Australian Guide To Choosing The Best Rice Cooker 2021

After recently purchasing one of the top rice cookers, I have seriously been transferred into a home chef who cooks perfect rice every time! It makes meal times so much easier too as the rice basically cooks itself and the kids absolutely love it too!

I was super surprised how many different rice cookers were on the market though, making the task of looking to buy rice cooker far from straightforward. From top end to a cheap rice cooker and every price point in between, it can be a bit tricky working out which are the best rice cooker brands.

I have put all my research on rice cookers in this best rice cooker reviews Australia guide, so other Australian families can choose the best rice cooker for them.

This rice cooker buying guide takes you through all the various features you need to consider when purchasing a rice cooker and I have also included a handy rice cooker comparison chart so you can easily see the features of different rice cookers side by side.

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Regardless of whether you are after a 5 cup rice cooker or a 10 cup rice cooker, a rice cooker with timer, a ceramic rice cooker Australia, a digital rice cooker or just a good quality, basic, non stick rice cooker, this guide will help you purchase one of the best rice cookers on the market for you.

In this rice cooker review Australia guide, I’ll cover my favourite rice cooker product review options, what to look for when buying one, and all my favourite rice cooker tips. Let’s get started!

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Compare Rice Cookers: Best Rice Cooker Australia 2021

The following comparison chart compares the capacity, rating and price of the rice cooker best choices in 2021 – use it to find the best value rice cooker for you. Below, there are full rice cookers reviews of each option.

Breville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box CookerBreville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box Cooker10 cups4.5Check
Philips Grain Master HD4514/72Philips-Grain-Master-766x102417 cups (4L)4.5Check
Tefal RK900 Smart Rice Cooker and Grain MulticookerTefal RK900 Smart Rice Cooker and Grain Multicooker17 cups (4L)3.0Check
Tiger JBV-A10U-W Micom Rice CookerTiger JBV-A10U-W Micom Rice Cooker5.5 cups4.5Check
Breville BRC550SIL The Multi Grains Rice CookerBreville BRC550SIL The Multi Grains Rice Cooker10 cups4.0Check
Sunbeam Rice Perfect 7 Deluxe JarSunbeam Rice Perfect 7 Deluxe Jar14 cups4.0Check
Tefal Rice Cooker & Multicooker RK812Tefal Rice Cooker & Multicooker RK81210 cups4.5Check
Russell Hobbs 10 Cup Family Rice CookerRussell Hobbs 10 Cup Family Rice Cooker10 cups4.5Check
Panasonic SR-CN188WST Rice CookerPanasonic SR-CN188WST Rice Cooker10 cups4.0Check
Black & Decker RCD514 Digital Rice CookerBlack & Decker RCD514 Digital Rice Cooker14 cups4.5Check
Kambrook Rice Express 5 Cup Rice CookerKambrook Rice Express 5 Cup Rice Cooker5 cups3.5Check
TODO 1.2L Rice Cooker 6 Cup CapacityTODO 1.2L Rice Cooker6 cups4.0Check
Panasonic SR-DF181WST 10 Cup Rice CookerPanasonic SR-DF181WST 10 Cup Rice Cooker10 cups4.0Check
Aroma Housewares Professional Rice CookerAroma Housewares Professional 6 Cup Rice Cooker6 cups4.5Check

Top 10 Best Rice Cookers Australia 2021

Handy reference list of our top rice cookers 2021 – see all rice cooker reviews below!

  • Breville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box Cooker, 10 cups
  • Philips Grain Master HD4514/72, 17 cups (4 Litres)
  • Tefal RK900 Smart Rice Cooker and Grain Multicooker, 17 cups (4 Litres)
  • Tiger JBV-A10U-W Micom Rice Cooker, 5.5 cups
  • Breville BRC550SIL The Multi Grains Rice Cooker, 10 cups
  • Sunbeam Rice Perfect 7 Deluxe Jar, 14 cups
  • Tefal Rice Cooker & Multicooker RK812, 10 cups
  • Russell Hobbs Family Rice Cooker, 10 cups
  • Panasonic SR-CN188WST Rice Cooker, 10 cups
  • Black & Decker RCD514 Rice Cooker, 14 cups

Why Buy Top Rice Cookers?

