Ultimate Guide To The Best Portacot Australia 2021

Finding the best portacot, Australia 2021 can feel overwhelming – it’s hard to know which product is perfect for you and your baby when there’s such a range of different types, styles, material, and prices. This guide will talk you through all the portacot types and features so that you can make an informed choice and find the best portacot to buy.

The best portacot 2021 should look great, not be too heavy, be sturdy, durable, comfy, and most importantly, safe. The problem is that if you type “buy portacot in Australia,” you’ll be given so many thousands of results that you might not know where to start. Read this guide and you’ll be well on your way to find the best travel cot Australia has to offer.

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I’ve written travel cot reviews for the top 10 portacots that are available on the web so that you don’t have to trawl the internet for hours. Whether you’re looking for a small portacot, extra large portacot or just a cheap portacot, this guide will ensure you find the best portable cot for your needs.

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Compare The Top 10 Best Portacot Australia 2021

NameImageTypeWeight (kg)RatingsPrice
Baby Bjorn Travel CotBaby Bjorn Travel CotSmall, Travel55.0Check
Phil and Teds Traveller Travel CotPhil and Teds Traveller Travel CotSmall, Travel2.84.5Check
Childcare Outta Lightweight Portable Travel CotChildcare Outta Lightweight Portable Travel CotSmall, Travel44.0Check
Vee Bee Amado PortacotVee Bee Amado PortacotSmall, Travel3.94.5Check
Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy Portacot Travel CotRoger Armstrong Sleep Easy Portacot Travel CotSmall, Travel84.0Check
Bebecare In & Out Lightweight Travel CotBebecare In & Out Lightweight Travel CotSmall, Travel7.64.0Check
Love N Care Playland Travel CotLove N Care Playland Travel CotSmall, Travel9.64.0Check
Star Kidz Amico Plus Light Travel CotStar Kidz Amico Plus Light Travel CotSmall, Travel5.24.5Check
Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard Travel CotIngenuity Smart and Simple Playard Travel CotBig, Standard94.5Check
Childcare Trio 3 in 1 Travel CotChildcare Trio 3 in 1 Travel CotBig, Standard13.54.5Check

Top 10 Best Portacots 2021 Australia

Handy reference list of the best travel cot Australia offers – see all full portacot reviews below!

  • Baby Bjorn Travel Cot, Small/Travel
  • Phil and Teds Traveller Travel Cot, Small/Travel
  • Childcare Outta Lightweight Portable Travel Cot, Small/Travel
  • Vee Bee Amado Portacot, Small/Travel
  • Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy Portacot Travel Cot, Small/Travel
  • Bebecare In & Out Lightweight Travel Cot, Small/Travel
  • Love N Care Playland Travel Cot, Small/Travel
  • Star Kidz Amico Plus Light Travel Cot, Small/Travel
  • Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard Travel Cot, Big/Standard
  • Childcare Trio 3 in 1 Travel Cot, Big/Standard

Standard Cot Vs Portacot

What exactly is the difference between a standard cot and a portacot and why should you consider getting the best portacot for travel, rather than just bringing your standard cot?

  • A standard cot is usually heavy, while a portacot is much lighter. When it comes to travelling, a portacot is definitely better than a standard cot – nobody wants to be lugging around a great big and heavy standard cot.
  • A portacot can be easily stored and carried because it’s designed to pack down compactly – take them along in the car or even on planes. A standard cot, on the other hand, may not fold down at all and be difficult to pack in the car (forget about taking it on the plane).
  • The mattress of a portacot is typically removable vs a standard cot mattress which may not be. This allows you to pack it down more compactly.
  • Standard cots are designed for everyday use whereas a portacot can only be used on a temporary basis. This is because the mattress of a portacot isn’t suitable for long term use – think of it as how you wouldn’t sleep on a camp bed every night when at home.

Choosing The Best Travel Portacot 2021

best portacot

The best travel cot for babies should have a number of qualities such as being lightweight etc. Bear in mind, the best product for your needs might not be the best product for another mum or dad. Here are some quick tips on how to choose the perfect portacot for your baby.


The two most common types of portacot include standard sized portacots and travel cots. They’re quite similar and you may find that some brands refer to them interchangeably but there are some key differences.

Standard Sized Portacot

Standard sized portacots are usually bulkier than travel cots because they are sized to ordinary home cots and are essentially large travel cots.


  • Suitable for trips where you’re travelling in the car, and for destinations where space is not an issue, for example when visiting relatives.
  • Often includes bassinets and changing tables, so your baby can be protected from bright lights and insects.
  • Full sized — baby has plenty of room to stretch out and they can be comfier than portacots.


  • Bulkier — may not be suitable for plane travel.
  • Heavier.
  • May take a bit of time to set up.

Travel Cot

A travel cot is smaller, lighter, and more compact. The smallest travel cots are very easy to transport from one place to the next, as you would expect.


  • Lightweight — made for flights and road trips where space is an issue.
  • A small travel cot is very easy to set up and very convenient to store.


