekend trips or getaways – and best of all you can assemble it in just 1 minute with its popup design! 

Read any Weisshorn tent review and you see that the tent is easy to assemble and comes with a sturdy steel pole construction. There are guy ropes and pegs provided too, so you don’t need to worry about extra accessories to secure your tent well. 

This Weisshorn 4 person pop tent comes with a host of quality features, including a tough waterproof and UV resistant coating (PU3000), sewn in waterproof groundsheet and lots of ventilation through the double layer or windows and doors that you can leave open. You can even remove the flysheet at night in good weather if you fancy a bit of stargazing.  

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Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent 2-4 Person Review

Another instant tent which is ideal for if you’re looking for a small camping tent is this versatile and durable camping tent from Night Cat. 

This camping tent is recommended for 2-4 people, but it’s not a huge tent, so I recommend using this tent just as a 2 man tent if you want more space and are taller / have more stuff if it’s 3 small people that would work too. 4 people would be a squeeze and you’d likely be better off with some of the other options listed in this camping tent guide. 

The umbrella-like hydraulic-pressure mechanism makes this one of the easiest tent to set up Australia has.  You’ll have this tent up in under 2 minutes. The easy camp tent is made from high quality fabrics and is fully waterproof and windproof, so it’s perfect if you’re not sure what weather conditions you’ll encounter and need an all-weather tent. 

These lightweight waterproof tents feature a double-layer design and can fit a queen or king air mattress inside, or 3 sleeping bags side by side. There’s also a separate tarp included for extra protection and to prolong the life of your tent. The fly can be used separately for fishing or as a shelter. 

If you’re after a small festival tent or car camping tent, the Night Cat tent is a great option.

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Best Family Camping Tents Australia

Kathmandu Retreat 280 5 Person 3 Room Camping Dome Tent Review

Another one of the great Australian tent brands is Kathmandu and if you’re after large tents for sale with multiple rooms and flexible inside space for your family, then you may love this Kathmandu Retreat tent.

This Kathmandu 5 person tent is one of the big tents for sale.  It includes 3 inside rooms, with a fully controllable Ventus cooling system with adjustable inner vents throughout the tent.

Built for durability with high quality fibre-glass poles, this double-layer tent includes a waterproof treated breathable inner layer and waterproof seam-treated flysheet. Other features of this waterproof tent include reflective strips on guy ropes, a star gazing window, solar charging ceiling pocket and front and side awning doors that can be held up with poles to make a porch.

These family size tents are made from polyester taffeta with a tarpaulin groundsheet. It has been treated to be UV resistant up to UPF 50 as well as a 3000PV rain coating treatment.

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Oztrail Bungalow Dome Family 9 Person Man Tent Review

Next to Coleman, Oztrail is another top brand that makes great quality tents perfect for families and, if you’re after large family size tents, the Bungalow Dome tent is well worth considering.

This 9 man tent is a cabin-style tent which comes with 3 spacious rooms. The rooms are separated by inner mesh walls which help to increase ventilation. Families can use the rooms as separate bedrooms, living rooms or just an area to store equipment.

This Oztrail 3 room tent comes with a portico pole frame making for not only a quick set up but also improved stability. The fly offers protection from UV rays as well as being waterproof and the heavy-duty bucket floor creates elevated floor seams to ensure moisture and water stay out.

Other features of this waterproof camping tent include three oversized doors, mesh windows, large front, side and rear awnings, power cord access port, light attachment point, two interior storage pockets, and a lantern hook.

For families wanting the best tent for camping with lots of space and individual rooms for extra privacy, the Oztrail Bungalow Dome is a great tent to consider.

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Coleman Ridgeline Adventure Dome Tent 3 Person Review

If you’re looking for a lightweight hiking tent, then you’ll definitely want to consider this model from Coleman. 

As hiking and backpacking lightweight tents tend to be on the smaller side, I suggest getting a 3 person backpacking tent if you’re looking for something with a little extra space for 2 people. Fitting 3 may be a bit tight and not the most comfortable idea, especially for longer hiking camping trips. 

Perfect if you’re looking for a lightweight, simple tent, this model features lightweight aluminium poles, v stakes and a double layer construction. The inner is made from ultra fine mesh and can be used alone in warmer, dry climates. The outer fly is waterproof tested up to 3000mm and the tent is suitable for 3 season use. 

