Best Baby Monitor 2021 Australia – Complete Buying Guide & Reviews

The whole reason for purchasing a baby heartbeat monitor or video camera is to provide you with some peace of mind that your baby is safe when you’re not around.

However, buying the best baby breathing monitor or baby monitor camera is no easy task – especially if you’re a first time Dad! There is so much to learn when becoming a parent, so it’s hard to know what you should be looking for in terms of the best baby sleep monitor.

After a few children, I’ve certainly had my share of baby monitors and so I’ve put together this best baby monitor reviews Australia guide to assist other first time parents.

In this best baby monitor 2021 guide, I take you through the various features to consider in order to purchase the perfect monitor as well as take a closer look at a range of recommended baby monitors currently on the Australian market.

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Best Baby Monitor

Regardless of what sort of baby monitor you’re after, this baby monitors reviews guide will certainly assist you. Whether you’re after the best video baby monitor Australia 2021 has, the best wifi video baby monitor Australia has, the best long range baby monitor Australia has, cheap baby monitors or something else entirely, this guide is going to help you find exactly what you’re after.

Compare The Best Baby Monitor Australia 2021

The table below will help you easily compare the features of the best baby monitor 2021 Australia has, which are also reviewed later in this guide.

VTech BM2000 Safe & Sound Audio Baby MonitorAudio4.0Check
AngelCare Baby Digital Sound & Movement MonitorAudio4.0Check
Motorola MBP36XL Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video4.0Check
Oricom Secure710 Digital Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video4.5Check
Motorola Mbp36S Audio & Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video4.0Check
HelloBaby Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video4.5Check
iBaby M7 Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video4.5Check
VTech VM9900 HD Pan & Tilt Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video3.5Check
Nannio Comfy Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video4.5Check
VAVA Video Baby MonitorAudio-Video4.5Check

Best Baby Monitors Australia 2021

Here’s a handy reference list – see all baby monitor reviews below!

  • Motorola MBP161 Baby Monitor, Audio
  • VTech BM2000 Safe & Sound Baby Monitor, Audio
  • AngelCare Baby Digital Sound & Movement Monitor, Audio
  • Oricom Secure710 Digital Baby Monitor, Audio-Video
  • Motorola Mbp36S Baby Monitor, Audio-Video
  • HelloBaby Baby Monitor, Audio-Video
  • iBaby M7 Video Baby Monitor, Audio-Video
  • VTech VM9900 Baby Monitor, Audio-Video
  • Nannio Comfy Baby Monitor, Audio-Video
  • VAVA Video Baby Monitor, Audio-Video

Why get the best baby monitor for your baby?

A portable baby monitor is a great way for parents to keep an eye on their babies while they are in different rooms. If you have a good baby sensor monitor, you won’t worry yourself by continually going and checking on the baby.

Plus, it also helps baby from being unnecessarily disturbed from you checking on them as you can easily do so remotely with the monitor.

Obviously, even the very best baby movement monitor is not a replacement for proper parental supervision; rather it is simply a tool to assist you in monitoring the safety of your baby.

Types of Baby Monitors

Video Baby Monitor

A video baby monitor tends to be the most popular baby monitors for sale as parents like to not only hear their baby but also see what they are doing. Plus best baby video monitor Australia 2021 has means given you can see your baby from a distance; you can avoid going in to see what the baby is up to unnecessarily (and accidentally waking them up!).

Video baby monitors often come with small handheld viewers that you have with you whether you’re in the kitchen or on the couch watching TV.

There is a range of great features available with video baby monitors, such as a night vision baby monitor or the option of having a multi camera baby monitor so you can set up various cameras in baby’s room to see from different angles.

This is great for toddlers who might escape from their beds during the night or if you are after the best baby monitor for twins.

Audio Baby Monitor

An audio baby monitor (or baby sound monitor) is the simplest of the baby monitors and just allow parents to hear their baby cry (or not cry). With an audio baby monitor, parents know if their baby cries or wakes up.

When it comes to baby monitor price, audio baby monitors are reasonably inexpensive compared to video baby monitors, so are great for parents just wanting to cover the basics.

Audio-Video Baby Monitor

When it comes to what is the best baby monitor for parents not only wanting to see their baby but also to hear their baby, then a video and sound baby monitor is the way to go.

As the name suggests, these top baby monitors Australia has are a combination of both video and sound so parents can easily see what baby is up to as well as any sounds they make.

Other Baby Monitor Types

Smart Baby Monitor – Not surprisingly, these days you can get some pretty cool and super high tech baby monitors. A smartphone baby monitor allows you to download an app to your phone so you can use your phone as the monitor.

