Ultimate Guide To The Best Air Mattress Australia 2021

Whether you use it for camping or for when unexpected guests arrive, having the best blow up mattress, Australia offers, stored away in the cupboard can be super handy. Even as the kids get older and want their little friends to sleepover, if you have one of the best blow up beds Australia has tucked away in the cupboard, you can easily make up a bed for them, without the need of having a spare bed in the house.

We’ve just recently upgraded our airbeds. Now that the kids are getting older and want their friends to stay over and as we also often have out of town visitors coming to stay it was time to upgrade and check out some of the best air mattress Australia options currently available.

It’s been a while since I bought our last cheap blow up mattress and so I was pleasantly surprised to see what a great range is available these days in terms of the best air bed mattress. As always, I did plenty of research before buying and have put it all in this best inflatable mattress 2021 guide.

If you’re also looking at upgrading your air beds and on the hunt for the best inflatable bed and definitely read this guide first. In this best air mattress reviews Australia guide, I not only take you through the things you need to consider to buy the best inflatable air mattress, but I also compare options from some of the good air mattress brands currently available in Australia.

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No matter what sort of blow up mattresses you’re after, you’ll find a range of options in these air bed reviews 2021 guide. Whether you’re after a good mattress for guests – like the best queen air mattress with built in pump, a good camping air mattress or just a good cheap air mattress Australia has, no doubt you’ll find what you’re after in this guide.

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Compare The 10 Best Blow Up Mattress Options Australia 2021

Below is a comparison chart of all the best inflatable air bed options featured in these inflatable mattress reviews. Simply click on whatever criteria is most important to you to sort the table. Clicking on any of the product names will take you to Amazon, so you can see the latest price and buy if you wish.

For further information, keep reading the best inflatable bed reviews below.

MattressImageAvailable SizesPumpRatingPrice
Aerobed Active BedAerobed Active Bed smallSingle, Queen & DoubleExternal Electric Pump4.5Check
Coleman All Terrain Double High BedColeman All Terrain Double High Bed smallQueenNo Pump4.5Check
Coleman Quick BedColeman Quick Bed smallSingle, Double or QueenNo Pump4.0Check
Intex Dura-Beam Downy AirbedIntex Dura-Beam Downy Airbed smallTwin or QueenBuilt in Foot Pump4.0Check
SoundAsleep Dream SeriesTwin or QueenBuilt in Electric Pump4.5Check
Insta-Bed Raised with Never Flat PumpSingle, Twin or QueenBuilt in Electric Pump4.0Check
Lazery SleepLazery Sleep smallSingle or QueenBuilt in Electric Pump4.0Check
Bestway Airbed AeroluxeBestway Airbed Aeroluxe smallSingle or QueenBuilt in Foot Pump4.0Check
Aerobed Extra ComfortAerobed Extra Comfort smallSingle or QueenBuilt in Electric Pump5.0Check
Sable Air MattressSable Air Mattress smallSingle or QueenBuilt in Electric Pump4.5Check

Top 10 Best Air Mattress Australia 2021

Here is a handy reference list of all the best air beds for sale reviewed below!

  • Aerobed Active Bed comes with an external electric pump
  • Coleman All Terrain Double High Bed – no air bed pump included
  • Coleman Quick Bed – no pump included
  • Intex Dura-Beam Downy Airbed comes with a built in foot pump
  • SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress
  • Insta-Bed comes with an external electric pump
  • Lazery Sleep Air Mattress comes with a built in electric pump
  • Bestway Airbed Aeroluxe comes with a built in foot pump
  • Aerobed Extra Comfort comes with a built in electric pump
  • Sable Air Mattress comes with a built in electric pump

What’s an Air Mattress and When Would you Use one?

Air mattresses have come a long way over the years and are no longer just a thin mattress which barely keeps you off the ground. However the concept is still pretty much the same. Basically, an air mattress is made from durable PVC, which has air blown into it.

