The Ultimate Guide To The Best Baby Sleeping Bag Australia 2021

When we finally got our first baby into the best baby sleeping bag, it was an absolute godsend! Finally, she slept all night. Being new parents we didn’t understand how magical a little baby swaddle sleeping bag was.

We wasted no time getting our other babies into one of the best baby sleeping bags Australia had when they were born. It’s also one of the first things I recommend to new parents who are having trouble with their little ones sleeping.

I’m guessing you’re reading this article because you’ve also heard about the magic of a baby sleeping bag and so you’re looking for some advice on the best sleeping bags for babies. There are a few different baby sleeping bag swaddle options on the market these days and some of them are not cheap, so you do want to consider a few things first to ensure you purchase the best sleeping bag baby option for your child.

If you’ve got a few questions about what to buy, then this buy baby sleeping bag Australia guide is a great place to start. In this best baby sleeping bag review, I not only take you through the things you need to consider in order to buy a good babys sleeping bag, but I also compare options from the best baby sleeping bag brands currently available in Australia.

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No matter what sort of baby sleeping bag you’re after, you’ll find a range of options in this guide. Whether you’re after a winter baby sleeping bag, a baby summer sleeping bag, a newborn baby sleeping bag or the best toddler sleeping bag, no doubt you’ll find the perfect one for your child.

Compare The 10 Best Baby Sleeping Bag Options Australia 2021

Below is a comparison chart of all the top baby sleeping bag suit options which are reviewed in this article. Simply click on whatever criteria is most important to you to sort the table. Clicking on any of the product names will take you to Amazon or eBay so you can see the latest price and buy if you wish.

For further information, keep reading the baby sleeping bag reviews below.

Sleeping BagImageSizes AvailableTogRatingPrice
Love to Dream Swaddle Up OriginalLove to Dream Swaddle Up Original small4 Sizes from Birth to 11kg1 or 2.54.5Check
Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag small2 Sizes from 6kg to 11kg1 or 2.54.5Check
Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition SuitLove to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Suit small3 Sizes from 6 to 14 kg1 or 2.54.5Check
The Gro Company Travel GrobagThe Gro Company Travel Grobag3 Sizes from Birth to 3 yrs0.5 or 14.5Check
Ergopouch SleepsuitErgopouch Sleepsuit small3 Sizes from 2mths to 4 yrs0.3, 1, 2.5 or 3.54.5Check
Merino KidsMerino Kids small2 Sizes from Birth to 4 yrs2.54.5Check
Plum Sleeping BagPlum Sleeping Bag small3 Sizes from Birth to 3yrs2.5 or 3.54.5Check
Ergopouch Cocoon Baby Sleeping BagErgopouch Cocoon Baby Sleeping Bag small2 Sizes from Birth to 1yrs0.2, 1 or 2.54.5Check
Slumbersac Toddler Sleeping BagSlumbersac Baby Sleeping Bag24-36 months2.55Check
BubbarooBubbaroo small 0-6 months0.54.5Check

The Best Baby Sleeping Bags Australia 2021

Here’s a handy reference list of all the different baby sleeping bags reviewed below!

  • Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original comes in 4 sizes for babies from birth to 11kg
  • Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag comes in 2 sizes for babies from 6kg to 11kg
  • Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Suit comes in 3 sizes for babies from 6 to 14 kg
  • The Gro Company Travel Grobag comes in 3 sizes for babies from birth to 3 yrs
  • Ergopouch Sleepsuit Bag comes in 3 sizes for babies from 2 mths to 4 yrs
  • Merino Kids Sleep Bag comes in 2 sizes for babies from birth to 4 yrs
  • Plum Sleeping Bag comes in 3 sizes for babies from birth to 3yrs
  • Ergopouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag comes in 2 sizes for babies from birth to 1yrs
  • Slumbersac Toddler Sleeping Bag comes in 1 size for babies 24-36 months
  • Bubbaroo Cotton Sleeping Bag comes in 1 size for babies from birth to 6 months

What is a Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bag and Why Use One?

A baby sleeping bag is kind of like a wearable blanket. They are designed to provide a comfortable and warm place for your baby to sleep without the need for additional blankets or sheets.

The first thing many parents ask about is if there are any baby sleeping bag safety concerns they should be aware of. Well the good news is that many experts are of the view that correctly fitted sleeping bags are in fact safer for babies than blankets, as the baby cannot become covered by blankets when moving about.

The main reason why so many parents love using a baby sleeping bag is that most babies just sleep so much better in them. Sleeping bags give babies that nice cozy feeling of being held tightly as they are swaddled up, and so this then promotes better sleeping.

