Ultimate Guide To The Best Camping Table Australia 2021

There are hundreds of camping tables out there. So how do you know if you’re choosing the best camping table Australia has to offer? There are tons of things to consider when choosing a camping table — material, weight, size, and more. We’ll talk you through everything you need to know so you can make the best choice for you and your family.

I’ve gone ahead and written a comprehensive article with all of our top picks for camping tables with an easy to read comparison chart and in depth reviews. If you’re looking for the best small camping table or perhaps the best cheap camping table, this article won’t disappoint.

Our list includes a variety of the top picks out there. Whether you’re looking for the best small folding camping table or trying to find the best camping table review to make an educated decision, this article has everything you need.

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Compare The Top 10 Best Buy Camping Table Australia 2021

Coleman Deluxe Camping TableColeman Deluxe Camping Table3 kg45 kgFrame & Leg: Metal, Top: Plastic4.0Check
Lifetime 4ft Folding Camping TableLifetime 4ft Folding Camping Table7.6 kg90 kgFrame & Leg: Metal, Top: Plastic4.5Check
Wanderer Steel Folding TableWanderer Steel Folding Table3.3 kg70 kgFrame & Leg: Metal, Top: Composite Wood/Plastic (MDF Melamine)4.0Check
Cleanskin Roll Up Aluminium Camping TableCleanskin Roll Up Aluminium Camping Table3.2 kg30 kgFrame, Leg & Top: Metal4.0Check
Oztrail Folding Table With StorageOztrail Folding Table With Storage7.5 kg30 kgFrame & Leg: Metal, Top: Composite Wood/Plastic (MDF Melamine), Storage: 600D Polyester4.5Check
Oztent Bi Fold Aluminium Camping TableOztent Bi Fold Aluminium Camping Table9.5 kg150 kgFrame, Leg & Top: Metal4.0Check
Zempire Kitpac Camping TableZempire Kitpac Camping Table4.4 kg50 kgFrame & Leg: Metal, Top: Bamboo4.0Check
Triwonder Ultralight Aluminum Collapsible Roll-Up Folding Camping TableTriwonder Ultralight Aluminum Collapsible1.3 kg20 kgFrame, Leg & Top: Metal4.0Check
Redcamp Small Folding Camping Table Adjustable HeightRedcamp Small Folding Camping Table Adjustable Height2.8 kg31 kgFrame & Leg: Metal, Top: Wood4.5Check
Helinox One Lightweight Camping TableHelinox One Lightweight Camping Table0.6 kg50 kgFrame & Leg: Metal, Top: Fabric5.0Check

Top 10 Of The Best Camping Table Australia 2021

Handy reference list of the best camp table options – see all full folding camping table reviews below!

  • Coleman Deluxe Camping Table, 45 kg
  • Lifetime 4ft Folding Camping Table, 90 kg
  • Wanderer Steel Folding Table, 70 kg
  • Cleanskin Roll Up Aluminium Camping Table, 30 kg
  • Oztrail Folding Table With Storage, 30 kg
  • Oztent Bi Fold Aluminium Camping Table, 150 kg
  • Zempire Kitpac Camping Table, 50 kg
  • Triwonder Ultralight Aluminum Collapsible Roll-Up Folding Camping Table, 20 kg
  • Redcamp Small Folding Camping Table Adjustable Height, 31 kg
  • Helinox One Lightweight Camping Table, 50 kg

How To Choose The Best Portable Camping Table 2021

best camping table Australia

If you’re going to find the best folding table for camping or the best camping kitchen table, you’ll need to consider which features are important to you. Let’s break down all the important factors to make your decision easier!

Size/Surface Area

The size of the table is one of the most important things to think about. If you’re going to be using the table for a large family dinner, then even the absolute best compact camping table probably won’t do the job. But if you just need a table to hold your cup of coffee, then a small foldable camping table is a great choice.


Weight is an important consideration. Lightweight tables have obvious benefits since they are easier to transport and you only need one person to lift them out of the car.

A lightweight option also means you can easily move it around the campsite to suit various tasks. Be careful though; the best lightweight camping table should also be durable and sturdy and make sure you’re not sacrificing that for less weight.