This tent packs down small and is light to carry; it also comes with a 1 year full Coleman guarantee.

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More Of The Best Tents Australia

Cedar Ridge Granite Falls 2-Person Tent Review

If you’re looking for cheap small tents perfect for 1 to 2 people, then you may well like this model from Cedar Ridge.   It’s perfect for the odd night away or even as a kids camping tent.

With a free-standing 2 pole design, this tent is easy to put together with its shock-corded fibreglass poles. There are two windows for ventilation in the inner layer (the tent is a double layer construction) and the vestibule/porch area is handy for storing a backpack or extra kit. 

This best 2 person tent Australia has, features a bathtub style floor with storage pockets for electronics as well as a gear loft, and steel stakes and guy ropes are provided. The fly is made from polyester and has been treated to be UV resistant. 

If you’re looking for a 2 person hiking tent and don’t mind just having one door/vestibule, then this is a great option to consider. However for longer hikes or backpacking trips with 2 people I recommend investing in a higher end option with doors on either side as it’ll avoid having to climb out over each other in the night.

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Naturehike Cloud-Up 3 person 4-Season Waterproof Tent Review

Naturehike Cloud-Up 3 person 4-Season Waterproof Tent

If you’re after a super lightweight tent that you pop in the back of the car for those impromptu weekends away or even something that’s perfect for backpacking, you’ll just love the Naturehike Cloud-Up tent.

At a tiny 2.6 kilograms, this tent is ultra lightweight! Yet despite being so light, it contains all the features you’d expect from a great quality tent.

The Naturehike Cloud-Up tent is made from waterproof polyester and fully taped silicon coated seams to ensure you keep dry, as well as lightweight durable aluminium poles. Other features include a small interior storage pocket and lamp hook.

While technically a 3 man tent, for those that prefer a little space this tent is best suited as a 2 person camping tent or even a 1 person tent. You’ll easily be able to carry this tent while on a multi day hike or even for people that just like a basic camp set up – the Naturehike Cloud-Up is the ideal tent.

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Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent Review

Coleman Sundome 6 Person Tent

If you’re after small tents for sale, which are also lightweight and quick to set up, this Coleman Sun Dome tent is well worth considering. This is a small tent six person tent (better suited as a four person tent), which is great if you’re just looking for somewhere to sleep, given you’ll be spending all your time outside anyway.

This tent includes all the standard Coleman features to ensure you’re well protected. The tent includes inverted seams for added water resistance, strong and flexible frame, a weather resistant zipper cuff, waterproof polyethylene floor and partial coverage rainfly.

This tent includes darkroom technology to block out 90% of the sunlight, which is great for those who want to sleep in. Other features include two large windows, reflective guylines for greater visibility at night, electrical port, a ground vent for air circulation and two built-in storage pockets.

Weighing just 10 kilograms and with a quick and easy 10 minute set up time, this is the perfect tent for a spur of the moment weekend away or those just looking for a basic sleeping tent set up. The Coleman Sundome also comes in two, three or four person tent options.

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Zomake Waterproof Automatic Camping Tent 2-3 Person Review

ZOMAKE Waterproof Automatic Camping Tent

The Zomake tent is another great option for those looking for a two person tent or a one person tent. Plus with an average set up time of just 30 seconds, with this tent you’ll be spending more time relaxing in the great outdoors.

This tent comes with a hydraulic spring frame, which literally allows you to put the tent up in 30 seconds. The tent is a super versatile too. Basically being two separate tents – the outside tent sits over the inside tent and can even be used on its own as a sunshade.

The tent is made from a polyester fabric which is both windproof and waterproof, while the inner tent is made from breathable mesh for increased ventilation. Other features include two zippered mesh windows at the front and back, a lantern hook, interior storage pockets, and fibreglass poles. Plus, it weighs just 4.5 kilograms making it super lightweight too.

If you’re after a great small tent which you’ll have set up pretty much as soon as you get it out of the car – the Zomake is well worth considering.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best tents. Also read our guides on the best family tents, best beach tent, best swag, best camping mattress here and best sleeping bags. Find all our guides to the best camping gear here.

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