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider using a baby sleeping bag:

  • Well fitted and age appropriate sleeping bags may aid in the prevention of SIDs as there are no blankets that baby can be covered by.
  • A safe sleeping bag ensures the baby stays warm as there are no blankets for them to kick off.
  • A sleeping bag encourages your baby to sleep on their back due to the zippers being on the front of the sleeping bag.
  • Babies tend to go to sleep quicker and stay asleep for longer with the feeling of being swaddled in the sleeping bag.
  • In terms of how to use a baby sleeping bag, they are so much easier to use than trying to swaddle your baby up in a blanket or muslin wrap. Simply unzip the sleeping bag and place your baby inside then zip it back up – easy.

Choosing The Best Sleeping Bags for Babies

When it comes to a baby sleeping bag, be sure to consider the following factors to ensure you purchase one that is perfect for your baby.

Sleeping Bag Baby Tog Guide

The first thing you’ll need to consider is which tog for baby sleeping bag is most appropriate. Tog stands for the thermal overall grade, which just means how warm the sleeping bag is.

Below is a tog baby sleeping guide for you to help you choose the correct tog.

  • 0.2 to 0.5 TOG – is best where the room temperature is 24°C and above
  • 1 to 2.5 TOG – is best where the room temperature is around 21°C to 24°C
  • 2.5 to 3.5 TOG – is best where the room temperature is around 18°C to 21°C
  • 3.5 TOG – is best where the room temperature is 18°C and below

Just note that the above sleeping bag baby tog guide is just a guideline and every baby is different and may require less or more warmth. So always just double check your baby is not overheating or too cold. Of course you’ll also need to consider what you dress baby in underneath to ensure they remain at an appropriate temperature.

Also be aware that sleeping bags made from some fabrics such as merino are not tog rated as these fabrics adjust according to temperature.

If the temperature ranges quite a bit where you live, then you may need to get two or more different sleeping bags with a different tog rating to use at different times of the years.

Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves

Sleeping bags come in a range of styles with the most common being either long-sleeved or with no sleeves. As to which is right for your child, will depend upon the temperature of where you live. You may want a long sleeve baby sleeping bag for winter or a short sleeved one for a summer baby sleeping bag.

The other option is to purchase a summer lightweight baby sleeping bag and add sleeves during the cooler months.

With or Without Feet

While most baby sleeping bags come without feet, like a typical sleeping bag, you can also get a baby wearable blanket with legs. This enables your child to walk around. Some even have fasteners or zippers placed so you can use the sleeping bag either with feet or without.


For the safety of your child, it’s really important that you choose the appropriate size sleeping bag. Don’t buy the best sleep sack for 9 month old if you’re wanting one for your 3 month old child, so they have room to grow. Choose one that is suitable right now.

If the sleeping bag is too big, your baby may slide around inside it and there is a risk they can slip down and get their head covered. Also ensure your baby can freely wriggle their legs and feet around. Your baby’s feet be positioned around ¾ of the way down in the sleeping bag and the remainder of the bag be left empty.

You’ll note that sleeping bags tend to come in a few sizes such as 0-6 months, 6-18 months or toddler size. Some are also rated in terms of babies weight.


Sleeping bags are made from a range of different fabrics, with the most popular being a polyester or man made synthetic. However other fabrics are available such as cotton, wool or merino. A merino baby sleeping bag is a good option as it adjusts its level of warmth according to the temperature and is also great at wicking away moisture.

Zipper and Fastener Placement

One thing to consider is where the zipper is placed on the sleeping bag. I’d recommend you ensure it’s placed in a way that makes it easy to unzip the bottom so you can easily change baby’s nappy without having to pull your child completely out of the sleeping bag.

Some sleeping bags for older children even have the ability to zip the sleeping bag in such a way as to creates legs so your child can walk around.

Best Baby Sleeping Bag Reviews Australia 2021

Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original Review

Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original

If you’re after baby sleeping bags with sleeves, then the Love to Dream Swaddle Up is one to consider. Available in four different sizes from birth up to 11kg, and in 1 tog or 2.5 tog thicknesses, so you’re sure to be able to find the perfect size and warmth of Swaddle Up for you!

The Love to Dream Swaddle Up is made from 93% cotton for a comfortable, natural feel for baby. Ideal for room temperatures between 20°C and 24°C, this 2.5 or 1 tog baby sleeping bag uses a single layer of fabric to avoid overheating.

What’s unique about the Love to Dream Swaddle up Original is its “Arms Up” position, where this baby sleeping bag with sleeves allows your baby to replicate its natural sleeping position with arms up, thanks to the “wing tips” patented design. This allows your baby to self-soothe by gently rubbing their face during sleep, without scratching.

