Ultimate Guide To The Best Camping Mattress Australia 2021

While I don’t necessarily expect the best night’s sleep when we go camping, with the best camping mattress Australia has, you can still get a reasonably good night’s sleep. But when I went on the hunt for the best tent mattress, I soon discovered there is quite a lot to choose from.

When we first went out to buy the best camp mattress, I didn’t realize there were so many different options. First, you need to decide what sort of camp bed mattress you want – do you want the best inflatable mattress, a camping foam mattress, the best air mattress Australia has or the best sleeping mat camping option?

Of course, then you need to consider sizing – do you want the best double camping mattress, the best queen camping mattress or do you want to go all out and get a king camping mattress. And if you’re purchasing a kids camping mattress, you’ll probably want to check out the single camping mattress options available too.

Then you need to consider how much you want to spend – there is a huge difference between the best cheap camping mattress and the crème de la crème of camping mattresses. And when it comes to camping mattresses, you really do get what you pay for.

Anyway, after all that effort, I decided to put my research to good use and have written this camping mattress review guide. In this best camping mattress 2021 guide, I not only take you through all the things you need to consider to buy a good camp bed mattress, but I also compare some of the most comfortable camping mattress options currently available in Australia.

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Compare The 12 Best Tent Mattress Options Australia 2021

Below is a comparison chart of all the top-rated camping mattress options featured in this guide. Simply click on whatever criteria is most important to you to sort the table. Clicking on any of the product names will take you to Amazon or eBay so you can see the latest price and buy if you wish.

For further information, keep reading the best camping mattress reviews below.

MattressImageTypeAvailable SizesRatingPrice
Aerobed Active BedAerobed Active Bed smallAirSingle, Queen & Double4.5Check
Coleman All Terrain Double High BedColeman All Terrain Double High Bed smallAirQueen4.5Check
Coleman Quick BedColeman Quick Bed smallAirSingle, Double or Queen4.0Check
Intex Dura-Beam Downy AirbedIntex Dura-Beam Downy Airbed smallAirTwin or Queen4.0Check
OZtrail Leisure MatOZtrail Leisure Mat smallSelf InflatingDouble, Queen or King4.5Check
Therm-a-Rest Prolite PlusTherm-a-Rest Prolite Plus smallSelf InflatingSmall, Regular or Large4.5Check
Exped MegamatExped Megamat smallSelf InflatingSingle, Single Wide or Medium4.5Check
Zempire MonstamatZempire Monstamat smallSelf InflatingSingle, King Single or Twin5.0Check
Sea to SummitSea to Summit smallSelf Inflating183 x 63 x 3.8 cm4.5Check
OZtrail Swag MatOZtrail Swag Mat smallMat190 x 80 x 7.5 cm5.0Check
Naturehike Camping MattressAir210 x 135 x 13 cm4.0Check
Teton ComfortLiteSelf InflatingRegular, XL or XXL4.0Check

Top 12 Best Camping Mattress Australia 2021

Here is a handy reference list of all the top camping mattress options reviewed below!

  • Aerobed Active Bed – air mattress
  • Coleman All Terrain Double High – air mattress
  • Coleman Quick – air mattress
  • Intex Dura-Beam – air mattress
  • OZtrail Leisure Mat – self inflating mattress
  • Therm-a-Rest Prolite Plus – self inflating mattress
  • Exped Megamat – self inflating mattress
  • Zempire Monstamat – self inflating mattress
  • Sea to Summit  – self inflating mattress
  • OZtrail Swag Mat – foam mat
  • Naturehike – air mattress
  • TETON ComfortLite – self inflating mattress

Choosing The Best Camp Mattress Australia 2021

When it comes to a good camping mattress, there is a range of factors you need to consider to ensure it meets your needs. To purchase the best lightweight camping mattress, consider the factors below.


There is no one best mattress for tent camping, as it does come down to individual preferences. There is a range of different types of camping mattresses to choose from, with the most common ones being an air mattress, self inflating mattress and a foam camping mat.

Tent interior with mattresses and purple duvet covers.

Self Inflating Mattress

As the name suggests, a self inflatable camping mattress is one that fills with air without any assistance from you. Basically, these mattresses are a layer of foam sandwiched inside an airtight shell with a valve. When rolled up, the valve is closed and so there is no air inside the mattress. However, once unrolled, the valve is opened and sucks in air into the mat.  Once the mat is fully inflated, the valve is closed.

A great thing about the best self inflating camping mattress Australia has, as opposed to even the best air bed mattress is you don’t get that waterbed feel, where the bed moves every time you do. The best self inflating air mattress for camping is much firmer and has a cushier feel.

Self inflating mattresses come in a range of sizes from super narrow and lightweight inflatable mat which is perfect for backpackers and hikers, to quite large which is fine for car campers.