The added bonus with a smart baby monitor Australia has is even if you are away from home, such as at work, you can check in to see what your baby is up to. Some of the best baby monitor app options can also send notifications to your phone if the monitor detects unusual activity such as if the baby stops breathing or routine things such as crying or waking up.

Wearable Baby Monitor – There is also the option of a wearable baby monitor, which are designed to monitor things such as baby’s heartbeat, body temperature and breathing. These baby monitors are basically a baby monitor with sensor pad and attach to the baby in the form of a sock, bodysuit or detachable clip.

Like anything, parents shouldn’t solely rely on a baby monitor breathing sensor which is evident in a variety of baby breathing monitor reviews as they’re not always entirely accurate with many false alarms.

Choosing The Best Baby Monitor


When you compare baby monitors consider whether you want one which just provides audio, video or both. Keep in mind that baby monitors that offer video are much more expensive than those that don’t.

If you do decide to go with a video monitor, consider whether you want one that provides a dedicated handheld viewer or one that allows you to download a baby monitor phone app so you can use your smartphone to keep an eye on baby.


There are lots of options when it comes to the best audio baby monitor.

Simple monitors just allow you to listen in to baby, while others allow you to speak with baby or if you are checking in remotely via a baby monitor with screen and app you can even speak to another person in the room.

Other top rated baby monitors also play songs or lullabies to soothe your child.


If you are going to go to the expense of purchasing a baby monitor with video capabilities, you will want one that has a good camera.

Read other video baby monitor reviews to ensure that the camera produces a clear, quality picture both during the day and night. There is no point in having a video monitor if the image is so distorted you can’t see anything anyway.

Range/Area Coverage

Another important factor to consider is the baby monitor range. A long distance baby monitor is particularly important if you live in a large home, or wish to take the monitor outside.

You don’t want to purchase a monitor only to discover it’s signal doesn’t extend far enough.

However these days, all good baby monitors have exceptionally good ranges and most should be just fine in most situations.

Battery Life

Another factor to consider is the battery life of the baby monitor.

These days all the top baby monitors come with rechargeable units, but even so the whole point of a baby monitor is to be portable so you can take it with you as you go about your daily household chores, so you don’t want it to go flat part way through the day.

More Key Features

Easy Set-up/Installation. With all their fantastic features, some baby monitors can be rather complicated to set up. So if you are technology challenged, check out a few video and audio baby monitor reviews first to ensure setup and installation is easy, as well as ongoing use.

Wireless Connectivity & Remote Monitoring. As mentioned above, some baby monitors let you monitor baby via an app on your smartphone, so even if you are out at work or with friends you can check in on your little one.

A wireless baby monitor does rely on a good wifi connection though, so you might want to consider the strength of your internet connection before opting for one of these types of monitors. Of course, this will also eat into your monthly data allowance too.

Pan-Tilt Function or Rotation. If you’re after a video monitor, the best baby monitor with camera is one which has a pan-tilt function or rotation.

These type of monitors let you rotate the camera in the baby’s room around (up to 360 degrees) from the convenience of the handheld viewer. This is great if baby has moved themselves into a part of the cot that’s not in the camera view or you have twins.

Night Vision. Ideally, if you’re after a video monitor, get one which comes with night vision, because let’s face it, most of the time you want to check on baby it’s going to be dark.

Built-in Sensors. For those parents wanting to monitor the baby’s temperature or motion, look for monitors with built in sensor pads. Options include a baby heart monitor or baby temperature monitor for example. These types of monitors will alert you, for example, if baby hasn’t moved in a certain period of time.

Top Baby Monitor Reviews Australia 2021

In no particular order, below are our recommendations for the best baby monitors 2021.

Best Audio Baby Monitor

VTech BM2000 Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor Review

Another great option for parents after an inexpensive audio baby monitor is the VTech BM2000 Safe & Sound Audio Baby Monitor.

This VTech baby monitor Australia has comes with a baby unit which operates by mains power and a parent unit which is wireless and uses rechargeable batteries.

Together, the parent and baby unit allows for two way communication so parents can easily soothe their child back to sleep. The monitor also has five different lullabies for baby too.

If you read any of the VTech baby monitor reviews, you’ll note how parents on the move, appreciate the ability to clip the monitor to your belt, as well as having a range of 300 metres to move from the baby unit.

Other great features of these VTech baby monitors Australia has includes a night light on the baby unit, temperature sensor, vibrating sound alert on the parent unit, volume setting, out of range signal and secure transmission.

