Australian Guide To Finding The Best Acoustic Guitar 2022

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Recently I have enjoyed watching my husband and son learn to play the acoustic guitar together. It’s such a wonderful family bonding experience to have the whole family together, and particularly seeing the noticeable talent and passion for music my son has.

It was tricky knowing which was the best acoustic guitar for sale or whether I should just get one of the cheap acoustic guitars in case they lose interest or go all out and purchase a top rated acoustic guitar from one of the best acoustic guitar brands.

Above all, it’s just plain overwhelming knowing which of the types of acoustic guitars to purchase as there are so many features to consider – wood types, body styles, hardware and design elements.

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If you are a first time purchaser of an acoustic guitar you are in luck as in this guide I am going to help you make sense of all these different features. Not only will I help you make sense of the various features, in these acoustic guitar reviews I will also take a closer look at various guitars from some good acoustic guitar brands.

Best Acoustic Guitar Australia 2021

Whether you are after a mini acoustic guitar or a full size acoustic guitar, a classical acoustic guitar or a jumbo acoustic guitar or just the best cheap acoustic guitar, I will look at several good acoustic guitars from some of the top acoustic guitar brands so you can choose the perfect guitar for you.

Keep reading to find out the best Australian acoustic guitar brands out there in these acoustic guitar reviews Australia!

Comparison Chart: Best Acoustic Guitars Australia 2022

Looking for the best Australian guitars? Use the comparison chart plus my in detail reviews below to work out which the best value acoustic guitar Australia, the best cheap acoustic guitar Australia has or which best budget acoustic guitar Australia is for you:

NameImageSize (Length)FretsWeightRatingPrice
Karrera 40in Acoustic GuitarKarrera 40in Acoustic Guitar40 inch2110.6kg4.5Check
Alpha 41 Inch Acoustic GuitarAlpha-41-Inch-Acoustic-Guitar41 inch213.2kg4.0Check
Karrera Kids 34inchKarrera Kids 34in Childrens Acoustic Guitar34 inch198.2kg4.5Check
Lexibook The Voice Classic GuitarLexibook-Voice-Guitar-349x102421 inch0.6kg4.0Check
Voggenreiter Children’s GuitarVoggenreiter Children's Guitar34 inch181.7kg4.5Check
4 String Karrera Acoustic Bass Guitar4 String Karrera Acoustic Bass Guitar22 inch2212kg4.0Check
41inch 5-Band EQ Electric Acoustic Guitar41inch 5-Band EQ Electric Acoustic Guitar41 inch213.8kg4.0Check
LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Electric Acoustic GuitarLAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Electric Acoustic Guitar36 inch181.7kg4.5Check
Oscar Schmidt OG2 Acoustic GuitarOscar Schmidt OG2 Acoustic Guitar45 inch212.1kg4.0Check
Yamaha GIGMAKERC40Yamaha GIGMAKERC40 Classical Nylon40 inch195kg4.5Check
Yamaha GL Series GL1Yamaha GL Series GL1 TBS Guitalele17 inch180.01kg3.5Check
Jasmine Takamine S35 Acoustic GuitarJasmine S35 Acoustic35 inch212.6kg4.5Check

The Best Acoustic Guitars Australia 2022

Here’s a handy reference list – see all acoustic guitar reviews below!

  • Karrera 40in Acoustic Guitar, steel
  • Alpha 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar, steel
  • Karrera Kids 34inch, steel
  • Lexibook The Voice Classic Guitar, nylon
  • Voggenreiter Children’s Guitar, nylon
  • 4 String Karrera Acoustic Bass Guitar, steel
  • 41inch 5-Band EQ Electric Acoustic Guitar, steel
  • LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Electric Acoustic Guitar, steel
  • Oscar Schmidt OG2 Acoustic Guitar, steel
  • Yamaha GIGMAKERC40, nylon
  • Yamaha GL Series GL1, nylon
  • Jasmine Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar, steel

Why own an acoustic guitar?

There are a multitude of reasons why you might decide to purchase an acoustic guitar. Maybe like us, one of your children has expressed an interest in music, or perhaps it’s been a lifelong passion of your own to learn to play.