The baby long sleeve sleeping bag features a two way zipper making for hassle-free nappy changes as needed, too! Overall, this one of the good-value quality baby sleeping bags with arms which is great for warmer rooms.

This 1 tog baby sleeping bag or the warmer 2.5 tog option are available in the following sizes: Newborn (2.2 – 3.8kg), Small (3.5 – 6kg), Medium (6 – 8.5kg) Large (8.5 – 11kg).

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Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag Review

Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag

The Swaddle Up Transition 2.5 or 1 tog baby sleeping bag is designed to help your baby make the change from swaddling to arms free sleeping, and comes with fully zip-on zip-off full length sleeves that support the “Arms Up” position for a more natural sleep.

It comes with all the features of the Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original, with the addition of choice for whether your baby is feeling ready to have their arms free. As with the Original model, the sleeping bag comes with a two way zipper for easy changing and a ‘hip-healthy’ design that leaves your baby with plenty of space to move their legs around in the night.

This is an ideal sleeping bag if your baby is ready to make the transition from swaddling, but is a bit pricier than the Love to Dream Swaddle Up original model above. It’s also perfect if you’re after both a short sleeve or a sleeping bag with sleeves for baby.

The Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag comes in 2 sizes for babies from 6kg to 11kg.

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Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Suit Review

Love to Dream Swaddle Up Transition Suit

Our third Love to Dream Swaddle Up option from this brand is the Transition Suit. This 2.5 tog baby sleeping bag is also available in a cooler baby 1 tog sleeping bag option as well.

This baby sleeping bag features a built in quilt to keep your baby snug and warm. It features structured legs with ‘2 in 1 feet’ which can be uncovered for playtime and covered for bedtime, meaning easy play-to-sleep transition. The design also features a cotton upper chest to make for better breathability and reduce the chances of your baby overheating. There are also twin zippers for easy nappy changes.

With a choice of removable arms – from full sleeve, to the signature Love to Dream “arms up” to no arm cover for warmer nights, this Swaddle Up 50/50 Transition suit is one of the most versatile baby sleeping bags out there and perfect for cool to moderate temperatures. All the versatility means that it is one of the more expensive options out there however.

This baby sleeping suit is available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes, meaning it can fit between 3 months to 1 year, depending on the size you choose. Also with the choice of 2.5 or 1 tog its perfect whether you’re after the best winter sleeping bag baby option or a light baby sleeping bag for summer.

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The Gro Company Travel Grobag Review

The Gro Company Travel Grobag

Perfect for warm climates, this baby gro sleeping bag is great for babies through to toddlers, sleeping in a warm environment. This Gorbag comes in both a 0.5 or tog 1 baby sleeping bag option so is perfect if you’re after the best summer sleep sack for baby.

The design of this Gro Baby sleeping bag leaves baby’s arms free, while the legs have plenty of space to move around for optimal hip-healthiness. This best lightweight sleep sack is perfect for summer nights and gets great reviews for the high quality, machine-washable friendliness of its fabric too. The inside of the growbag is a light jersey to keep baby snuggly, while the exterior of the bag is woven cotton which helps improve breathability and prevent overheating.

This summer weight baby sleeping bag also features a double click zip to prevent baby from unzipping itself in the night as well as a two way front zip feature to fit a five-point harness, which makes it perfect for naps on the go. This baby bag is perfect for travel given its light-weight style as well.

So, if you’re looking for something simple to keep baby cosy on warmer nights or while travelling in warmer climates, then the Gro Bag Sleeping Bag is a great option. The bag is available in 3 different sizes to fit little ones from birth to 3 years old.

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Ergopouch Sleepsuit Bag Review

Ergopouch Cocoon Baby Sleeping Bag

If you’re looking for a much warmer baby sleeping bag, Australian brand Ergopouch may have just what you need. Their Ergopouch Sleepsuit is packed full of features to keep your baby cosy in a wide range of temperatures, with the sleeves also featuring soft fold over mitts to keep your baby’s hands warm and snuggly.

The Ergopouch sleepsuit is available in a range of sizes including 1 tog, 2.5 tog or a 3.5 tog baby sleeping bag. There are also 3 sizes to choose from suitable for babies through to children around the age of 4 years old.

Whether you choose a lightweight or warm baby sleeping bag option, the Sleepsuit is fully made from cotton, with an organic cotton outer shell and 100% cotton filling. The cotton is health friendly for baby – helping to increase breathability, prevent sweat-rashes and avoid overheating.

This cotton baby sleeping bag uses the zippers to convert from a bag to a suit for separated legs once your baby is ready to move around more, or to allow your baby to transition between sleep and play. Grip pads on the feet of the suit make it perfect for little ones on the move!