Similar to the Motorola above, the VTech BM2000 is a great baby monitor for parents wanting the basics and the peace of mind.  This is the best VTech baby monitor for parents wanting to be able to hear their baby as they go about their day to day activities.

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AngelCare Baby Digital Sound & Movement Monitor Review

When it comes to baby monitor brands, AngelCare is a popular choice, particularly for parents after a baby monitor with movement sensor. The AngelCare Baby Digital Sound and Movement Monitor is an awarding winning monitor and is highly recommended by parents.

In this baby motion monitor set, there are three different pieces – the sensor pad, the baby unit and the portable parent unit. It’s simple to use, simply slide the sensor pad under the baby’s mattress and its motion detectors will pick up the slightest movements.

This is a battery operated baby monitor Australia has, which has clear audio at a good range of up to 200 metres. Other great features include the temperature monitor, a soft nightlight and an audio ‘tic’ feature which reassures you that the monitor is working by playing a ticking sound.

The battery monitor is both rechargeable and portable.

The Angelcare baby monitor is a popular choice for parents after a movement and sound baby monitor, particularly as a first years baby monitor given its sensory functions.

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Best Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP36XL Video Baby Monitor Review

There are many Motorola baby monitors on the market, but the advantage of the MBP36XL is the extra large screen. This particular digital baby monitor includes a 5 inch LCD colour display and arrives with both a camera and parent console (which is the monitor).

This non WiFi baby monitor Australia design uses wireless technology to transmit data from camera to device and is not dependent on internet connection. This offers a 1000 foot (300 metre) range, which for most parents will be more than enough, even in large households.

Read any of the Motorola baby monitor reviews and you’ll see parents loving how the camera itself can be adjusted remotely from the parent console.  It also comes with night vision, 2-way audio and even room temperature tracking and lullabies; you can be sure your baby has the ultimate surveillance and comfort.

The console charge lasts about 9 hours, but it is recommended that you keep the camera plugged in its battery life is significantly shorter. This Motorola baby monitor Australia has is a great choice for parents after an efficient baby monitor with a few extra perks.  Plus it’s surprisingly not too expensive so perfect if you’re after the best cheap baby monitor yet still with all the features.

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Oricom Secure710 Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

The Oricom Secure710 Digital Video Baby Monitor is a good one to consider for parents that want the option to both see and hear their babies.

Parents can keep a watchful eye over their baby, via the 2.4” colour LCD. From afar, parents can also operate the camera, including the ability to pan, tilt and zoom. With the night vision, you will also be able to see the baby in the dark too. Plus, if you have multiple little ones, you can connect up to four cameras to one monitor.

With two way communication, parents can soothe their babies from afar, plus the monitor has five built in lullabies to play for baby too. Other great features of the Oricom baby monitor include the room temperature monitor, vibrating alert, night light and out of range warning.

The Oricom baby monitor is full of great features and is well worth considering for parents after a good quality video and audio baby monitor. With all these great features, it’s easy to see why this is listed as one of the top 10 baby monitors available today.

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Motorola Mbp36S Audio & Video Baby Monitor Review

For parents after the best value baby monitor with video and audio capabilities, you can’t go wrong with the Motorola Mbp36S. This Motorola video baby monitor offers great features and all at a reasonable price.

This wireless video monitor comes with everything you need to keep a watchful eye over your baby. It has a large 3.5” LCD colour screen and you can remotely pan, tilt and zoom the camera to check on your baby as needed.

Plus, there is the option of adding additional cameras, even in different rooms of the house so you can keep an eye on all members of the family from the one monitor. Perfect if you’re after a multi room baby monitor.

The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor also allows for two-way communication so you can comfort your baby from another room. Other great features include a room temperature display and a built in infrared vision so you can keep an eye on your little one day and night.

While certainly not a cheap video baby monitor, the Motorola Video Baby Monitor is packed with all the great features for monitoring baby via audio and video and all at a reasonable price.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.


HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor Review

The HelloBaby Video Baby Monitor is a great choice for parents after an easy to set up device. This video and audio baby monitor covers all the essentials and is relatively cheap when it comes to video baby monitors.

You’ll love how easy it is to set up the Hello Baby monitor Australia has. The baby monitor camera plugs in and connects automatically, so you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye over baby in next to no time. Both the camera and audio are high quality and the long, 292 metre digital wireless transmission range helps you to stay connected with your baby wherever you go in and around your house.

The motion detection lights and in room temperature display lets you know when your baby is comfortable and safe. Together with the 360 degree multi angle rotating camera, with the HelloBaby baby video monitor, you’ll be able to detect your wiggling baby moving from one end of the cot to the other.