  • Does not come with extra features like bassinets and changing tables.
  • Smaller — baby has less room and they will outgrow them quicker.

Size, Child Age, and Capacity

The size the cot is really important to think about — how long will your child be able to use it for? If you get a very small one, they will outgrow it quicker than if you get a bigger one where there’s room to grow. You’ll need a large portacot if you’re looking for the best travel cot for toddler aged kids. For newborns, and if space is a big concern, you might want to consider a small one, since this will fold down more compactly.

Always make sure your child’s weight doesn’t exceed the maximum weight limit as this will be unsafe. In each review of the following products, we’ve made sure to include the dimensions of each product, so you can choose the best suited one for your baby.

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Weight And Portability

When it comes to travelling, the lighter the better — the best lightweight travel portacot takes a load off (literally) of your journey. If you’ll only be carrying it to and from the car, then weight isn’t such a big concern. However, if you’ll be carrying it through airports, on trains, and across cities, then think carefully about the product’s weight.

Most travel cots nowadays are built with portability in mind, so they often come with a travel bag to transport the cot which can be a great help too.

Quick Assembly And Storage

One of the best things about travel cots is that they’re often easy and quick to assemble and put away. Being away from home with a baby can be stressful, so an easy to set up cot is definitely the best travel cot for newborn babies.

Durability And Safety

You’ll of course want to choose a product that is durable and is going to last you. Portacots tend to last longer because they are designed more sturdily. Travel cots may not last as long — this is a trade-off for being more lightweight. Always replace the cot when it becomes damaged.

Safety is likely at the forefront of your mind when deciding which travel cot to buy. All cots, including travel cots, sold in Australia must pass very strict regulations, so they are generally very safe. Always check that the cot you buy has been certified safe – check for the appropriate tags on the product.

It’s strongly recommended that you use the mattress that comes with the cot. If it doesn’t come with one, or you need to buy a replacement, ensure the mattress fits exactly in the cot – an ill fitting mattress can be dangerous. The mattress should also be firm so that it doesn’t mould to their face — this can interfere with their breathing (SIDS). Read more about safety when using a travel cot.

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Inclusions And Accessories

Some cots may come with additional great features that can make your trip go smoother and make baby’s time in the cot even more comfortable.

  • Mattress and Sheets – Cots that come with their own mattresses and sheets will be the perfect fit — you don’t need to spend time looking for the correctly sized sheets and mattress.
  • Portable Changer – Some cots have a changer that fits on top of the cot. Place your baby on the changer and they’re at the perfect height for nappy changes. No more needing to use sometimes unhygienic public changers.
  • Pockets – Some cots come with pockets that hang on the edge of the cot. These are great to have to keep all baby related items organised.
  • Bassinet – A portacot with a bassinet provides you with another place to rest your newborn that’s at waist height — a nice feature for daytime naps.
  • Rocker or Wheels – Wheels make things more convenient when moving baby around the house you’re staying at. They should include stoppers too, so the cot can’t move on its own.

Best Travel Cots Reviews Australia 2021

Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Review

Baby Bjorn Travel Cot

This Bjorn cot is intended for newborn babies up to three years old. A comfy mattress is included along with a soft cotton sheet. The walls are made with mesh so that you can always see your baby as they sleep and allow them to look out. You can set it up so easily, with just one move to get it ready.

A great feature of this cot is the ability to machine wash the fabrics — the cot fabric on warm/40C and the mattress cover on hot/60C. Assembled, the cot measures 82 x 112 x 64cm and when packed down into the provided travel bag, just 49 x 60 x 14 cm. It weighs only 6kg. Be sure to compare on eBay to get the Baby Bjorn portacot best price and also to read another Baby Bjorn portacot review from happy mums and dads.

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Phil and Teds Traveller Travel Cot Review

Phil and Teds Traveller Travel Cot

You can buy Phil And Teds traveller portacot if you’re looking for babies under two years. It comes with a mattress as well as a polyester sheet. The frame is made with aluminium and the mesh sides are built for breathability and for you to watch over your baby. Assembly only takes 2 minutes of your time.

The fabrics can be sponge cleaned with warm water using a mild natural soap, but it’s not advisable to machine wash or use detergents. It measures 117 x 79 x 63 cm when assembled and folds down really compactly to 65 x 20 x 20 cm when stored in the included travel bag. It only weighs 2.8kg.

The mattress is built to be firm in order to prevent SIDS. Be sure to check out the Phil And Teds traveller portacot price (very reasonable) as well as read another Phil And Teds portacot review on eBay.

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Childcare Outta Lightweight Portable Travel Cot Review

Childcare Outta Lightweight Portable Travel Cot

We just had to include this Childcare portacot review on our list. This cot is suitable for babies under two years old or up to 13kg. The included mattress has a built in base so your child can always sleep securely. The polyester mesh allows you to see baby while sleeping. It’s quick and easy to set up and store.