With GOTS certified organic cotton throughout and no pesticides or chemicals used, if you’re looking for something high quality to help your baby sleep on colder nights, this is a great option to consider whether you’re after the best sleep sack for winter or the best summer sleeping bag baby option.

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Merino Kids Sleep Bag Review

Merino Kids

If you’re looking for something that’s flexible in different temperatures, buying a Merino wool baby sleeping bag may be the best option. Although the Merino baby sleeping bags cost more to begin with, if you live somewhere where the temperature fluctuates significantly, they can ultimately save you money compared to having to buy different sleeping bags for different seasons.

One thing I love about the Merino Kids sleep bag is its versatility for age, too. While the bag comes in two different sizes, they are suitable for children from birth right up to around age 4. This gives you a great return on your investment as you’ll only need two different sizes for your child.

This baby merino sleeping bag comes in a sleeveless design and is super easy to slip on your baby by just doing the poppers up over their shoulders. The standard weight bag is perfect for temperatures between 18°C and 30°C. Or if you need something warmer, you could have a look at the ‘Duvet Weight’ or ‘Winter Weight’ versions.

The Merino wool used is supersoft, anti-itch, allergy safe and 100% natural, and there’s an organic cotton outer layer for extra durability, making this beautiful sleeping bag a worthwhile investment.

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Plum Sleeping Bag Review

Plum Sleeping Bag

This baby 2.5 tog sleeping bag or 3.5 tog option, is a great choice for parents looking for something cosy and warm for their babies to sleep in. The sleep bag comes in 3 different sizes fitting babies from birth to 3 years old.

The Plum thick tog baby sleeping bag is simple in design and does not come with sleeves. It’s open arms style means it’s super easy to slip baby into sleep, with poppers that fasten around the shoulders and two way zippers that make it easy for to change your baby without lifting them fully out of the bag.

The bottom of the bag is roomy, leaving plenty of space for your little one to move their hips and legs around.

With a smooth cotton outer and inner lining, it’s sure to keep your little one comfy. If you’re looking for a simple bag to keep your baby warm on cooler nights while leaving their arms free, I recommend checking out the Plum baby sleeping bag.

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Ergopouch Cocoon Swaddle Bag Review

Ergopouch Cocoon Baby Sleeping Bag

The Ergopouch Cocoon Swaddle bags come in a great range of TOGs (0.2, 1, and 2.5) and for different ages, so no matter what age of your baby and warmth you are looking for, Ergopouch is sure to have a good option.

Ergopouch baby grow bags are made from 100% breathable natural fibres, are hip-healthy and come with a 2 in 1 transition system. Baby can either sleep or play with their arms out, or if your little one sleeps better in the arms up position, then poppers can close off the arm holes at night, leaving your baby’s arms warmly tucked inside and helping to prevent scratching.

If you’re looking for a great value range of attractive and safe baby grow bags, then have a look at the different options Ergopouch offer. The Ergopouch Cocoon is available in 2 sizes to fit up to 1 years old. There are some very cute patterns available too.

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Slumbersac Toddler Sleeping Bag Review

Slumbersac Baby Sleeping Bag

For toddlers who like to keep cosy through sleep and play, consider the Slumbersac toddler sleeping bag. At 2.5 tog it’s suitable for cooler nights and days, with fully detachable sleeves for warmer days or nights too. The bag is suitable for toddlers aged between 2 and 3 years old.

One of the best things about this style is it’s perfect for active toddlers who want the benefit of a warm sleeping bag while being free to move around. The sleeping bag is filled with a soft and breathable polyester fleece filling, while the inside and outside are lined with jersey cotton.

If you’re looking for something to keep your toddler warm and happy, check out the good value Slumbersac Toddler range.

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Bubbaroo Cotton Sleeping Bag Review


This organic cotton sleeping bag regularly receives rave reviews for its soft and silky touch, and considering it’s 100% organic, the price is pretty good value, too.

At 0.5 tog and suitable for 0-6 months (can be used once your baby weighs 4kg), this is one of the best baby sleeping bag summer options I have seen around, and the perfect luxury for your newborn.

The arm-less design is nice and simple with a roomy hip-friendly bag at the bottom leaving plenty of wriggle room. Top to bottom zips ensure easy bottom opening for nappy changes, and there’s also a convenient travel system which accommodates a 3 or 5 point harness for when you’re out and about too.

The Bubbaroo Platinum Joey Swag Baby sleeping bag is one of the highest quality baby sleeping bags around, made from 500 thread count organic sateen cotton. Considering the quality, the price is a steal, making this get my vote for the best sleep sack for summer.

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I hope you found this guide on choosing the best sleeping bag for your child helpful. I’ve written a range of product guides on this site, including choosing the best baby car seat, best baby swing, best baby thermometer and more.

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