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A blow up air bed can be incredibly convenient for when you need an extra bed either for guests within your home or for yourself when you are travelling. Here are some circumstances where having the most comfortable air mattress on hand is really handy:

  • A pump up mattress is perfect as a guest bed, great for when kids have their friends sleepover or family and friends come to stay
  • For camping trips – a good quality air mattress is pretty common and comfortable to sleep on when you go camping.
  • When visiting friends and family- if you’re visiting friends and family who don’t have enough beds for you all, bring your own comfortable air mattress.

Choosing The Best Inflatable Mattress Australia 2021

When it comes to the best air mattress to buy, there is a range of factors you need to consider to ensure it meets your needs. To buy air mattress that meets your needs, consider the factors below.


The most comfortable blow up mattress you can buy is usually directly related to the thickness of the mattress. The thicker the mattress, the more air you’ll have below you and the more comfortable you’ll be.

Even with a high quality air mattress, you are likely to lose some of the air overnight. So if you have a really thick mattress and lose some air, it will still be comfortable. However if you buy a thinner mattress, once you lose a bit of air, you may well feel the ground underneath as the mattress deflates.


Air mattresses are either raised or have a low profile. Basically, a raised mattress is joined to a platform, which makes the air bed much higher off the ground. This makes it much easier to get in and out of, as they are much more similar to your standard mattress. A raised bed also tends to remain firmer, have less of that wobble that you often associate with air beds when you move around.

A low profile mattress, on the other hand, is simply an air mattress without a base and so is much closer to the ground. These tend to be cheap air beds and are much lighter and need less space for storing and transporting as they pack down much more compactly.


Woman With Hand Air Pump Inflatable Mattress Or Inflatable Bed A

Whether you’re after the best air mattress for everyday use or occasional use, I’d recommend getting an airbed with pump built in if you can afford it.

Basically, inflatable beds with built in pump can self inflate without any assistance from you. These are amazing air mattress options as you just plug them into a power source or some are operated by battery power.  Just flick a switch and the mattress does all the work for you.

Some pumps even let you choose plush, medium or firm, so your air mattress will be pumped to your preferred level of firmness.

However, if you’re looking for the best buy air mattress that’s a bit cheaper, there are still plenty of good options that will require you to use an external pump. The best airbeds Australia has, come with their own external hand or foot pump, which will still require a bit of manual labour from you.

Another good idea is to purchase an electric air pump which will still require some work from you, but much quicker and less labour intensive than the hand or foot pump that often comes with the air bed.


Depending on what you are using your air mattress for, how compactly it packs down may well be an important consideration. For example, if you have a small home and not a lot of storage space you’ll probably want to get one of the best air beds Australia has which packs down small so you can easily pack it away when not in use.

Packability is also important if you are looking for a camping blow up mattress. Some air mattresses can be big and bulky and would not be ideal for putting in the back of your vehicle.


Like any type of mattress, air mattresses come in a range of sizes. Generally, you will find mattresses in sizes such as single, king single, double, queen or king. Sometimes different air bed brands have slightly different sizes which are longer or wider, so do double check the actual dimensions of the air mattress to ensure it is the size you expect it to be.

If you want to buy air bed for a certain space, such as a bed in the spare bedroom, the floor of your child’s room or inside a tent, do check the measurements of the space first to ensure whichever air mattress you purchase will fit in.


Lastly, what’s your budget? With air mattresses, you can spend $20 for the best cheap air mattress to hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a super luxurious high quality inflatable mattress, as well as all price points in between.

If you want the most comfortable inflatable bed around, then you are going to have to be prepared to pay for it. However, there are plenty of great options at the lower end of the scale too, which will certainly provide you with a comfortable enough place to sleep for a few days.

Other Features

A few other important features to consider for a good blow up mattress include:

  • Chambers, beams and coils: To avoid that wobble feeling on your air bed, the best air bed on the market has multiple chambers and/or inner beams and coils which help to distribute the weight better.
  • Fabric: Look for a heavy duty air mattress made with thick, puncture proof materials. The best air bed for everyday use is one made with multiple layers of materials as this will last much longer.
  • Luxury Features: For a super high quality, luxurious and most comfortable inflatable mattress consider getting one with a layer of memory foam, some even have built in pillows.