The best self inflating mattress for camping makes for a really comfortable night’s sleep, but they are heavy, bulky and also rather expensive too. They also make the best camping mattress for bad back suffers or those that like to sleep on their sides.

Air Mattress

Air mattresses tend to be what most people think about when they first consider a camping mattress. These types of mattresses require you to manually blow air into the mattress either by mouth (which I don’t recommend) or by using an air pump.

The best air mattress for camping is much lighter and smaller once packed down compared to even the best self inflating camping mat. Plus even the best camping air mattress Australia has is much cheaper than a self inflating mattress. However, even the best camping air mattress 2021 still has that waterbed thing going on, so that whenever you move the entire bed moves. Plus you usually find they lose air most nights and will require additional pumping every day.

Foam Camping Mat / Pad

Another option is a camping foam mattress or pad which are generally as basic as they come, or come close to replicating your mattress at home on your bed.

The benefit of a foam camping mat is that you just unroll it and it’s ready to go. No need to manually pump air into it or wait for it to self inflate.

A cheap foam mattress for camping is usually incredibly thin though and does not provide for a comfortable night’s sleep. At the other end of the scale, the super comfortable memory foam camping mattress is so large and bulky that you’ll have no room for anything else in the car.


Even the best rated camping mattress options don’t seem to come with standard sizing and so it’s recommended that you check the actual dimensions of any mattress before you buy it.

When it comes to what is the best camping mattress in terms of size, a few things to consider include, your size – are you extra tall or do you need additional space in terms of the width? Also consider what your tent size is? You don’t want to go and buy a super spacious mattress only to discover you can’t get it inside your tent.

Comfort  / Mattress Thickness

For a great night’s sleep, you’ll no doubt want the comfiest camping mattress you can find. However, comfort really is individual – some people like a firm mattress while others prefer a soft mattress.

I’d recommend reading other reviews and see what customers are saying in terms of how comfortable they find the mattress. If you’re going to the store, lie on them, just like you would for a mattress you buy for your bed at home so you can find the most comfortable tent mattress.

One thing that does tend to determine how comfortable a mattress is is how thick it is, or how high it is off the ground. While extra thickness will add weight and size to your mattress, if you can afford to, always go with the thicker option.

Packability & Weight

Above comfort, another thing to consider when it comes to the best mattress for camping Australia has is the packability and weight of the camp mattress.

If you’re after the best car camping mattress, then this may well not be such a big deal, at least in terms of weight. However, even for a camping car mattress, you’re still going to need to give some consideration to how compact the mattress packs down to. Some can be super bulky and will leave you no room for anything else in the back of your car.

A Girl In The Woods Carries An Air Mattress

If you have a small car or a heading out on a hiking trip, then this becomes a major factor in your decision and you’re going to want the best compact camping mattress as well as a lightweight camping mattress. You will tend to give some comfort away for the lighter and more compact options unless of course, you can afford to invest in one of the top quality sleeping mats.

Resistance Value (R-value)

One thing you might not think about considering with your camping mattress, but should, is the R – value. The R-value is basically taking into consideration the mattress’s thickness and insulation; and how well will it keep you protected from the cold ground.

The higher the R-value on a camp mattress, the better level of protection it will provide against the cold. For the average family camping trip in the Aussie summer months, this may not be a real issue, but if you plan on camping during the cooler months then you may want to give this factor some thought.

A general guide in terms of what R-value to look for is as follows:

  • Summer camping – 1-3
  • Super cold winter camping – 5+
  • All other months in between – 3-5


Lastly, what’s your budget? With camping mattresses, you can spend from $20 to hundreds and hundreds of dollars and all price points in between.

If you want one of the most comfortable camping mattresses around, then you are going to have to be prepared to pay for it. However there are plenty of great options at the lower end of the scale too which will certainly provide you with a comfortable enough place to sleep for a few days.

Best Camping Mattress Review Australia 2021

Keep reading below for our camping mattress reviews Australia 2021 edition.

Aerobed Active Bed Review

Aerobed Active Bed

If you’re looking for a double blow up bed for your camping trip, the Aerobed Active is a blow up camping mattress that comes in Single, Double and Queen sizes.

This best self-inflating camping mattress inflatable features high speed inflation and deflation thanks to its powerful and rechargeable NiCad and DC dual power electric pump – charge the pump in your car or at home for easy operation on your camping trip. The camping air bed also has a heavy duty 18 coil system that disperses the air and makes for a better night’s sleep on your airbed.

Weighing 6kg, this is a better contender for the best car camping air mattress and definitely not one if you’re trying to travel light or heading out on hikes where you’ll have to carry your camping gear. But if you’re looking for a comfortable inflatable bed for your camping trip, do consider this one.  It’s a good choice for those after the best air mattress for camping Australia has.

