Ultimate Guide To The Best Milk Frother Australia 2021

Have you been dreaming of being able to have the perfect cappuccino right at home, without having to leave your house? If so, this guide to the best milk frother Australia is for you!

It’s nice being able to have a good quality espresso or filter coffee at home, but if you’ve found yourself wishing for a latte, cappuccino, or even a flat white, then you’ll need the help of the best frother to realise your coffee dreams.

The thing is, when it comes to choosing the best milk frother to buy, the choices are overwhelming. There are many different types of frothers available – from the best handheld milk frother 2021 has, to a stove top milk frother, or a large milk frother that’s suitable for having friends over, too.

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The good news is I’ve tried out a good few milk frothers recently during our lockdowns to make my own perfect coffee at home, and in this guide and best milk frother review shortlist, I not only share with you my views on which milk frother is the best, but I’ll also walk you through all the different types of frothers available and what to look out for.

So, whether you’re looking for the best cheap milk frother or the very best high end option, I’ve got you covered.

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The Best Milk Frother Australia 2021 Comparison Chart

Breville Milk Frother BMF600BSSBreville Milk Frother BMF600BSSAutomatic/Jug740 ml5.0Check
Lavazza Milk Frother A Modo MioLavazza Milk Frother A Modo MioAutomatic/Jug120 ml4.5Check
Nespresso Milk Frother AeroccinoAutomatic/Jug120 ml5.0Check
Aldi Milk FrotherAutomatic/Jug250 ml4.0Check
Sunbeam Milk Frother Automatic Café CreamySunbeam Milk Frother Automatic Café CreamyAutomatic/Jug250 ml4.5Check
Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother Aerolatte Handheld Milk FrotherHandheld-4.5Check
Bodum Milk Frother LatteoBodum Milk Frother LatteoManual250 ml4.5Check
Bialetti Tutto Crema Milk FrotherBialetti Tutto Crema Milk FrotherStovetop330 ml4.5Check
Ikea Milk FrotherIkea Milk FrotherHandheld-4.0Check
Jura Automatic Milk Frother Hot & ColdJura Automatic Milk Frother Hot & ColdAutomatic/Jug250 ml4.0Check

Top 10 Best Milk Frothers 2021

Handy reference list of the best buy milk frother options – see all of the best milk frothers for coffee reviews below!

  • Breville Milk Frother BMF600BSS, Automatic/Jug
  • Lavazza Milk Frother A Modo Mio, Automatic/Jug
  • Nespresso Milk Frother Aeroccino, Automatic/Jug
  • Aldi Milk Frother, Automatic/Jug
  • Sunbeam Milk Frother Automatic Café Creamy, Automatic/Jug
  • Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother, Handheld
  • Bodum Milk Frother Latteo, Manual
  • Bialetti Tutto Crema Milk Frother, Stovetop
  • Ikea Milk Frother, Handheld
  • Jura Automatic Milk Frother Hot & Cold, Automatic/Jug

What Is A Milk Frother?

If you’re wondering what does milk frother do, and you’ve ever tried to make a cappuccino at home without a milk frother, you’ll know that it’s pretty hard work to make anything that resembles what you’d buy at a coffee shop.

A milk frother simply adds air to your coffee milk – either manually or automatically, depending on the type of frother you choose. Some frothers heat up the milk as well before frothing it, whereas with some best milk foamer options, you can use it with cold milk, or heat up the milk before using it. We’ll cover all the different types of best milk frother 2021 options available in this guide.

Choosing The Milk Frother Best Buy 2021

When looking to buy milk frother online, you’ll first want to understand about the different types of milk frother and different features that they have, so you can make the best choice for your needs at home. As with all kitchen gadgets, milk frother prices vary according to the number of features, brand, and durability.


One of the most important things to know when considering the best way to froth milk at home with a milk frother is that there are many different types of best milk foam maker available – which I’ll cover below.

Manual Milk Frother

If you’re looking for the best inexpensive milk frother, chances are it’ll be a manual milk frother. These look and work a bit like a cafetiere and require the most work, although the best manual milk frother can be a perfectly good solution.


  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Simple to use


  •  Require the most work – you have to pump the milk manually
  •  Milk may require heating separately (depending on the model)
  •  Not suitable for regular use if you want something easy

best milk frother

Handheld Milk Frother

This type of small milk frother is great if you’re looking for the top milk frother for occasional use that can be stored away easily. These are also referred to as the best battery operated milk frother options as most come with batteries so save your wrist the hard work.


  • Less hard work than manual milk frothers
  • Small, compact and very easy to store in your cutlery drawer when not in use
  • Inexpensive to buy


  • Not suitable for larger quantities of milk
  • Cost of batteries can mount up if you use regularly
  • You’ll need to heat the milk separately first

Automatic Milk Frother (Jug Style)

The best automatic milk frother takes all the hard work out of frothing milk and does it all for you – from heating the milk to frothing it. They look a bit like a kettle and many come with different temperature and froth level settings for different drinks.