The benefit of owning an acoustic guitar is that it can be played anywhere at anytime. There is no need to be concerned about setting up an amplifier, simply pick it up and play. This also means it is far more likely that it will be played more often given no set up is required.

Australian Guide To Finding The Best Acoustic Guitar 2021

The acoustic guitar price is also generally far less than an electric guitar, even for the best acoustic guitar brands Australia has to offer. This is because no other equipment is required. For families the softer sound of an acoustic is more likely to be appreciated too, particularly when children are just learning.

Types of Acoustic Guitars


What is an acoustic guitar? An acoustic guitar is a guitar that produces sound acoustically by transmitting the vibration of the strings to the air rather than via electronic amplification.

Both an acoustic guitar and an acoustic-electric guitar are identical in terms of their construction, acoustic properties and guitar components. So why choose an acoustic guitar over an acoustic – electric guitar?

With an acoustic guitar you cannot easily amplify the sound. For the sound to be projected you must remain behind a mic so your movement is limited.

However the acoustic guitar cost is far cheaper than an acoustic-electric guitar and no additional equipment is required for it to be used to its full potential.


The differences between an acoustic guitar and an acoustic-electric guitar Australia option is that the latter contains an electronic pick up system so you can plug your guitar into an amplifier and hear the acoustic sound reproduced. Of course this is essential if you intend to play gigs, but it is also important if you wish to record music.

Other advantages include the ability to move around whilst playing, unlike the acoustic guitar, the acoustic-electric can be plugged and the player is free to strut their stuff.

Overall the best acoustic electric guitar Australia has is more versatile, the player has the option of projecting their music or simply using the guitar as an acoustic guitar.

Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar Australia 2022

As I mentioned at the start of this guide, the various features to consider when purchasing an acoustic guitar can be overwhelming. However, when considering the best Australian acoustic guitars to buy, it is important that you do consider each of these features as each one plays a vital role in determining the best acoustic guitar to buy for each individual.

Where to buy a guitar? As a side note many people are choosing to buy acoustic guitar online as you can get some pretty cool acoustic guitars online at great prices, even for top Australian guitar brands.  If you want to buy guitar online, that’s fine, but be sure to do your homework and get to a store and physically try out a few for size first.

Getting The Right Size

What is the best acoustic guitar size is different for each individual.  Unfortunately, there is no best acoustic guitar in the world as it very much depends on the size of the individual as well as their individual preferences, and this is also the case when looking at what sizes acoustic guitar brands Australia have available.

The right sized guitar will ensure the guitar is comfortable and easy to play which is crucial, particularly for beginners and kids starting to learn to play the guitar.

Don’t try and save money buy purchasing a guitar that a child can grow into, the best value acoustic guitar is a small acoustic guitar that suits their body size.

An oversized guitar is uncomfortable to play, and your child will no doubt become frustrated trying to play it.

Type Of Wood

How much an acoustic guitar is depends on a variety of factors including the type of wood.  There are various types of woods and combinations of woods used in the construction of a guitar.

Choosing the right wood type is crucial as this impacts the sound and overall quality of your music. Budget guitars are made from laminated wood, whereas a wood solid top acoustic guitar with laminated back and sides are considered the best intermediate acoustic guitar option .

Usually top quality, custom acoustic guitars are made of solid wood and produce the best sounding acoustic guitar music by far. However, if you’re looking for the best acoustic guitar under 500 Australia has, then you’ll likely need to go with a cheaper type of wood such as spruce. Check below for some of the more common wood types used to construct guitars and their associated sound qualities:

  • Spruce – A common choice for an acoustic guitar top. A light yet durable wood and perfect for hard playing. It produces clear and powerful tones, perfect all rounder.
  • Cedar – Produces warmer tones, often used on classical guitars.
  • Rosewood – Produces a smooth and warm tone with complex harmonic overtones.
  • Mahogany – Produces a solid mid range sounds with subtle overtones, makes the best blues acoustic guitar.
  • Maple – Produces well-defined, bright and dry tones.