Read other Hello Baby monitor review and you’ll see other awesome features of this wireless baby monitor camera include the option to connect up to four cameras to the parent unit, the video recording function with a built in 32GB storage card, two way communication, built in lullabies and night vision which allows you to see baby clearly at night.

The HelloBaby monitor is jammed packed with great features making this one of the most recommended among our baby monitor reviews and a good one to consider if you’re after one of the quality cheap baby monitors with camera.

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Best Wifi Video Baby Monitor

iBaby M7 Video Baby Monitor Review

When it comes to the best wifi baby monitor 2021 offers, the iBaby M7 Video Baby Monitor would have to be a contender. This is a top of the line WiFi enabled baby monitor, full of features to help parents keep an eye on their babies.

The iBaby M7 works by using your own smartphone as the viewer. The beauty of this is that you can check on your baby remotely. The camera is high definition (1080p), complete with infrared night vision and includes a 360 degree pan and a 140 degree tilt capacity which is perfect for checking on baby no matter what position they are in.

This also means it’s a great option for families with multiples as you could move the camera to check on all babies.

The monitor also features a two way audio speaker and a wide variety of built in music, lullabies and bedtime stories making it great for soothing babies.

Other features of the i baby monitor include a built in light show and motion sensors which send alerts regarding the temperature, humidity and air quality. There is even a smart smell sensor that detects soiled nappies!

The iBaby M7 is great for modern day parents and is perfect if you’re after the best baby monitor – iPhone or android enabled. In fact, there is no reason you couldn’t use it as an iPad baby monitor either! If you’re after a super modern baby monitor – video and audio enabled – consider the iBaby.

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VTech VM9900 HD Pan & Tilt Video Baby Monitor Review

The VTech VM9900 is yet another great option for parents after a baby monitor where they can hear, see and talk to their baby. With its ability to connect multiple cameras, it’s also a great one to consider for families with multiple little ones who might be after a baby monitor for two rooms or more.

Parents can easily monitor their baby via the VTech VM9900 as it comes with a large 3.5” LCD colour screen. You can also operate the camera from afar with the ability to pan, tilt and zoom the camera.

Got multiple little ones? No worries, with this VTech you have the ability to connect up to four cameras, so parents can easily keep an eye on all their children.

This VTech also has two way talk so you can soothe your child or pass on information to older children. Other great features include infrared night vision, room temperature sensor, built in lullabies, long battery life and a great range of up to 300 metres.

Jammed packed with all the essential features and more, the VTech VM9900 baby monitor is a great one for parents to consider.

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Other Top Baby Monitor Reviews

Nannio Comfy Video Baby Monitor Review

If you are looking for the best baby monitoring system with a fantastic baby monitor range, the Nannio Comfy 3.5 video baby monitor is one to consider. This Nannio baby monitor Australia has is a popular choice among parents and comes highly recommended.

The Nannio baby monitor comes with a crisp, high contrast, 3.5″ monitor that allows you to zoom, pan and tilt the camera for the best view of your baby. Plus, you can add up to four cameras to the same monitor, so it’s great for families with multiple little ones or parents after a baby monitor for two rooms or more.

Read any Nannio Comfy 3.5 review and you’ll see how parents love how easy it is to see bubs at night with the 15 feet infrared night vision. With this infrared baby monitor, you can also play three different lullabies to bub and talk to them through the monitor.

Best of all, if you are worried about security, this monitor provides a secure connection and no interference. Other great features of the Nannio Comfy 3.5″ video baby monitor include a feeding timer, temperature watch, smart voice activation and more.

The Nannio Comfy Video Baby Monitor is one of the most popular baby monitors in these reviews, particularly for parents after both audio and video functionality.

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VAVA Video Baby Monitor Review

As can be seen on this list alone, some baby monitors can be quite expensive. The VAVA video baby monitor however is a considerably less expensive model and includes an HD camera with 720p.

There are some significant pros to this affordable baby monitor. Firstly, included is the camera, baby monitor and chargers for both. The camera itself can be mounted on the wall, and you can control the camera position directly from the monitor (without the risk of waking your sleeping baby).

You can also speak directly to your baby via the monitor, as well as zoom into the camera. The wireless design includes a range of 1000 feet (about 300 metres) which should be more than sufficient for most households. LED light indicators also let you see how loudly your baby is crying/responding.

There are a few cons of this affordable model, however. As can be expected, the screen quality, whilst good enough, is not amazing. The camera also doesn’t feel the most sturdy, although this doesn’t mean that it isn’t.

All in all, this video baby monitor should more than do the job for most parents after an affordable baby monitor.

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