  • Heating and frothing in one – simply push a button and it does the job
  • Many models froth either cold or hot milk to different levels of froth
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • More expensive to buy
  • Take up more space in your kitchen
  • Some only work well with small amounts of milk – performance varies by model and brand.

best milk frother

Stovetop Milk Frother

The last type of best hot milk frother I’ll be covering is a stovetop milk frother. If you want a frother that you can heat on your hob, then this is the type for you.


  • Easy to use
  • Takes up less space than an automatic frother
  • Easy to clean and store away when not in use


  • Requires manual work to pump the froth
  • Less convenient than an automatic milk frother

Size And Capacity

Once you’ve worked out what type of best latte frother sounds right for your needs, you’ll need to consider additional elements and features that are important to you. Size and capacity are a key consideration – will it be just you enjoying your homemade latte, or will you need a large capacity milk frother?

Heating Function

Some milk frothers can froth milk without heating it, which is perfect when you’re looking for the best cold milk frother for milkshakes or cold shakes. The different styles of milk frother available vary – with some you can choose to heat the milk first, whereas with others there may be no choice to froth without heating first – so consider if you want to be able to froth the cold milk when reading best milk frother reviews.

best milk frother

Types Of Milk

One of the common questions I hear people asking is which is the best frother for almond milk or what’s the best frother for non dairy milk in general? The good news is, whatever type of top rated milk frother you buy, they’ll be able to froth all types of milk.

That said, the best results are often achieved with cows’ milk given the consistency of the milk. We’ve also had good results with oat milk – especially the barista blends – but some of the other non-dairy milks can be harder to get a good stiff foam from for the perfect homemade cappuccino.

So, if you’re in search of the best home milk frother for latte art and want to use non-dairy milk, keep an eye on reviews to see if it’s the best milk frother for almond milk or alternative milks.

Ease Of Use

Noone wants to be fiddling around with a gadget that you need a degree in engineering to operate before you’ve had your morning coffee. So with that said, when you’re wondering which is the best milk frother to buy, go for one that is going to be easy and convenient to use – whether that means choosing the best electric frother over a hand-operated one, or choosing the best frothing wand that doesn’t have lots of controls to navigate.

Cleaning And Maintenance

After you’ve had the joy of making and drinking your coffee, you don’t want to be stuck with a load of burned on or dried on milk to clean up. When reading the best milk frother reviews, look out for models that are easy to clean up or have dishwasher safe parts. The best milk frother handheld options get extra points in this area as there’s less to clean up.

Best Milk Frother For Coffee Reviews Australia 2021

Breville Milk Frother BMF600BSS Review

Breville Milk Frother BMF600BSS

If you’re looking for the best electric milk frother 2021 has, you may love this best buy Breville milk frother model which is fully automatic.

This Breville frother comes with variable heat settings so that you can froth cold milk – perfect for smoothies and milkshakes, or set a variable temperature to get the perfect hot milk for coffees, chai lattes, and hot chocolates. This Breville milk frother best buy also features two frothing disks, allowing you to choose between thick, firm froth for cappuccinos or smooth, creamy froth.

This best milk frother and heater comes with a 3 cup capacity and a dishwasher safe stainless steel jug for easy cleanup.

To find the Breville milk frother best price options for this model, click on the link below to check this Breville milk frother price on Amazon.

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Lavazza Milk Frother A Modo Mio Review

Lavazza Milk Frother A Modo Mio

Made by the original coffee aficionado’s, Lavazza, this best milk frother and warmer is a great option for those wanting to recreate their favourite cafe-style coffees at home.

Using magnetic induction, this freestanding automatic frother warms and froths milk (or you have the option to froth only if you want cold frothed milk) up to a capacity of 120ml. There are two different frothing wheels to allow you to choose the consistency of foam you’re after for your coffee or beverage.

Importantly, this is also one of the best electric milk frothers if you want something that’s easy to clean afterwards – customers love that it’s dishwasher safe and all the components can be put in the dishwasher. We also love the sleek black design.

You can find out the Lavazza milk frother best price by clicking on the link below.

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Nespresso Milk Frother Aeroccino Review

Made by another of the coffee industry big names, this best Nespresso milk frother lives up to its reputation and glowing reviews.

This Aeroccino is a stylish, retro looking automatic milk frother and is the best Aeroccino model I recommend looking at if you’re wondering which is the best Nespresso frother to buy.

With this best Nespresso frother, you can enjoy hot frothed milk at the touch of a button up to 120ml capacity (perfect for 1 large latte or two smaller coffees such as a cortado). The Aeroccino 3 comes in either black or white to match your kitchen and is super compact. The only downside to this model is it’s not dishwasher safe.

For this Nespresso milk frother best price, click on the link below.