Sound Quality

Obviously your guitar needs to sound great, so the sound quality is very important, even if you’re just looking for best guitar for beginners Australia has. The best way to check the sound quality of your guitar is in fact not by playing it, but rather by having someone else play it whilst you listen to it. Take a few steps back whilst someone else strums it and listen to the quality.

String Type

Acoustic guitars generally come with either nylon or steel strings. Usually you will only see nylon strings on classical guitars with most guitars having steel strings.

Nylon strings tend to produce a more mellow warm sound quality which is better suited to classical, flamenco and folk music whereas steel strings produce more bright and crisp sounds being better suited to a range of music. Nylon strings are not designed for playing with a pick whereas a steel string acoustic guitar is.

Body Style

There are three different acoustic guitar body styles: classic, dreadnought and jumbo. The different style determines the sound projection and tonal emphasis.

The dreadnought is the most common type of body style for an acoustic guitar. This guitar has broad square shoulders, a large internal cavity and the neck typically joins the body around the 14th fret. It is a versatile guitar and suited to a range of music genres from rock to fold, indie to punk.

The jumbo, as the name suggests are large over-sized acoustic guitars. The extra wood of this style means there is more room for the sound to reverberate around the body resulting in a bigger and bolder sound than possible in other body styles.

The classic acoustic guitar is a smaller body style and are usually played with nylon strings. Classical guitars have open slotted tuners which use cams instead of standard tuner posts. The tuner posts recede perpendicular from the back of the headstock instead of parallel with the sides of the headstock. Classical guitars are typically known for traditional Flamenco music.


When it comes to choosing the neck of your guitar, you need to give consideration to the size of your hand.

Generally the neck size (thickness and width) is dependent on the size of the the guitar itself as well as how many frets the neck has. Typically acoustic guitars are 12-fret or 14 fret – which refers to the number of frets above the guitar body as opposed to the number overall.

A cutaway acoustic guitar, features a cutaway in the upper bout so players can more easily reach the higher frets on the guitar neck.

Other Features

Here are some other features to look out for when looking at international and Australian electric guitar brands:


The top of the guitar has the greatest impact on the tone quality of the guitar. A laminate top does not vibrate as well as a solid top does so the sound it produces is not as rich or as great a volume. Serious musicians should consider a solid top, whilst a laminate top is the best budget acoustic guitar for young beginners.

Electronic Capability

Consider getting an acoustic – electric guitar so you can plug the guitar into an amplifier or for louder sound output which is crucial if you intend to play at large venues or any room where the music needs to fill the room.

Tuning Machine

The type of tuning machine your guitar comes with is also important. The tuning machine is what allows you to fine tune and hold pitch. An enclosed machine head resists rust and airborne corrosives so is less maintenance then the open tuning machines.

Overall Guitar Finish

Lastly you need a guitar that you will just love playing. It’s got to not only feel great and comfortable so you enjoy playing it over and over, but the style of the guitar is an opportunity to express your own style and you want something that really fits the part.

The price of your guitar will also depend on where it is made, with Australian made acoustic guitars often costing more than imported models.

Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitars Reviews Australia 2022

Best Acoustic Guitar For Beginners Australia

Karrera 40in Acoustic Guitar Review

Karrera 40in Acoustic Guitar

Rating: 4.5


  • Size (Length): 40 inch
  • Frets: 21
  • Weight: 10.6kg

Our pick for the best acoustic guitar for beginners is the Karrera 40 inch acoustic guitar. This is a fantastic guitar for a beginner and also our pick for the best acoustic guitar under $500 Australia has.

This guitar is constructed with a combination of woods including a rosewood fretboard, basswood and maple bridge, with a polished black finish. This is a full sized guitar and, as such, the body and depth bring out a balanced tone and provide plenty of projection to be heard from across the room.

This lightweight Karrera acoustic guitar is the perfect guitar for any beginner or young musician at a very affordable price, making it the best cheap acoustic guitar. So if you’re wondering about the best Karrera acoustic guitar review for a beginner, look no further than this Karrera guitar review.

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Alpha 41 Inch Acoustic Guitar Review


Rating: 4.0


  • Size (Length): 41 inch
  • Frets: 21
  • Weight: 3.2kg

Another great acoustic guitar for beginners is this full sized Alpha acoustic guitar from the Alpha guitar brand.