This is referring to how much weight the table can support. The best folding camping table for your needs depends on how much gear you’re going to be putting on it. If you need a strong table that can support heavy equipment, make sure you check the weight rating is appropriate.


Camping picnic table

There are a variety of materials out there to choose from. Aluminium is the most commonly used material, especially for table legs and some tabletops since it’s a lightweight metal and resistant to rust. Metal top camping tables are a great choice if you need something that can be knocked around a little.

You’ll also find plenty of plastic topped tables which again are lightweight but depending on the type of plastic might not be as durable as metal options.

Eco conscious shoppers may even choose a table with a treated bamboo top since it has less of an impact on the environment. These might not be ideal if you do a lot of wet weather camping though.

Whatever the material though, ensure the table is made to last and can stand a little knocking around in the back of a vehicle.

Design, Compactness & Portability

There are a few different design choices out there which impact how compact the table will be when it’s packed down.

Some simply have foldable legs, but the tabletop remains unchanged in it’s packed down state. Others have a fold in the middle, which cuts the tabletop surface area in half, making it much smaller and easier to transport. Some tabletops even roll up like a metal shutter to save tons of space.

A small collapsible camping table or the best roll up camping table would be perfect for anyone with a small vehicle or who hasn’t got much boot space to spare.

Other Great Features

You might also want to consider if the table has a carrying strap and/or a carrying bag for easy transportation.

If the table is likely to get wet, be sure that it is waterproof, and if it will be the sun, it needs to be naturally UV resistant or have an anti UV coating.

Some camping tables have additional storage options built into the table, and some even have cup holders and bottle openers!

Top Camping Table For Sale Australia 2021

Coleman Deluxe Camping Table Review

Coleman Deluxe Camping Table

This camping table by Coleman has a steel frame and plastic tabletop and measures in at 66cm x 45cm. It’s lightweight at just 3kg and can be folded in the middle for convenient storage and transport. It can support up to 45 kg of gear.

The tabletop is complete with UV protection, so it doesn’t crack in the sun. You can adjust the height of this table to three positions which is so handy. The lower option is excellent for kids or sitting on the ground.

The table uses pinch free safety locks which is an important consideration if you’ll have little kids around the campsite or “helping” with setting up. This table is durable and does exactly what it’s supposed to — well worth checking out if you want the best camping picnic table.

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Lifetime 4ft Folding Camping Table Review


Lifetime 4ft Folding Camping Table

This cheap folding camping table has a steel frame and a thick, durable plastic top. The legs fold in for convenient and space saving storage and transport. It’s plenty big enough for most purposes at 120 cm wide. It’s a bit on the heavier side at 8.5 kg, but remember this is a large table that is incredibly strong and supports up to 200 kg!

The table can be adjusted to three heights (48cm, 61cm, and 73.5cm). Great for when you want to sit on the ground or in particularly low camping chairs.

This table is perfect for when you need a bit more space than a typical camping table, like having a family dinner in the outback. Since this table is so strong you could also use it to place a camp bbq on – there really are so many possibilities with this one!

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Wanderer Steel Folding Table Review

Wanderer Steel Folding Table

This metal top camping table with aluminium legs has a bit more of a durable feel than the plastic top tables. It’s a centre folding table measuring in at 90cm long and 70cm wide, with a height of 69 cm that can be lowered. It’s nice and lightweight at 4 kg and can support a maximum weight of 30 kg.

This is a reasonably compact table, made more compact by its fold in the middle and folding legs. I love that this table uses a minimal amount of plastic — better for the environment and more durable too.

This table is of great quality and looks great too. Plus, the price isn’t eye watering, so it’s definitely a good investment that’s likely to last.

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Cleanskin Roll Up Camping Table Review

Cleanskin Roll Up Aluminium Camping Table
This roll top camping table from Adventure Kings is designed to be super space saving. The legs collapse into themselves and the tabletop can be rolled into a cylinder shape. It measures 94cm x 54 cm and has a non adjustable height of 68cm. The whole thing weighs in at 5.3kg and has a weight capacity of 30kg.

This small roll up camping table is made from a rust resistant (powder coated) aluminium alloy. You can get it up and ready in less than one minute with only one person required to do so.

Along with this ingenious table, you’ll get a carry bag to store it. If you’re looking for the best roll up camping table, this one is definitely worth taking a look at.