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Coleman All Terrain Double High Review

Coleman All Terrain Double High Bed

If you want the comfort of an inflatable mattress camping option (as well as the space) you can consider this Coleman camping mattress which is one of the more compact inflatable camping mattresses.  These are super popular and well worth considering if you’re after the best mattress for camping in a tent.

Made with Puncture Guard fabric, this Queen size camping mattress will help you on your way to a good night’s sleep while camping with its range of features. The softer and more durable mattress is 47% less likely to puncture and 30% lighter than a standard PVC inflatable mattress. This best airbed for camping also features a comfort coil system to keep the air evenly distributed as you sleep and a wrap-n-roll storage system for easy transport in your car.

This thick camping mattress features extra height, for those who are looking to be higher off the ground.

Weighing 3.8kg, this is a lighter best air mattress bed option to consider at a reasonable price.

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Coleman Quickbed Review

Coleman All Terrain Double High Bed

If you’re looking for the most comfortable air mattress for camping you can also consider this Coleman camping mattress which is suitable for use at home or for camping.

Featuring a rayon-flocked top layer, this thin camping air mattress includes antimicrobial texture fabric which resists mould, mildew, odour and fungus. Made from heavy duty PVC, this air mattress also features a coil support system to help keep the air equally distributed throughout the mattress as you sleep. It inflates and deflates rapidly with a quick pump.

If you’re looking for the best camping mattress for couples, consider buying the queen size option for plenty of space for two. This air mattress also comes in Single and Double size.

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Intex Dura-Beam Air Bed with Built In Pump Review

Intex Dura-Beam Downy Airbed

If you’re looking for the best price air mattress, this Intex camping air mattress is certainly a contender. Available in Twin and Queen size, the Intex camping mattress comes with some great features for a very reasonable price.

A built in foot pump means that with this best cheap air mattress for camping you won’t have to pack a separate pump to bring with you. The top of these cheap camping mattresses is lined with a velvety sleeping surface for less slipping and more comfort, and Fibre-Tech interior construction eliminates bumps and helps maintain equal air pressure throughout the night. The flocked sleeping surface is also fully waterproof.

This airbed is specially designed for the rough outdoors and definitely an option to consider if you’re looking for an airbed with good features at a great price.

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OZtrail Leisure Self Inflating Mat Review

OZtrail Leisure Mat

The first of our self inflating camping mat reviews, the Oztrail self inflating sleeping mat may be the one for you if you’re looking for a best in class self inflating mat and are prepared to pay for the features and quality.  This is a popular mattress and a favourite choice among those campers after the best self inflatable mattress.

This best double self inflating mattress comes with a long list of features and is available in double, queen or king size. This Oztrail self inflating mattress has a high-flow two-way valve makes for quick inflation time, and means that even with the valve open, the mattress will not deflate by accident in the night. There’s an easy clean, cool-touch velour outer layer for extra comfort and high density open-cell foam for maximum comfort and support.

Weighing in at 8kg, this best self-inflating mattress is not light, but the storage straps and carry bag (plus a repair kit) that come included mean it’s a great option to take if you really want to sleep soundly on your car camping trip.  Read any self-inflating mattress review and you’ll see this one listed as a top contender.

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Therm-a-Rest Prolite Plus Ultralight Self Inflating Pad Review

Therm-a-Rest Prolite Plus

If you’re looking for the best self inflating camping mat which is light enough to also take with you backpacking or on a hiking camping trip, you’ll want to consider this Thermarest sleeping pad.

Weighing in at less than 1kg, carrying this Thermarest sleeping mat with you is a breeze, and it’s 3.2 R value means that it’s suitable (and warm enough) for 3 seasons camping. Available in small, regular or large sizes, this self inflating foam mattress has a tapered design (similar to a mummy sleeping bag) to save you weight you don’t need to carry.

The self-inflating foam is designed to keep you warm and supported throughout the night without needing to pump air or taking up lots of space. The Thermarest camping mattress comes with a carry bag, strap and repair kit for easy camping.

So if you’re looking for a top quality outdoor camping mat, look no further then this self inflating camp mattress.

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Exped Megamat 10 Insulated Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Review

Exped Megamat

This Exped camping mattress is an inflatable sleeping mat that’s perfect if you’re looking for something like the best self inflating sleeping pad with some additional comfort.

The Exped Megamat is a self inflating sleeping pad, which you can pump up for extra height off the ground, air and support where you sleep – giving you the conveniences and benefits of a mat, while offering an experience somewhere between a best blow up mattress for camping and a mat. The mini pump that comes with this best inflatable camping mattress allows you to inflate the pad to 3.9 inches off the ground and also allows you to adjust firmness as you sleep.