Something important when looking for a beginner guitar is the price as you don’t want to overspend when you’re just starting out. This alpha guitar review model is available at a very affordable price while still producing a great quality sound.

Made from a laminated linden and maple wood fingerboard, it is reliable and easy to play for beginners.

In this Alpha acoustic guitar review you’ll also find that this model is popular for its other great features included with this acoustic guitar include two picks, a guitar strap and a cover.

So, if you’re wondering are alpha guitars good, I definitely always suggest looking at this acoustic guitar for beginners who are after a good quality, budget acoustic guitar. If, however, you want something with more features, you may be better off with one of the other options in these reviews.

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Best Kids Acoustic Guitar Australia

Karrera Kids 34in Childrens Acoustic Guitar Review

Karrera Kids 34in Childrens Acoustic Guitar

Rating: 4.5


  • Size (Length): 34 inch
  • Frets: 19
  • Weight: 8.2kg

If you are after a great acoustic guitar for kids, I highly recommend you check out the Karrera Kids 30 inch acoustic guitar.

This stylish kids guitar is solidly constructed for kids but with all the top quality design elements found on the best full sized acoustic guitar.

This lightweight and affordable acoustic guitar makes an ideal first instrument for kids or a small-handed player.

Fatures of this acoustic guitar include the small-knob chrome tuners and a cutaway element for comfort, and it includes 3 picks and a carry bag.

There are many Karrera kids acoustic guitar our top picks for an acoustic guitar for kids.

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Lexibook The Voice Classic Guitar Review


Rating: 4.0


  • Size (Length): 21 inch
  • Frets: –
  • Weight: 0.6kg

Another great kids acoustic guitar is the Voice 21′, which is specifically designed and built with a young player in mind.

This acoustic guitar is built with a solid and bright tonality and is big in sound. If you’re looking for the best sounding kids guitar, this is it.

It is small and lightweight in size and with basic features which make it a good acoustic guitar for kids, however some reviews have stated problems receiving a damaged guitar.

Regardless, this Lexibook Voice guitar scores well as a good first guitar for kids.

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Voggenreiter Children’s Guitar Review

Voggenreiter Children's Guitar

Rating: 4.5


  • Size (Length): 34 inch
  • Frets: 18
  • Weight: 1.7kg

This half size children’s guitar is an ideal option for an entry level guitar for your child at a great price. Suitable for children aged 6 years and above, the guitar is made in a classic design from imported lime tree wood.

This instrument is ideal for your kid to try out the guitar and practice at home without making much noise, and the guitar is lightweight enough for it to be carried to and from school or music classes as well. The guitar has a total length of 87cm and features all the essentials you need on an entry level child’s acoustic guitar.

This model has sold thousands of units and gets rave reviews – in particular thanks to its strength and durability from the wood composition. So, if you’re looking for an affordable first guitar for your little one, the Voggenreiter is a great place to start looking!

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Best Acoustic-Electric Guitar Australia

4 String Karrera Acoustic Bass Guitar Review

4 String Karrera Acoustic Bass Guitar

Rating: 4.0


  • Size (Length): 22 inch
  • Frets: 22
  • Weight: 12kg

Our pick for one of the best acoustic-electric guitars is the 4 string Karrera acoustic base guitar, perfect for producing great sounding bass.

Made with a solid construction of basswood, rosewood and catalpa, this acoustic guitar is 55 cms and perfect for connecting to a white/black ABS binding.

The option to plug in gives the player the choice of driving an all-base band.

The guitar includes 2 picks and a 12 month warranty giving you peace of mind regarding the construction.

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41inch 5-Band EQ Electric Acoustic Guitar Review

41inch 5-Band EQ Electric Acoustic Guitar

Rating: 4.0


  • Size (Length): 41 inch
  • Frets: 21
  • Weight: 3.8kg

Another great pick for one of the best acoustic-electric guitars is this 41 inch, 5 band EQ acoustic-electric guitar.

A budget option, this guitar includes a professional 5 band equializer which produces fairly good sound for such an affordable acoustic electric guitar. Made with a laminated linden, it’s not the top quality construction which makes it great but the affordable price.