If you love eating rice, having a rice cooker is essential. Not only will you have perfect rice every time, but a rice cooker will save you so much time in the kitchen too. Unlike cooking rice on the stove, a rice cooker cooks the rice for you, so you can get on with other jobs in the kitchen like chopping and dicing or perhaps helping the kids with their homework.

Rice cookers generally consist of four different parts: the cookers main outer body, the inner cooking pan, a heating place at the bottom of the main outer body and a thermal sensing device in the centre of the heating element. All four components work together to cook the rice automatically.

To cook rice in a rice cooker, simply place the water and rice in the inner cooking pan, put this into the main rice cooker and plug in and turn on the cooker. However, the exact way it does this depends on the type of rice cooker you purchase.

If you’re wondering where to buy rice cooker, the good news is it’s easy to buy one online, and we include links to online stores for each rice cooker review in this guide!

How To Find The Best Rice Cooker 2021

best rice cooker


Conventional / On-Off Rice Cookers

The simplest type of rice cooker is the conventional / on-off rice cooker. The heat plate brings the water to the boil and once all the water is absorbed, the rice cooker turns the heater off automatically.


  • Inexpensive
  • Simple to operate


  • Room for human error
  • Can make inconsistent quality rice

Induction Cooking

An Induction heating rice cooker uses advanced heating technology, where the entire pan is heated up through induction, instead of just the heating pan at the bottom like a traditional rice cooker. This ensures the rice is heated and cooked evenly. In the best induction rice cooker Australia has, rice is cooked a lot quicker than in conventional rice cookers.


  • Multi function rice cooker
  • Flawless rice every time


  • Expensive
  • Uses more energy

Fuzzy Logic

A fuzzy logic rice cooker, also known as a Micom rice cooker, has a microchip in the base of the cooker and basically makes rice just like a real cook would do and is one of the best smart rice cooker options.

Unlike the conventional rice cooker that reaches a certain temperature and then turns off, a fuzzy logic rice cooker Australia is a smart rice cooker in that it is able to make small adjustments in temperature and cooking time as the rice is heated to ensure absolutely flawless rice every time.


  • Flawless rice every time
  • Multi functional


  • Expensive


best rice cooker

Generally rice cookers are measured by the cup, although you may see rice cookers capacity in both litres and cups. Rice cookers range from a small rice cooker at 3 cups to a large rice cooker at around 10-14 cups. It’s also possible to find mini rice cooker Australia options.

In order to determine what size is perfect for you, consider how many people you will be cooking rice for at any given time. As a general rule, 3 cups will be suitable for up to 3 people; 5 cups up to 5 people and 10 cups up to 10 people.

Easy Maintenance

You also want your rice cooker to be super easy to clean. For easy maintenance, look for a rice cooker with a removable non-stick pan as well as removable lids.

Cost & Durability

Rice cooker price can vary significantly depending upon the type of rice cooker you purchase. You can easily purchase a cheap rice cooker that will do the job and last for years. However, if you want to purchase a top quality stainless steel rice cooker that will not only cook flawless rice every single time but will also perform a range of functions and last for years, then it may be worth a bigger investment.

Extra Features

best rice cooker

Rice cookers can simply cook rice or perform a variety of other functions. You can get a good quality rice cooker with steamer to steam vegetables or even a rice cooker that can make soups. Other features may include reheating, delayed timer, preset cooking, digital timer and multigrain cooking so you can get the best rice cooker for brown rice as well as white rice. Often more features mean a more expensive rice cooker, but it can also save you even more time in the kitchen.

Top 10 Rice Cooker Reviews Australia 2021

Let’s dive in to our top 10 rice cookers for 2021!

Breville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box Cooker Review

Breville LRC480WHT The Smart Rice Box Cooker

Our Breville Smart Rice Box review found one of the Breville rice cookers for families that not only want to save time in the kitchen but have consistent perfectly cooked rice on every occasion.

This Breville rice cooker steamer would suit a large family as it has the capacity to make up to 10 cups of rice. Not only does it cook rice but with its 8 preset cooking function, you can make soup, porridge, even a cake! It also cooks a range of grains beautifully including white rice, brown rice and sticky/sushi rice too.