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Aldi Milk Frother Review

Another of my best electronic milk frother reviews that is especially suitable for warming and frothing larger quantities of milk is this Aldi large milk frother.

This sleek stainless steel automatic milk frother features a large capacity of up to 250ml in a jug like design with large handle for easy pouring. The interior features a non stick coating for easy cleaning, and it’s super easy to use – just touch a button to start warming and frothing your milk.

This best electronic milk frother and warmer also comes with a 2 year guarantee – just in case – and has non slip feet for easy use in the kitchen.

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Sunbeam Milk Frother Automatic Café Creamy Review

Sunbeam Milk Frother Automatic Café Creamy

If you’re wondering what is the best milk frother to buy for frothing both cold and hot milk, then this best milk frother amazon has by Sunbeam may be the answer you’re looking for.

This fully automatic milk frother can be used for warming and frothing (or just frothing) and has a range of intuitive settings that are easy to use for a variety of beverages – from hot chocolates to ice lattes using either the frothing or mixing attachments.

The jug features a large handle for easy handling and pouring, and the attachments can be stored inside the jug to reduce space when not in use. The jug, lid and attachments are not dishwasher safe but can easily be cleaned in warm soapy water by removing them.

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Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother Review

Aerolatte Handheld Milk Frother

This best handheld milk frother is perfect for smoothly frothed milk (either hot or cold) withi minimum fuss.

Made from stainless steel and BPA free plastic this frother has been built to last and is perfect if you’re looking for the best milk frother for coconut milk or the best frother for oat milk (or any other milk). The Aerolatte comes with a handy stand for easy storage when not in use, or it’s small enough to just stow away in any kitchen drawer.

To use, simply insert this best frother wand into a glass or mug of hot or cold milk (if you want hot milk, you’ll need to heat it separately first) and within 60 seconds your frothy milk is ready to pour / drink!

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Bodum Milk Frother Latteo Review

Bodum Milk Frother Latteo

This manual milk frother is a good option if you’re looking for a high quality but best affordable milk frother and don’t mind putting in a bit of elbow grease.

Designed exactly like their well-known cafetieres, this Bodum Latteo milk frother is made from super tough (and heat resistant) borosilicate glass. The plastic lid has a deep rim to avoid the milk jumping up and spilling from the spout, and the handle has been designed for a comfortable grip, and there’s a large glass handle for pouring.

Simply pour in your cold, warm or hot milk into the glass jug, add the lid, and start pumping the handle until the milk reaches your desired consistency. The jug is microwave safe for easy milk heating. This best hand frother has a capacity of 250ml so there’s plenty of milk for a couple of coffees (or more).

To buy Bodum milk frother or check the latest price, click on the link below.

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Bialetti Tutto Crema Milk Frother Review

Bialetti Tutto Crema Milk Frother

Available in a 3 cup or 6 cup size, this Bialetti stovetop milk frother is one of the best milk frother and steamer options to consider if you want something that you can put on your stove – it’s compatible with gas, electric and ceramic stovetops.

The jug heats the milk to your desired temperature, then once it’s ready and off the heat, pump the handle to produce your desired foam thickness. The inside of the jug is non stick for easy washing and cleanup. You could also use this for frothing cold milk off the hob.

If you read Bialetti milk frother review comments, you’ll see that users are very happy with this stovetop milk frother and the quality of milk froth it produces, especially for the price. When not in use, it’s easy to store away together with your other kitchen pans or jugs.

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Ikea Milk Frother Review

Ikea Milk Frother

When only the best budget milk frother will do, trust IKEA to come to the rescue with this super cheap and no frills handheld, battery operated milk frother.

Don’t expect miracles from it, however within 20-30 seconds this little wand can produce a decent froth on small quantities of hot or cold milk. Since this is battery operated, this model is not suitable for frothing larger quantities of milk as you’ll see from Ikea milk frother review comments.

Do be careful when cleaning it to avoid water entering the handle or battery compartment – stick to the instructions and wipe clean with warm water (it’s best to do this straight after use to avoid dried on milk, or stand it up in a mug of warm water).

If you just want a simple frother for occasional use at home or to test the waters with your first milk frother, this is a very low investment and easy model to start with.

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Jura Automatic Milk Frother Hot & Cold Review

Jura Automatic Milk Frother Hot & Cold

If you’re still wondering where to buy a milk frother and which one to go for, then this last automatic milk frother from Jura will not disappoint.

With its sleek and compact design, this best electric milk frother and warmer is suitable for frothing cold or hot milk. Simply press the button once, twice or three times to froth cold, warm or hot milk, and away you go.

Stainless steel parts make for easier cleaning and the compact design makes this frother easy to store when not in use. It even comes with a handy recipe leaflet for different types of lattes and milk-based shakes.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best milk frother. For the best coffee at home experience, check out my full guide to the best home coffee machine, best espresso machine and best coffee grinder. Or find all my guides to the best products here.

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