This cot measures 110.2 x 82.5 x 64 cm when assembled and 52 x 85.8 x 22.5 cm when folded in the handy travel bag. It weighs just 3.9kg.

You may want to read a Childcare skipper portacot review, Childcare aero portacot review and Childcare avion portacot review and compare the different Childcare portacot prices – these are all slightly different variations of this portable travel cot, so be sure to research well and make the best decision for your baby!

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Vee Bee Amado Portacot Review

Vee Bee Amado Portacot

This cot is for babies up to two years old or for children at a max height of 89 cm. It comes with a comfy mattress that is built specifically for this cot. The mesh allows breathability and visibility. The aluminium frame is built to last, and it’s extremely easy to set up and store.

The fabrics are easy to remove and fully washable. It measures 110 x 78 x 66 cm when standing and 58 x 17 x 47 cm when folded into the carry bag. This is one of the smallest portacot models you will find — very compact! Super light at just 3.9kg. This one is a superb choice for travelling.

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Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy Portacot Travel Cot Review

Roger Armstrong Sleep Easy Portacot Travel Cot

We couldn’t leave off this Roger Armstrong portacot review. This cot is for babies under 15 kg or up to two years old. It comes with a soft padded mattress and the mesh sides provide great ventilation. The cot has a handy side zip so you don’t always need to bend over into the cot.

It measures 150 x 80 x 63 cm — plenty of space for stretching babies. When folded, it’s only 60 x 15 x 49 cm, combining comfort, support and portability. This one’s a little heavier since it’s a full sized cot – it weighs 8kg. You get a handy carry bag. Check out the Roger Armstrong portacot price on eBay to be pleasantly surprised.

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Bebecare In & Out Lightweight Travel Cot Review

Bebecare In & Out Lightweight Travel Cot

Bebecare’s cot is for kids up to three years old or 13 kg. A really nice feature of this one is the removable bassinet, which is ideal for newborns to nap in the daytime. It also comes with a removable shaded canopy to block out bright lights, and protect your baby from insects. While it takes a little longer than the previous products to set up, the extra features certainly make up for this. It comes with a super comfy mattress and a quilted cover.

It weighs 7.6kg which is fantastic given the extra bassinet and measures 112 x 52 x 82.5 cm assembled. To make it even lighter, you could always take out the bassinet if preferred too.  It comes with a convenient carry bag for easy transporting and storing.

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Love N Care Playland Travel Cot Review

Love N Care Playland Travel Cot

This cot is for babies under two or less than 14kg. It comes with a comfy mattress. The mesh material provides plenty of ventilation and allows you to see through. Cleaning this cot is easy – just wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap.

When standing, it measures 78 x 80 x 115 cm, and when folded in the included travel bag, it measures 78 x 28 x 25 cm. Weighing in at 9.6kg, it’s a bit heavier than some competitors but this is because it’s designed to provide premium support. You might be pleasantly surprised by the Love N Care portacot price on Amazon.

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Star Kidz Amico Plus Light Travel Cot Review

Star Kidz Amico Plus Light Travel Cot

The Amico Plus is suitable for children under three or up to 13 kg. It comes with a padded mattress and cotton fitted sheet. The fabrics are luxurious and certified safe — made from OEKO-textiles free from harmful substances.

It measures 110 x 80 x 66 cm when set up and when folded into the provided travel bag, it’s only 60 x 15 x 49 cm. Weighing in at 5.2kg, this is a light and convenient cot for travel but at the same time also ensures support for your baby. The side zip feature is great for preventing bad backs too.

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Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard Travel Cot Review

Ingenuity Smart and Simple Playard Travel Cot

From playtime to naptime, this cot can keep your kids under three safe and comfy. It comes with a good quality mattress. The mesh allows you to keep your eyes on your baby, and it’s easy to set up and store. It has wheels to make moving it about so simple too.

The materials are machine washable – hurrah! The best thing about this cot is the changing table and bassinet with attached toys. When set up, it measures 74 x 102 x 72 cm and weighs 9kg. A little heavier than some but definitely built to last and with extra features to make your travels way more convenient.

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Childcare Trio 3 in 1 Travel Cot Review

Childcare Trio 3 in 1 Travel Cot

The Childcare Trio 3 in 1 cot is made for kids under three or babies up to 8 kg. It comes with a comfy mattress. Built with convenience in mind, it’s very easy to set up and fold it down thanks to the “lift & lock” rail with a button release for easy dismantling.

When assembled, it stands at 106 x 75 x 78 cm, and when folded down into the travel bag, it’s 81 x 26 x 26 cm. Similar to the previous product, this one also comes with a bassinet and a changing table, as well as some handy side pockets so you get a range of uses out of the cot. Given the extra features it includes, its weight of 13.5kg isn’t bad at all.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best portacot. If you are also looking for a pram, click here for our best options, find the best high chair here or the best bassinet guide here. Otherwise you can find all our guides to the best products here.

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