With this Breville fuzzy logic rice cooker, you will never have to worry about gluggy rice again as this rice cooker uses fuzzy logic technology to automatically adjust the cooking temperature throughout the various stages of the cooking process for absolutely flawless rice.

The carry handle makes it handy to bring the rice cooker to the table. Other features include an anodised ceramic coated cooking bowl, preset timer, LED display, automatic keep warm function, easy to open lid and it comes with a BPA free steaming tray, serving spoon, serving ladle and measuring cup.

For a fuzzy logic rice cooker, this particular model offers fantastic value for money and is the perfect choice for a large family. Our Breville LRC480WHT review found one of the best choices for a rice cooker in Australia.

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Philips Grain Master HD4514/72 Review

Philips Grain Master

Yet another practical and convenient good rice cooker is the Grain Master rice cooker Philips makes, particularly with its 24 hour present timer – it’s constantly suggested as one of the best Philips rice cookers.

If you’re the sort of family that likes to get dinner prepared in the morning, you will love being able to program this rice cooker before you leave for work. It also comes with a handy 8 different programs so you can cook various grains, lentils, quinoa and porridge.

As this is a Philips fuzzy logic rice cooker review, the rice is automatically cooked at the optimal temperature during 6 different cooking stages. This ensures that every single bit of rice is cooked evenly for a excellent consistency.

Included with this Philips rice cooker is a recipe book. Other features include a 5 layer crystal, black, easy to clean pan and the ability to keep rice warm for up to 12 hours with the keep warm function.

If you want beautifully cooked rice the minute you walk through the door after work, you will love the Philips Grain Master rice cooker. It’s one of the top contenders for the title of best electric rice cooker as well as Philips rice cooker review top picks.

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Tefal RK900 Smart Rice Cooker and Grain Multicooker Review

Tefal RK900 Smart Rice Cooker and Grain Multicooker

This Tefal rice cooker review found one perfect for the health conscious home cook with exclusive technology to ensure healthier more nutritious cooking whilst being able to cook to your preferred texture.

With over 80 different cooking programs, this 4 litre cooker offers the versatility a home cook needs. With the My Recipe mode, you can save your 5 favourite recipes. You’ll love the ability to cook multiple different types of grains, rice, lentils, beans, chick peas, baby porridge and the added option of cooking them to 4 different textures.

With 3D Heating to ensure even cooking and the automatic keep warm function, your rice will always be at the perfect temperature when you’re ready to eat. A delay start option by up to 24 hours also makes this perfect to have your meal ready when you need.

With an accessory kit including recipe book, dishwasher safe inner bowl, grain spoon, measuring cups, steamer basket and a soaking basket, you will have everything you need.

This cooker is the perfect all rounder and would suit families, the health conscious and busy home cooks. It’s on the more expensive end of the scale, but it is well worth the money with the array of functions and uses.

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Tiger JBV-A10U-W Micom Rice Cooker Review

Tiger JBV-A10U-W Micom Rice Cooker

This is a Tiger rice cooker Australian families are just going to love. With a 5.5 cup capacity and an easy to clean non stick coating inner pan, this is perfect for busy families. It’s also our top pick for the best small rice cooker Australia offers.

With a one push operation and the ability to cook main dishes in the cooker at the same time, this Tiger 5 cup rice cooker is perfect for anyone time poor. 4 cooking settings allow you the convenience to also slow cook, steam and cook brown rice and the keep warm function will have your meal ready for when you are. Also included is a non stick spatula, cooking plate, measuring cup and cookbook for the multi-cook function.

Read any Tiger rice cooker review, and you’ll note people saying this is the best rice cooker they have ever used. Particularly a lot of self confessed daily rice eaters swear by this rice cooker, especially for the taste quality.

This brown rice cooker is definitely worth the investment, especially for busy families who are time poor or those rice lovers who need something that will last. If you’re looking to buy tiger rice cooker you’ll definitely want to read more reviews with the link below!

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Breville BRC550SIL The Multi Grains Rice Cooker Review

Breville BRC550SIL The Multi Grains Rice Cooker

This Breville rice cooker review found an option that is perfect for those on a budget but want the convenience of perfectly cooked rice and other grains.