Best Air Mattress Reviews Australia 2021

Aerobed Active Bed Review

Aerobed Active Bed

This Aerobed air mattress is great for on-the-go as it packs down small and comes with a fully rechargeable ni-cad and DC dual external power pump, which enables quick pumping up of the mattress wherever you are. It inflates and deflates within seconds, making this queen size inflatable mattress perfect for easy storage or travel (it also comes in single air bed and double air mattress sizes).

As well as portability, the Aerobed active also offers comfort – it comes with a heavy duty 18 gauge PVC coil system, which helps maintain equal air distribution throughout the bed for a better night’s sleep.

If you’re looking for an inflatable camping bed, this one could be a great option for you.

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Coleman All Terrain Double High Review

Coleman All Terrain Double High Bed

If you’re looking for something durable and going to last, consider this Coleman inflatable mattress.

This Coleman queen air mattress is made from Puncture Guard bonded fabric, making for a more durable and softer mattress for a better night’s sleep. The fabric of these inflatable beds makes it up to 47% more puncture resistant as well as 30% lighter, so this Coleman blow up mattress is a serious contender for the best air bed for camping, especially if you are looking for something strong that’ll last, or if you have little ones that like to jump!

Other features of this best queen blow up mattress include an airtight system which is factory tested to avoid leaks, a double lock air valve, a wrap and roll storage system and Comfort Strong coil system for extra sleep support. No air mattress pump is included so make sure you buy one separately if you don’t have one at home.

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Coleman Quickbed Review

Coleman All Terrain Double High Bed

If you’re looking for the best air mattress for camping, Australia has, another option to consider is the Coleman Quickbed. This single blow up mattress is also available to buy in a double blow up mattress or blow up queen mattress so you can choose a size to suit your needs.

This Coleman air mattress Australia offers comes with a rayon-flocked top for added comfort. This is a good quality blow up mattress which is antimicrobial, meaning the texture resists mould, mildew and fungus. The bed is suitable for indoor or outdoor camping use and fits regular Coleman airbed pumps (not included). This mattress features in our best camping air beds reviews for its added comfort at a great price.

Additional features include the Coleman Comfort Strong coil system for better air distribution and comfort. It also has an airtight system, helping maintain that best firm air mattress feeling all night long.

If you’re looking for the best inflatable camping mattress that’s great value, this one could be a good option to consider. No pump is included so make sure you buy one separately if you don’t have one at home.

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Intex Dura-Beam Air Bed with Built In Pump Review

Intex Dura-Beam Downy Airbed

This Intex inflatable mattress is one of the best blow up mattress for camping available and is perfect for outdoor sleeping. This model is available as a Twin or queen size blow up mattress and comes with a unique built-in foot pump.

This Intex air bed Australia features a fibre tech interior construction for extra durability and better air distribution and comes with a velvety top layer for better comfort and less slipping around while you sleep. There is an extra wide opening 2-in-1 valve that’s perfect for use with either an electric or manual pump in case you prefer a different solution to the inbuilt foot pump that the mattress comes with.

If you’re looking for a solid quality Intex air mattress Australia has for outdoor camping at a great price, then this best air mattress with pump is a good option to consider.

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SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress Review

The SoundAsleep Dream Series has thousands of 5 star reviews on Amazon and plenty of customers more than happy with this best queen air bed.

This air mattress is queen size (198cm x 147cm x 48cm), has slightly raised sides for comfort and is made from multi layered, puncture resistant, eco-friendly PVC. The 40 internal air coils give added durability and ensure the bed remains flat and firm all night long. The sure grip bottom prevents sliding and the thick, waterproof flocked top makes it extra comfortable.

The SoundAsleep air bed has a one click integrated pump and reaches full inflation in about 4 minutes. The internal pump also makes quick deflation easy and top ups fast and simple—another excellent choice for those seeking the best queen size air mattress.

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Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump Review

If you’ve tried air beds before and find they often deflate in the night, this option from Insta-Bed could make you very happy thanks to their “never flat” system.

This inflatable queen mattress measures 198cm x 152cm x 46cm and the raised height is designed to make getting out of bed much easier. The welded coil construction has 35 circular coils plus vertical and horizontal reinforcements and makes for a super comfortable and supported night sleep.