This acoustic-electric guitar does look stylish and professional however, and includes a carry bag, 2 picks, a cable, a battery and a strap.

Combining style and easy playability, this is a great choice for an acoustic-electric guitar.

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LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Electric Acoustic Guitar Review

LAVA ME 2 Carbon Fiber Electric Acoustic Guitar

Rating: 4.5


  • Size (Length): 36 inch
  • Frets: 18
  • Weight: 1.7kg

Made from carbon fiber, the Lava Me 2 electric acoustic guitar takes things up a level. This is the world’s leading unibody guitar, meaning that the entire guitar body is moulded from one piece. This makes it super comfortable to hold and offers a new level of playing experience for those who know their guitars.

The Lava Me is adaptable enough to be played in almost any conditions, and will function even in temperatures up to 90 degrees celsius or -20 degrees, and in high humidity too. It features freeboost technology which allows the user to play with effects without plugging the guitar in to an amp. It’s also enabled with a percussion receiving mic to enhance and embellish percussion sound without the need to plug in.

Another unique feature of this guitar is its design: Its symmetrical shape makes it comfortable to play and the flyneck geometry has been carefully crafted to create the most intuitive design to play.

All in all if you already play the guitar and are looking to invest in a great model that has power and sophisticated features, the Lava Me 2 is well worth considering investing in.

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More Best Acoustic Guitar Reviews 2022

Oscar Schmidt OG2 Acoustic Guitar Review

Oscar Schmidt OG2 Acoustic Guitar

Rating: 4.0


  • Size (Length): 45 inch
  • Frets: 21
  • Weight: 2.1kg

With so many acoustic guitars for sale it can be difficult working out which ones to consider. The Oscar Schmidt offers a stylish and easy to use guitar which is perfect for the more experience player.

Made with a solid catalpa construction and rosewood fingerboard, this acoustic guitar is available in a beautiful ruby red colour.

Other great features of this acoustic guitar include the adjustable truss rod and diecast turners.

This guitar is definitely worth considering when looking for the best acoustic guitar Australia offers.

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Yamaha GIGMAKERC40 Classical Nylon Review

Yamaha GIGMAKERC40 Classical Nylon

Rating: 4.5


  • Size (Length): 40 inch
  • Frets: 19
  • Weight: 5kg

Yamaha is among the top 10 acoustic guitar brands with some great acoustic guitars, and this is no exception.

This stylish and sleek looking acoustic guitar has a slim profile making it super easy to play while either standing up or sitting down.

Made with a spruce top and including a DVD where you can learn to play, this acoustic guitar covers all the necessary features for beginners at a very reasonable price.

The guitar is relatively lightweight and a great acoustic guitar for someone who would like to improve their play.

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Yamaha GL Series GL1 TBS Guitalele Review

Yamaha GL Series GL1 TBS Guitalele

Rating: 3.5


  • Size (Length): 17 inch
  • Frets: 18
  • Weight: 0.01kg

Another great acoustic guitar from Yamaha is the GL Series – a small acoustic guitar full of features to make it easy to play with a powerful tone.

This small guitar is sized like a ukulele but sounds like the best acoustic guitars.

It has a nice pitch with a clean articulation and crisp tone and a a slim neck that offers easy action and long-lasting stability, with a total of 6 strings. Other features include the gig bag.

Many reviews state that although the guitar itself is small, it produces sound as good as any top quality acoustic guitar.

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Jasmine Takamine S35 Acoustic Guitar Review

Jasmine S35 Acoustic

Rating: 4.5


  • Size (Length): 35 inch
  • Frets: 21
  • Weight: 2.6kg

The Jasmine Takamine is very high quality acoustic guitar, made tough and easy to keep in tune.

The guitar is most suitable for experienced users looking for the best professional acoustic guitar, and although it’s not the absolute best acoustic guitar on the market, it is among the best quality on our list.

This acoustic guitar also features a beautiful material and the string vibrations produce a truly acoustic tone.

Confirmed by various reviews, this is a great professional acoustic guitar for serious players.

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I hope you found the best acoustic guitar for you. Looking for other products for kids or adults? Read about the best kids bike and check out my other home buying guides here.

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