With the option to cook stir free risotto, fluffy quinoa, creamy oats, quinoa porridge, lentils and steam all in the same bowl; this is definitely more than just a rice cooker. Also with a sauté/sear setting it allows you to caramelise and brown before cooking for that perfect meal.

With a huge 10 cup capacity and automatic keep warm setting, this Breville 10 cup rice cooker is perfect for a family or those who like to meal prep.

If you are on a tight budget, and want a cooker with a few options and good Breville rice cooker reviews, then the Breville rice cooker and steamer is perfect for you.

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Sunbeam Rice Perfect 7 Deluxe Jar Review – Best Cheap Rice Cooker Australia

Sunbeam Rice Perfect 7 Deluxe Jar

If you’re looking for the cheapest rice cooker then this is one of the best cheap rice cookers.

The good news is that it is also a multi function rice cooker. With the option to not only have perfectly cooked rice every time but also the inclusion of a steamer basket makes it ideal to steam fish, poultry and vegetables.

This Sunbeam rice cooker makes up to 14 cups of perfectly cooked fluffy rice and also has a removable non stick cooking pan and built in handle on the lid for easy carrying.

With an automatic keep warm function until the rice is ready to be served and easy to remove and clean parts, this is perfect for those wanting a no fuss cooker. It also comes with a removable cord for easy storage.

This rice cooker is available in black or silver and includes a steamer tray, measuring cup, serving spoon and instruction/recipe booklet.

This is a great place to start if you are new to rice cookers and would like the best budget rice cooker. This has everything you need for getting started.

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Tefal Rice Cooker & Multicooker RK812 Review

Tefal Rice Cooker & Multicooker RK812

Perfect for those home cooks who like to practice their culinary skills, the Tefal rice cooker will become your favourite appliance.

The Tefal fuzzy logic rice cooker has 45 different cooking programs to allow you the versatility to cook all your favourite dishes whilst enabling you to take control to customise dishes to your liking.

The DIY chef function allows you to adjust temperature, cooking time and cooking programs to customise and memorise your own recipes. The unique spherical bowl technology allows for ideal heat circulation whilst the lid allows you to see what you are cooking the whole way through.

This Tefal 10 cup rice cooker can cook up to 10 cups of rice in the non stick spherical bowl. You’ll love how all removable parts are dishwasher safe for ease of cleaning and the included accessories are a steam basket, rice spoon, soup spoon, measuring cup and recipe book.

If you love spending time in the kitchen then this cooker will become your best friend. With a great medium price point and the ability to customise to your cooking needs, this is perfect for the home cook.

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Russell Hobbs 10 Cup Family Rice Cooker Review

Russell Hobbs 10 Cup Family Rice Cooker

For the budget conscious or large family, the Russell Hobbs rice cooker has a huge 10 cup capacity with the ability to cook up to 20 cups of rice, this is perfect for those who need to cook in large quantities but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Our Russell Hobbs rice cooker review found a good style locking lid to seal the steam inside so you will have perfectly cooked, fluffy rice every time, whilst the automatic cook and keep warm function means the rice will be ready when the family is. There is also a steam basket so you can prepare other food simultaneously.

The non-stick cooking pot makes for easy cleaning and the stylish stainless steel finish completes the look. Also included is a detachable power cord and condensation collector for easy storage and a measuring cup and spoon.

Perfect to give back any family some much needed time and to keep well within a budget, this stainless rice cooker will be a great addition to any family kitchen.

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Panasonic SR-CN188WST Rice Cooker Review

Panasonic SR-CN188WST Rice Cooker

When it comes to size, this Panasonic rice cooker 10 cup capacity is big enough to feed the largest family. With a preset timer and a keep warm function, this cooker provides all the functionality a busy family needs.

The Panasonic rice cooker features the latest technology with 16 different programs and the ability to cook multiple grains such as all your different types of rice, porridge as well as the option to cook soups, slow cook and also steam.

Read any Panasonic rice cooker review and you’ll note customers saying this product is very easy to use with a one button operation, easy to clean and cooks perfect fluffy rice with no crust or sticking to the pan.