This best queen air mattress for camping features a two pump system to ensure the mattress stays inflated all night. You can quickly pump the Insta bed air mattress using the integrated primary pump and set your desired firmness level (plush, medium or firm). Then during the night, the secondary pump will silently kick in to maintain air pressure at your desired setting. This makes for the most comfortable air mattress for camping.

This air mattress also features a suede top to keep linen in place and comes with a handy carry case for easy storage. This is a great choice for a couple after the best twin air bed.

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Lazery Sleep Air Mattress with Built in Electric Pump Review

Lazery Sleep

If you’re looking for the very best air mattress for home use, you’ll want to consider this best inflatable queen bed. The Lazery Sleep air mattress is also available in a single size and has an inbuilt electric pump for easy inflation.

This is a heavy duty air bed, with a higher price tag to match the quality you are getting. The quality of this double height air bed matches the support given by a traditional bed and is one of the most comfy air mattress options around. It’s perfect for when friends come to stay, or it can be used as a good air bed for camping.

Other features include an internal inflator pump that is operated by remote control and fills the bed within 4 minutes, 7 remote settings that let you choose your preferred firmness of the bed. It comes with double chamber compression and 40 coils for better air retention and comfort. The bed also comes with a bag and folds up for storage in a cupboard or RV.

If you’re looking for the best queen size air bed, consider this Lazery Sleep option.

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Bestway Airbed Aeroluxe with Built in Foot Pump Review

Bestway Airbed Aeroluxe

If you’re looking for a cheap air mattress with pump, consider this Bestway air bed. Available in single or queen size, this best airbed Australia has comes with a built in foot pump for simple manual inflation and is perfect for occasional use indoors or on camping trips.

This best inexpensive air mattress comes with an inbuilt pillow for better sleeping comfort, as well as an SID valve for extra rapid inflation and deflation. The Bestway air mattress Australia has also comes with an inbuilt coil beam construction for better comfort as well.

For an easy, no fuss, good air mattress for camping for the odd trip at a low price, consider the Bestway Airbed Aeroluxe.  This Bestway air mattress is great for those after a cheap queen or single air mattress with built-in pump.

>> Click here to check the price on Amazon and to read more reviews.


Aerobed Extra Comfort Mattress Review

Aerobed Extra Comfort

Available as a single bed air mattress or in queen size, the Aerobed Extra Comfort comes with an inbuilt electric pump and is a great value indoor air bed that’s suitable for regular or occasional use.

This best air bed Australia has for guests comes with some great features. This model includes a plush fleece like top layer for extra cosy sleep and also includes a soft-touch cotton mattress cover. The mattress includes an oval coil system, which creates even support across the mattress.

The built in electric pump enables quick inflation and deflation via remote control, which you can even use to adjust the air pressure and firmness while you lie in bed. If you’re looking for the best queen air mattress for everyday use, this might be a great option for you. At an affordable price, it offers good features, easy inflation and deflation, plus a handy storage bag for when you no longer need to use it.

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Sable Air Mattress with Built in Electric Pump Review

Sable Air Mattress

The Sable Air Mattress is another option for those looking for the very best in quality and comfort for a best single inflatable mattress or best rated queen air mattress.

This best quality air bed is 17 inches high and comes with an inbuilt electric pump. The price is reflective of the real-bed like comfort that it offers, making it the perfect option if you’re looking for the best air mattress on the market.

A host of features include I-beam air coils that adjust to your body shape, weight and sleeping posture for a superior sleeping experience, an integrated raised pillow design, an extra-thick 0.6cm flocked top on top of the leak-proofed PVC, and suitability for use in variable temperatures. The top is also skin-friendly and waterproof. With the pump, the bed inflates and deflates within 3-5 minutes.

If you’re looking for a great air bed or the most durable air mattress that will give you or your guests a great night’s sleep in your home, look no further.

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I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best air mattresses Australia has. We’ve also got a guide to the best camping mattress. If you’re also looking for a sleeping bag, click here for our best options. Otherwise, you can find all our guides to the best products for camping here.

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