With an impressive R value of 9.5, this best inflatable mattress camping can handle all extremes and is suitable for 4 seasons camping. Read any best self inflating mattress review, and you note that this is a top quality product.  However you do pay for the quality of this mattress, but it’s well worth the investment if you’re looking for a top end design that you’ll be able to use year round and on a range of trips. The mat is also certified free from any harmful chemicals.

Thanks to the inflatable element, this mat is also lighter than other camping pads, weighing 2.7kg. There’s a great carry bag that fits the mat, pump and a repair kit for taking this mat wherever you want to go. The mat comes in three sizes – single, single wide, and medium.

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Zempire Monstamat Self Inflating Camping Mattress Review

Zempire Monstamat

If you’re looking for a good thermal camping mat that’s great quality but doesn’t have to be as light as the megamat, a slightly lower priced option that still offers plenty of features is the Zempire Monstamat best self inflating mat. The mat is available in single, king single or twin sizes.

It offers 10cm of height from the floor and doesn’t require any pumping from you. Made from fully bonded, anti-bacterial foam and an extra-durable base, the mat simply self inflates when the valve is opened. The mat is highly effective at filtering out cold through its thick foam and comfortable height, allowing you a good rest. With an R value of 9.5, this mat is suited for use all year round as well.

If you’re looking for the best inflatable camping mat, this could be the one for you. Do bear in mind that it is significantly heavier than the Exped above, weighing in at 5kg, but with a handy carry bag and strap that’s not an issue if you’re putting it in your car rather than hiking.

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Sea to Summit Camp Mat Review

Sea to Summit

If you’re searching for the best lightweight camping mat and would prefer one that self inflates, the Sea to Summit Camp Mat might just be the one for you. It comes in a custom size of 183 x 63 x 3.8 cm.

With an R value of 4.2, this mat is well suited for most camping conditions in Australia, and has been especially designed with the rough terrain of Australia’s camping environments in mind, so you can be sure you’re getting a great product.

This self inflating sleeping pad gives a thickness of 3.8cm off the ground, with special technology that reduces 20% of the mat’s weight and bulk while maintaining comfort. It comes with anti-slip print on the top and base to avoid slipping when there isn’t perfectly flat ground available – something that most campers will know is super handy!

The Sea to Summit camp mat gets some of the best self inflating camping mattress reviews, and is a great option if you’re looking for something lightweight (it weighs 1.15kg) and sturdy that’ll keep you comfortable while enjoying your camping trip.

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OZtrail Swag Mat Camping Foam Mattress Review

OZtrail Swag Mat

This Oztrail camping mattress is a foam sleeping pad (it doesn’t inflate) that is perfect if you’re looking for something simple to keep you warm and comfy on your car-camping trip. It comes in a custom size of 190 x 80 x 7.5 cm with plenty of space for you to stretch out on.

When looking for a camping mattress, foam is one of the best materials to keep you warm and supported. This mat is 7.5cm thick, to keep the cold floor well away from you. It features an easy clean, water resistant base fabric that’ll make sure the damp doesn’t seep into the foam, too.There’s also a breathable poly-cotton top surface.

Weighing in at 4kg, this is not one for hiking, but stash it into your car and into your tent on arrival for a better night’s sleep while camping.

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Naturehike Double Inflatable Camping Mattress Review

If you want the best mattress for camping specifically for hiking or you plan on carrying it a long distance, this Naturehike option packs down small and light for easy transportation.

This 210cm x 135cm x 13cm air mattress is long enough for anyone who is that little bit taller than most. It’s made from a durable outer TPU nylon layer and an inner TPU seal coating, which combined make this a wear resistant and waterproof option. The internal support columns make for a comfortable night sleep, despite the thin size. It packs down small to just 37cm x 15cm and weighs just 1.6kg.

The double air valve means it’s super easy to inflate and deflate either with a foot pump, electric pump or a dry bag. It also comes in a choice of two colours – aqua blue or dark green.

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Teton ComfortLite Self Inflating Camp Pad Review

This Teton ComfortLite camping pad doesn’t just pack down small for travel, it even self inflates so there’s one less thing you need to pack as well. Perfect if you’re after the best self inflating mattress Australia has.

This camping pad measures 191cm x 61cm x 5cm so it’s perfect for one person but weighs just 1.6kg when stored. The durable top material is made from a stretch microfiber material that’s super easy to wipe clean. There is cored foam running horizontally through the mattress to provide extra comfort and insulation and the non slip bottom keeps the whole thing in place.

Once you’re at your destination simply open the rapid inflation valve and stand back and watch the foam mattress camping pad self inflate. You can even twist the valve to set your personal inflation preference.

This inflatable mattress camping also comes with a handy carry bag with shoulder strap and has side hook and loops so you can create double wide or double height camping pads.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best camping mattresses. Read more about the best camping lights, best camping chairs, best camping fridge, best BBQs and best air mattresses. Find all our guides to the best camping gear here.

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