If you’re a busy family and in need of some help in the kitchen, this rice cooker will allow you to cook enough to feed even the largest of families with the flexibility to cook multiple things.

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Black & Decker RCD514 Digital Rice Cooker Review

Black & Decker RCD514 Digital Rice Cooker

With a large 14 cup capacity, this Black and Decker rice cooker is perfect if you are looking for a big rice cooker. Being one of the largest on the market, this Black and Decker rice cooker Australia is perfect if you have a lot of people to feed or like meal planning.

Programmed controls provide consistently delicious results every time and the automatic keep warm function will ensure your rice stays ready to eat when you are. The 5 preset functions: white rice, brown rice, steam, slow cooker and warm means your cooker can be as versatile as you are.

Added functions of a built in lid holder makes serving a breeze and the removable non-stick dishwasher safe bowl is great for ease of cleaning.

If you are looking for more than just a rice cooker, one that can make large quantities and offers versatility then the Black and Decker will be perfect to give you back some more spare time.

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More Rice Cooker Reviews 2021

Kambrook Rice Express 5 Cup Rice Cooker Review

Kambrook Rice Express 5 Cup Rice Cooker

This Kambrook Rice Cooker review has a smaller 5 cup capacity making it a great for couples or smaller families.

With the basic but efficient Kambrook Rice Cooker you can achieve light, fluffy rice every single time. No frills or fancy extra features here just a great rice cooker that does exactly what you need and doesn’t cost the earth either.

Simply measure and rinse your rice, load it into the non-stick, removable dish secure the lid and press the button to go. Once cooked, the machine will switch itself to keep warm mode, ensuring your rice is ready and waiting when you need it.

This Kambrook machine is an affordable option for those smaller families who just want something that is simple and easy to use while also getting the best 5 cup rice cooker for a great price.

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TODO 1.2L Rice Cooker 6 Cup Capacity Review

TODO 1.2L Rice Cooker

Those looking for something a little more sleek and modern to have on their kitchen counter should take a look at this 1.2 litre rice cooker from Todo.

This 6 cup capacity rice cooker is perfect for smaller families and comes in a futuristic white design that will have people wondering what the hell that is on your counter. The non-stick pan is easy and quick to clean and the keep warm function automatically kicks in once the rice is cooked.

This machine is particularly ideal if you want a portable rice cooker to use in a range of different locations thanks to its easy carry, twist-lock lid which doubles as a handle.

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Panasonic SR-DF181WST 10 Cup Rice Cooker Review

Panasonic SR-DF181WST 10 Cup Rice Cooker

If you’re looking for the best 10 cup rice cooker, you’ll definitely want to check out this rice cooker from Panasonic. With plenty of capacity for rice for whole family (+guests!), it cooks 10 cups of uncooked rice, providing around 20 cups of rice once cooked.

This Panasonic rice cooker features fuzzy logic for the very best in perfect fluffy rice, cooked to perfection each time. There are four different programs for cooking white or brown rice, porridge/soup or reheat. It’s super easy to use with one touch operation, and comes with a non-stick pan for easy washing. There’s also a 5 hour keep warm feature.

If you’re looking for the best Panasonic rice cooker Australia has, and need a cooker with a large capacity – this rice cooker may be just the one for you!

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Aroma Housewares Professional 6 Cup Rice Cooker Review

Aroma Housewares Professional 6 Cup Rice Cooker

Last but not least in this rice cooker ranking, if you’re looking for the best rice cooker with timer and lots of additional features such as a food steamer and slow cooker, with a stainless steel pot, this model from Aroma Housewares is well worth a look.

It’s incredibly versatile, with lots of different meal options for cooking rice, steaming veggies, making soups and more. You can even make sweet tarts, cakes and yoghurts using the slow cooker settings! It also features patented saute-then-simmer technology.

There are easy to use, programmable digital controls including a low slow cook setting and separate cake mode. So, if you’re looking for a rice cooker that really does a lot more – why not have a look at this Aroma Housewares 6 cup cooker?

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I hope this article answered what is the best rice cooker for you. For more home essentials, read about the best bread maker, best espresso machine or check out our other buying guides here.

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