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Oztrail Folding Table With Storage Review

Oztrail Folding Table With Storage

This middle folding table has an added feature of storage below the tabletop. It’s made with aluminium legs and an MDF (wooden) top with melamine laminate coating. Measuring in at 120cm x 60cm, and with a height of 82cm, it’s a reasonably lightweight 7.5 kg and can support up to 30kg. The height can also be lowered to one lower level.

The storage in this table makes it so adaptable to tons of uses. The storage compartments are made with 600 denier polyester and can be used to store non perishable food or equipment. Plus the table is really compact once folded down so it can easily fit in your car.

With your purchase, you’ll get a one year manufacturer’s guarantee. This table does everything you expect and more with the added bonus of storage — definitely worth considering.

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Oztent Bi Fold Aluminium Camping Table Review

Oztent Bi Fold Aluminium Camping Table
This small metal folding camping table is a bit different to others because it is a bi fold table, meaning it folds into thirds for even more compact storage. It has steel legs and an aluminium top that measures 60cm x 70cm. It can support 50kg of weight and weighs in itself at less than 9kg.

The great thing about this bi fold table is just how compact it is for transporting at just 11cm x 45cm. Then, you can carry the table easily with the built in handle or pack it away in the carry case.!

This small metal camping table also has two adjustable heights – a chair sitting height and a coffee table height.

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Zempire Kitpac Camping Table Review

Zempire Kitpac Camping Table
Zempire’s table has a bamboo tabletop and aluminium legs. The legs fold in to make it more compact for transporting. It measures in at 65cm x 60cm making it a small fold up camping table. It can support up to 50 kg, with the table itself weighing in at 4.9 kg and you can choose which height you like – 46cm, 53cm, or 65cm.

The aluminium frame on this table is rust resistant and the bamboo top is naturally durable and of course, eco friendly. The adjustable height makes this table a really versatile piece of kit.

The beautiful bamboo top makes this table an attractive option and it comes with a complimentary tough carry bag for extra protection. If you’re not already convinced, this table even comes with a built in bottle opener!

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Triwonder Ultralight Aluminum Collapsible Roll-Up Folding Camping Table Review

Triwonder Ultralight Aluminum Collapsible
This small portable camping table not only packs down super small but even has a small price tag to match! Thanks to its aluminium frame and tabletop, it’s super lightweight, weighing in at just 1.28kg but can support up to 20 kg. It measures 56cm x 40cm and has a height of 40.5cm that can be adjusted.

This aluminium roll top camping table is super transportable – just collapse the legs and roll up the top then put it in the carry bag. The legs come with non slip feet, so you don’t worry about the table moving around.

I love how lightweight this slatted top camping table is – it barely feels like you’re carrying anything, but you can tell the aluminium is durable and sturdy. If you want a small low camping table, it’s worth a look, but it also comes in a larger size and rose gold colour if you want to stand out a little.

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Redcamp Small Folding Camping Table Adjustable Height Review

Redcamp Small Folding Camping Table Adjustable Height

This small table made from a durable aluminium alloy and fibreboard is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something lightweight – it’s only 2.8 kg. It’s a 60cm square table with an adjustable height of between 55cm and 68cm.

This small aluminium camping table is made even smaller when you need to pack it up thanks to the centre fold and folding legs. The table converts into an easily carryable briefcase for storage and transport.

Along with your purchase, you’ll get a one year manufacturer’s guarantee and a super handy shoulder carry case. This table has made hundreds of campers happy and has excellent reviews.

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Helinox One Lightweight Camping Table Review

Helinox One Lightweight Camping Table
This table stands out from the crowd due to its mesh tabletop. Combined with aluminium legs, the whole table weighs just 0.6 kg. It measures in at 40cm x 60cm and has a non-adjustable height of 39 cm. It folds down into a super compact little bundle.

A handy feature of this table is the two drink holders that are built into the top. The material is UV resistant and has a durable feel to it that should last you countless adventures.

Along with the table, you’ll get a ripstop polyester carry bag. This table is the perfect piece of kit to take with you hiking since it hardly weighs anything at all and is up to handling just about any weather conditions.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best camping table.   We have other outdoor product guides too such as camping chairs, hiking socks, BBQs or find all my guides to the best products here.

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